Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 619

Chapter 619 Following Him

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After Mu Sihan left on his car, Nan Zhi also got on her private car that the Qiao family assigned to her.

She told the driver to follow Mu Sihan.

When the car in front stopped, Nan Zhi ordered the driver to stop at an inconspicuous place.

Who did Mu Sihan want to meet by coming to the hotel used by the country to accommodate important guests?

Nan Zhi did not have the time to think before she saw a figure that she was not unfamiliar with.

It was that Princess from the neighboring country that got off the plane with Mu Sihan during the day. She was still wearing a white organza dress, her long hair untied as she looked beautiful.

Nan Zhi watched her get on Mu Sihans car. A while later, Yi Fan got off but she did not.

Nan Zhis long and dense eyelashes fluttered rapidly.

She sucked in a deep breath, telling the driver calmly, Can you go see what the people in that car are doing?

After the driver got off, Nan Zhi closed her eyes, her long fingers rubbing her slightly hurting temple.

She really wanted to ignore him and live her own life.

However, with the stage their relationship had gone to today, it was not easy for her to give up so easily.

Unless, he had stepped on her base line.

Even though all of the signs were stating that he might have had a change of heart.

She still believed him.

He was not something who had never seen beauty before. If he did not like a woman, he would not be attracted even if the woman had stripped naked in front of him.

There must be some reason behind this that she did not know!

She could not panic, nor could she mess things up!

The driver returned to the car not too long later.

Miss Zhi, the windows are tinted and there was a separating panel between the drivers seat and the passenger row behind, so I couldnt see what was going on inside.

Nan Zhi pursed her lips tightly, winding down the car window to look towards that car.

The feeling of not knowing what the two of them were doing in an enclosed space made her feel like she was being roasted on a grill.

There were two different voices tugging her heart in different directions. One voice told her to believe him no matter what. The other voice told her that there wasnt a love that was unchangeable and that men always liked new things.

Miss Zhi, the car in front seems to be moving.

Nan Zhi saw the slightly shaking car, a censored image appearing in her mind unconsciously.

Could it be that?

Did he really betray her?

Did he really want to stop their relationship?

She could endure his bad temper, his split personality However, she was not able to endure him being with another woman

She thought, no other woman could possibly endure all of that!

She did not know why the car was shaking slightly. It may not be what she was imagining, but she was not able to look further.

Taking another glance would make her heart hurt terribly.

Closing her eyes, she closed the car window, her pretty face looking extremely cold. Start the car.

The driver turned the car, asking carefully as he glanced at the woman whose expression was extremely dark, Miss Zhi, are you returning to the Qiao familys Castle or to the Crown Palace?

Crown Palace, Im bringing Xiaojie back with me.

In the luxurious sedan.

Lucy stared at the man who did not feel pain anymore. Her fingers reached towards her waist, tugging slightly hard to pull her zip down to expose her slender waist and fair skin.

Youre a prince, isnt it normal to have multiple consorts? Besides, its not like I want to marry you and snatch Shangguan Wans position as the official Consort. Lucy stared at Mu Sihans handsome face, smitten by the face that looked like it was carved out like Gods finest specimen. Her voice was soft and gentle. If you listen to me, I will tell you whats happened to you.

The moment Lucy finished speaking, a black and cold gun was pressed against her forehead.

Staring at the man pressing the gun against her, she did not look afraid at all.

Id said before that you wont live either if I die.

Lucy raised her beautiful hand to grab the gun, the smile on her pretty face widening. Besides, our countries had just signed the Peace Treaty. Do you want to kill the Princess of an allied state already?

Mu Sihan moved his lips, spitting out coldly, Scram!

Why should I scram? I called you over to have you accompany me for supper. Lucy raised an eyebrow at him, I already asked your Queen, and she had agreed to let you bring me around the city when Im in the Capital.

Mu Sihans expression fell, firing once at Lucys arm.

The gun had been silenced, so it was completely silent. However, the sound of the bullet digging into the flesh and blood spraying out was extremely clear.

Lucy clearly did not expect that he would really shoot her.

The strong pain made her face distort in an extremely ugly manner.

When she was hurt, the man felt the pain as well. However, he was better than her at enduring the pain. He did not make a single noise even though he kept sweating cold sweat.

Lucy stared as the white cloth covering her arm was covered in red swiftly.

She glared at Mu Sihan in anger, breathing heavily. Youre really crazy! She had never met a man as ruthless and cold-blooded like him. He was ruthless to women, and was even more so to himself!

Im sure Your Highness isnt in the mood to have supper after injuring your arm.

Lucy pressed at the wound on her arm, her expression cold as she said, If I tell my uncle now, he will immediately dispatch his troops

Princess, Im sure youve forgotten that our countries have just signed the Peace Treaty. If your country breaks the treaty, you will suffer from severe repercussions. Why would your President uncle start a war again just because of such a small injury that you have suffered?

Lucys expression immediately changed.

She never thought that this man was as cold-blooded as a devil.

She nodded, Alright, well see how this goes!

After Lucy got off the car, Yi Fan hurriedly got on.

Young Master, Princess Lucy got injured? Yi Fan said as he noticed Mu Sihan cupped his arm, face pale as he looked like he was enduring something terrible. Young Master, do you feel unwell?

Did you contact Bai Ye?

The miracle doctor, Bai Ye, had been very secretive in his movements in the recent few years, and its very difficult to contact him. I only just received a reply to the email I sent him a month ago. He said he will return as soon as possible to check on your condition.

Mu Sihan nodded, looking a little tired.

When he returned to the Crown Palace and passed by Xiaojies room, Mu Sihan could not help but stop there.

He pushed open the door and glanced inside.

Seeing that the bed was void of the two familiar figures, he hurriedly turned on the lights.

He hurriedly went down again and called over the maid on shift.

Wheres Little Young Master?

The maid on shift answered truthfully, Miss Nan left with Little Young Master.

They left?

Mu Sihan pursed his lips tightly into a straight line, lifting his hand helplessly. Youre dismissed.

When Xiaojie woke up, Nan Zhi was already done refreshing herself and had changed into her professional outfit for work.

She matched a red shirt with suit pants, her brown long curly hair untied as she looked extremely pretty. Even though she looked like a modern office worker, she looked elegant and fashionable as well.

Xiaojie rubbed his eyes, confused as he asked, Pretty Zhizhi, werent we in the palace last night? Why are we back at Granduncles house again?

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