Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 620

Chapter 620 Doting

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Nan Zhi carried Xiaojie down from his bed, smiling faintly. Your Daddy has only just returned, so he is really busy. Its not convenient for Mommy to stay there as well, so I brought you back here in the end.

Xiaojie nodded obediently. Daddy is the greatest superhero now. I want to be a big hero when I grow up as well. As he said that, he made a superhero pose.

Nan Zhi caressed the boys head. Superhero, please go brush your teeth. Mommy has already squeezed your toothpaste for you.

After Xiaojie entered the washroom, Nan Zhi was tidying his bed when she suddenly felt someone staring at her. Turning back, her eyes met with Qiao Yanzes charming ones.

Qiao Yanze had his arms crossed in front of his chest, leaning against the door frame.

When you brought Xiaojie back last night, was it because he made you angry?

Nan Zhi bit her lip, shaking her head. No.

Youre still saying no? You cried last night, didnt you? Your eyes are still slightly swollen even after youve put on your makeup.

Nan Zhi hurriedly touched her eyes. Really?

See, I got it out of you immediately. I actually couldnt tell that your eyes were swollen after you put on makeup.

Nan Zhi walked towards Qiao Yanze, punching his arm lightly. Although he was his uncle, they were very close, so she was more casual in front of Qiao Yanze since he did not mind either.

Its really nothing. You dont have to worry!

Zhizhi, your grandmas friend has a grandson that just returned after studying his Masters in M Country. Id brought his photo, take a look An Feng walked over.

Qiao Yanze took the photo from An Fengs hand, glancing at the photo. He looks alright, but hes still far off from matching with our Zhizhi.

In these three months, An Feng would bring Nan Zhi photos occasionally to let her pick her match-making partner. After she rejected it a few times, An Feng asked her if she was still thinking of Mu Sihan. It was hard for her to answer, so Qiao Yanze was the one who helped her every time.

Yanze, youre doting on Zhizhi too much. This Mr. Gao is clearly very good.

Older Sister, the person that Zhizhi marries must be better than me.

An Feng was made speechless from Qiao Yanzes words. For the man in the photo, just his appearance alone could not win Qiao Yanze.

Qiao Yanzes appearance could be considered one of the top four most handsome men in the Capital. It was definitely harder than flying to the skies to find someone better than him!

Qiao Yanze watched An Fengs eyes dimmed in disappointment. He hugged her shoulders, speaking so soft that only the two of them could hear, Older Sister, dont worry. I have a friend that is returning recently, Ill bring Zhizhi along when I meet him.

An Fengs eyes immediately sparkled. Really? Yanze, then Ill make you responsible for Zhizhis happiness!

Qiao Yanze showed an okay sign to An Feng. Sister, dont worry.

After An Feng left, Nan Zhi stared at Qiao Yanze in confusion. What are you telling my mom so secretly?

You will know during the weekend.

A week later.

The miracle doctor, Bai Ye, who had been hard to catch, finally appeared at the Crown Palace after Yi Fans mad rush to find him.

Lucy had been in a bad mood recently and often mutilated herself..

Mu Sihan would often wake up in the middle of the night and suffer as well, finding it hard to go back to sleep from the pain.

With such a thing going on in the shadows, he rapidly lost a lot of weight again.

Yi Fan led Bai Ye to Mu Sihans office. Bai Ye greeted them with a laugh when he saw the man who looked even more handsome and masculine with his thin face. Butler Yi said that youre dying, so I thought that youre bedridden and unable to move anymore!Read more chapter on our vipnovel.com

Miracle Doctor Bai, Id never said that our Young Master is bedridden.

Bai Ye glanced at Mu Sihans face, noting a dark patch under his eyes. He laughed as he shook his head. If this goes on, itll be hard to live long too.

Yi Fan froze in fear. Miracle Doctor Bai, what do you mean?

Bai Ye sat opposite of Mu Sihan, curling his finger at the latter. Stretch your left hand out to me, Ill feel your pulse.

Mu Sihan stretched his hand out.

After a minute, Bai Yes expression changed slightly when he was finished. You have offended a vile person, havent you?

Mu Sihan raised an eyebrow, his expression turning more tense. There is indeed a vile person.

Yi Fan was extremely panicked at the side. Miracle Doctor Bai, what is wrong with our Young Master? Why does he look like he is going to die every time he acts up? However, the doctors cant find out anything whenever we go and check on him at the hospital, saying that all of his vitals are normal.

Bai Ye caressed his chin. Your Young Masters condition cannot be explained by medicine right now. No matter how many times he visits the hospital, it will be in vain.

Mu Sihans eyes darkened. What do you mean?

If I didnt guess wrongly, youve probably gotten poisoned by a parasitic poison called Together with You.

Yi Fan got even more confused with the more he heard. What is Together with You? Why would Young Master be poisoned with this Together with You all of a sudden?

This is a parasitic poison that is more yin, and is usually placed by a woman to a man. If the man cheats or touches another woman intimately, the woman who placed the poison can feel it and also makes it so the man will be in so much pain that he feels like dying. If the man has sex with another woman, that man will die immediately.

Yi Fan took a few steps back in shock. Theres such a thing in the world?

Bai Ye had been to many countries and had seen many things that couldnt be explained by science. He nodded. You might not have heard of this before, but it doesnt mean that it doesnt exist. Here, your Young Master has been poisoned with that type of parasitic poison.

Mu Sihan pursed his lips tightly, his expression dark.

He only started having those symptoms after he got shot in his chest.

Was a parasite placed in the bullet?

Is there a way to get rid of it? Mu Sihan asked with a cold expression.

This Bai Ye caressed his chin, looking extremely troubled. Things like parasitic poisons are not in my area of expertise!

Mu Sihan took out a cheque book, writing a large sum on it before giving it to Bai Ye.

When Bai Ye saw the number on it, he widened his eyes. The Fourth Prince is indeed very generous.

Mu Sihan interrupted him coldly, Get to the point.

In the many years Ive travelled the world, Ive naturally heard of many strange things. Its really my first time meeting such a thing like Together with You, but I have a friend who knows a master in a village that cures hard and unbelievable illnesses specifically

Where is the village?

This, I have to ask that friend of mine. I havent contacted him in a very long time, and I wonder if he has changed his number

Bai Ye took out his phone, finding his friends number before he called the number.

However, he put down his phone a few seconds later and shrugged. He really changed his number. The thing is, that friend of mine is gay and he wanted me that time. I didnt agree and he immediately blocked me.

Mu Sihan wrote another cheque, passing it to Bai Ye, who felt like he was about to get a heart attack when he saw the sum on it.

Find that village in the shortest time possible. If not, you wont be able to get even one of these cheques. Mu Sihan took the cheque in Bai Yes hand back. If you do, both of the cheques will be yours.

Bai Ye glared at Mu Sihan, gritting his teeth in hatred. Youre still the same as before! You know that I love money and youre attacking my weaknesses so specifically!

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