Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 624

Chapter 624 A Sudden Kiss

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Nan Zhis words were slightly provocative.

Knowing Mu Sihans personality in the past, he would definitely rush over.

However, unlike her expectations, he did not move at all after she finished speaking.

Under the light, his facial features were tensed as his black eyes stared at her, his feelings as hard to read as always.

Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows quietly.

He should not be like this!

He had made the waiter lure her over purposefully, to which she continued to say nice things about Bai Ye, so he should not be that calm to begin with!

Nan Zhi suddenly remembered what Shangguan Wan told her a few days ago.

He became rather strange after he returned. He would always stay far away when he talked to me, as if he was afraid of me touching him.

Nan Zhi pursed her lips tightly, her almond-shaped eyes moving down from his handsome and indifferent face.

Her eyes landed on at his lower abdomen.

Mu Sihans temple twitched when he noticed her staring at his abdomen unmovingly. What are you looking at?

Nan Zhi lifted her slender fingers, caressing her jaw. Mu Sihan, did you ignore me after you returned because you hurt that place during the war?

Mu Sihans expression darkened.

He took a few steps back, wanting to avoid the womans unmoving stare down below.

Nan Zhis heart thumped when she saw him moving away.

She ended up turning around to look at him directly, furrowing her eyebrows tightly. Was I correct? Did you hurt there, so its useless now?

Mu Sihans expression was so dark it could pass off as the color of a burnt pan.

Nan Zhi thought that she had hit his sore spot when she saw his ugly expression.

She sighed in her heart.

With his personality, his dignity would really have been hurt if he could not use that part of him anymore.

It was also understandable to want to ignore her.

No, it was wrong.

That night, she remembered seeing him doing it with Princess Lucy in the car.

Nan Zhi stared into his dark eyes, biting her lips. Or, did you get some incurable disease? And you dont have long to live anymore?

Mu Sihan pursed his lips into a tight line, speaking hoarsely, Neither.

Then, whats wrong with you?

He kept silent, his expression still dark.

Noting that he had been standing by the door and did not dare to approach her, Nan Zhi lifted her dress, suddenly walking towards him.

Mu Sihan immediately took a few steps back. Dont come over.

Nan Zhi felt her heart tightened ruthlessly when she saw him avoiding her like she was a poison.

She stopped, laughing lazily. Alright, are you still not going to tell me? If you dont say anything, Ill ask Bai Ye to go with me to the hotel tonight. By the time you want to tell me, I would already be another mans woman!

With that said, she stopped looking at him, turning around to walk towards the sink again.

She tied her long hair up. When her long hair was lifted, her exposed back was shown completely.

Her skin was as fair and smooth as jade. Under the light, it looked like a peeled egg, smooth and delicate.

Her exquisite shoulders could be seen, her waist so slender that it was easy to wrap a hand around it. The fabric of the dress clung to her skin tightly, exposing every beautiful curve of her body.

The vein on Mu Sihans forehead popped up, his relaxed hands by his sides clenched into tight fists.

He knew that he could not be affected right now. The moment he was affected, Together with You would act up and that gnawing pain was so unbearable that he would feel like dying. It was like he was in hell.

When he still did not know he had been poisoned with Together with You back at Yukou Border, the poison would act up whenever his body had a reaction at the thought of her.

After a while, he started to stop himself from thinking about it, and it was only then that the poison acted up less.

When he returned to the Capital, he actually spotted her first amongst the spectators.

How could he not miss her after being apart for more than three months?

However, he did not dare to look at her.

The whole event was broadcasted live to the entire country. If he acted up, he would ruin the image that he had managed to build up with so much difficulty.

People would forget about him almost sacrificing on the battlefield, and would only remember the ugly image he had when the poison acted up.

He did not dare approach her, nor did he dare speak to her.

He did not know how to explain his condition, because he himself could not accept the situation.

He hated Lucy immensely. However, his body would feel extremely relaxed and comfortable the moment Lucy approached him.

This feeling made him really embarrassed and hateful.

That was why he did not know how to face her.

However, feelings were not something he could control.

When he saw her laughing and chatting with Bai Ye, and even ate the cake that Bai Ye fed her, he felt like he was burning up in anger.

He could not stand seeing the image of her laughing and chatting with another man.

He also could not accept her wearing clothes like this, and even wanting to ask another man to go to a hotel.

His red eyes stared fixedly at her beautiful back, his knuckles cracking loudly.

Nan Zhi did not need to turn back to feel the mans hot stare on her.

It was like he was going to spit fire, enough to light her on fire.

She ignored everything, looking down to wash off the red wine stain on her evening gown.

The red wine had spilled below her chest. The moment the water touched the evening gown, the fabric turned translucent, and her bra inside could be seen faintly, making her look even more sexy and charming.

After she was done washing, she turned around.

The man glanced towards her chest, his eyes turning darker when he noticed the wet patch there.

This woman had clearly done it on purpose.

Nan Zhi walked out of the bathroom. She smiled slightly as she stared at the man whose vein was twitching on his forehead and had a tense expression. Its your last chance now. Mu Sihan, if you continue to not tell me your reason, I will really cheat on you.

The image of her having sex with another man surfaced in his mind unconsciously

That was something he did not dare imagine.

The image burned in his mind and he could no longer unsee it.

No way in hell!

When Nan Zhi arrived at the rooms door, the man behind her still had no reaction.

He did not say anything and did not chase after her as well.

Disappointment washed over her.

She had already provoked him to this point, but he still had no reaction.

Did he really not care about her anymore?

Apart from losing quite a bit of weight, he could walk and get angry as always. He did not look any different at all. What was wrong with him exactly?

Nan Zhi counted to ten silently in her mind. If he still had no reaction, she would really ignore him.

After she was done, the man behind her still had not moved.

She had already lost all hope. She held onto the door knob, opening the door.

However, she had only managed to open the door slightly when a large palm stretched over from behind her.

The mans hoarse voice rang from above her head, panting heavily. You want to know, right? Alright, Ill tell you.

Nan Zhi turned around to look at him.

However, before she could see his expression clearly, he leaned down to kiss her ruthlessly.

Nan Zhi placed her hands on his wide shoulders, wanting to push him away, only for him to kiss her deeper and harder.

Mu Sihan, you Looking up, Nan Zhi immediately froze when she saw how he looked.

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