Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 625

Chapter 625 Understanding His Body

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Nan Zhi stared in shock at the man who was just kissing her. The vein on his forehead suddenly popped out as his black eyes turned red, his handsome face contorting in pain.

His body was tensed as he panted loudly.

Nan Zhi was about to ask him what was wrong when he pushed her away with strength.

Stay away from me!

He growled lowly, as if he was an injured wild beast.

Staring at how much pain he was in, Nan Zhi felt her heart tighten immensely.

He walked to a corner, his long fingers moving towards his pockets shakily.

However, his fingers were trembling too badly, and he could not get what he wanted.

Seeing this, Nan Zhi hurriedly ran in front of him. What do you want? Ill help you take it.

His mind was in a total mess, as if he had lost all rationality. The gnawing pain made his temper flare out. I told you to scram!

He pushed Nan Zhi again with all his strength.

Nan Zhi fell to the floor, scratching her elbows, but she seemed to not feel the pain. She stared at him with teary eyes. He looked like he was in so much pain he was going to explode, his eyes constricting nonstop as his expression looked extremely distorted and scary.

Seeing that Mu Sihan was about to knock his head at the door frame, Nan Zhi stood up and hugged him from behind.

One of her hands speedily shifted into Mu Sihans pocket and found a small pill bottle.

She had just taken out the pill bottle when she was pushed again by the now irrational man.

Nan Zhi opened the bottle and took out the only pill from inside.

You wanted to take this, right? Quick. Take it quick.

Nan Zhi fed him the pill, only to be bitten by him ruthlessly. She endured the immense pain, forcing the pill into his mouth.

After he took the medicine, he fell to the floor, keeling over from the immense pain. He hugged his head with both hands, his distorted expression slowly returning back to normal.

Nan Zhi fell to the floor, exhausted. It had only been a few minutes, but she felt like she had experienced hell and hardly made it back.

Her forehead and palms were covered in sweat.

She looked at the man, half-kneeling on the floor, with red eyes. To her, he was so strong as steel, and could not be defeated by anyone.

However, that immense pain just now almost took his life.

For a pain that even he could not endure, a normal person might have long committed suicide!

Nan Zhi did not dare imagine what he had experienced.

None of them spoke, letting the silence spread in the room.

She did not dare approach him again, afraid that he would experience that gnawing pain again if she did.

A long while passed.

Nan Zhi stood up, opening her mouth to say something when she suddenly heard high heels clicking outside. She then heard an unhappy and low female voice. Are you sure you saw that woman and him enter this guest room one after another?

Yes, Princess Lucy.

Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows.

Princess Lucy had come over!

Although she was not sure what had happened to him, but this definitely had something to do with Lucy when he could bear Lucys touch but not hers.

It would be bad for Lucy to find both of them in the same room right now.

The guest room door was not locked and when Lucy opened the door, Nan Zhi immediately fell to the floor, trembling. Your Highness, youre right. Its my fault for wearing the same evening gown as the Princess. The Princess looks elegant and dignified in the evening gown while I look extremely vulgar instead.

Ill leave immediately and not wear this evening gown anymore.

Lucy opened the door to see Nan Zhi kneeling on the floor, her face pale with a frightened expression, and Mu Sihan, who did not look very happy.

Lucy froze for a second, before she smiled brightly. She walked towards Mu Sihan, looking at his well-defined features. Did you call this woman over for me?

At first, she wanted to teach this woman a proper lesson for wearing the same evening gown as her.

Mu Sihan ignored Lucy. Instead, he stared at Nan Zhi fixedly, his lips moving while his expression was completely dark. Arent you going to scram?

Nan Zhi agreed shakily.

After Nan Zhi left, Lucy looked at Mu Sihan happily. It seems like you have at least some feelings for me!

Mu Sihan swung Lucys hand away, speaking coldly. Youre wrong. I only have hatred towards you, which is why I felt annoyed to see a woman wearing the same evening gown as you.

Staring at Mu Sihans leaving back, Lucy furrowed her eyebrows tightly.

He came over to teach that woman a lesson personally?

But why did she feel his parasitic poison acting up?

It felt wrong. There was definitely something between these two people!

Lucy gritted her teeth. She better not find anything, if not

After Nan Zhi returned to the banquet hall, she immediately left.

Walking towards the carpark, Nan Zhi met Bai Ye, who was about to leave as well.

Bai Ye raised an eyebrow at Nan Zhi. Youre out so quickly? But its true that the Fourth Prince wouldnt be able to do anything to you even if he wanted to right now.

Nan Zhis hand that was about to pull the car door open froze slightly.

She hurriedly moved in front of Bai Ye, asking softly, Did he find you to treat him?

Bai Ye shrugged. It was useless to get me anyway. Im not able to treat his condition.

Bai Ye pulled the door open, sitting in the car.

Nan Zhi pulled the front passenger door open as well, sitting in the car as well.

Miracle Doctor Bai, what kind of illness did he get?

Bai Ye stared at the worry and panic in Nan Zhis eyes, shaking his head. You should know that as a doctor, I have to follow the medical ethics and professionalism. I cant reveal a patients details.

But you said as well that you cant treat his condition at all. Nan Zhi could tell that Bai Ye was not a bad guy. She added quickly, My cute child is his son.

What? Bai Ye choked from Nan Zhis sudden words. He was so surprised he almost bit his tongue. Your relationship with him is already at that point?

Yes. Nan Zhi straightened her back, staring at Bai Ye pleadingly. He didnt tell me because he didnt want me to worry, but I have to know. Miracle Doctor Bai, please tell me!

The thing that Bai Ye could not stand the most was a womans teary eyes. He waved his hand, Alright, Ill tell you. Hes been poisoned by a parasitic poison, named Together with You, and cannot touch any other woman apart from the one that poisoned him.

Together with You?

Nan Zhi could not be blamed for being surprised. Any person would be in disbelief when they heard about things like parasitic poisons

Nan Zhi took a while to digest this information.

She had never thought that a Princess like Lucy would actually use such a despicable move on Mu Sihan!

At the thought of how much pain Mu Sihan was in when the poison acted up, her heart ached for him.

Miracle Doctor Bai, is there a way to cure him?

Bai Ye stared at Nan Zhi. The reason why a woman would poison a man like this is because she wanted the man to only have her in his life. As long as the man doesnt touch other women, and only thought about her, loved her and slept with her, the poison in him would not act up.

Nan Zhi widened her eyes.

However, your Fourth Prince already said that he would never touch that woman, even if he died.

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