Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 629

Chapter 629 Reuniting

The woman led Nan Zhi, Mu Sihan and the rest of the group into the depths of the mountain.

It was extremely quiet surrounding them, with only the sound of leaves rustling and scuttling of the bugs.

Nan Zhi walked beside the woman, finding out from the woman that there was an outsider that came to the village a month ago, wanting to take the Master away.

Several villagers protecting the Master had gotten injured because of this as well.

If the person that Miss Linger saved wasnt as good as fighting, the Master might have been taken out of our village, the woman sighed, Ever since the Master and Miss Linger came to our village, everything had been smooth in our village. Theyre the most respected people in our village!

Nan Zhi listened to the womans explanation, understanding why they were so against outsiders in their village.

Dont worry, were not bad people. Were only here to seek help from the Master.

The woman nodded. Miss, youre so pretty and can compare to Miss Linger. Miss Linger is kind and nice, so I think, pretty people like you are all kind.

Hearing the woman mentioning Miss Linger every time, Nan Zhi suddenly wanted to meet this pretty and kind lady.

They walked for nearly half an hour, before a small two-storey house made of wood appeared in their sight.

The house was surrounded by bamboo that had been sharpened, the fragrance of flowers surrounding them.

The woman walked to the door, glancing inside. Ah Sheng, I brought some guests, theyre all good people.

When Nan Zhi heard Ah Sheng, her heart started to thump crazily.

Her pretty expression changed.

Her relaxed fingers clenched up unconsciously.

Ah Sheng?

When she heard these two words again, she felt like a century had passed.

Mu Sihan was standing not too far away from Nan Zhi. When the woman called for Ah Sheng, his first reaction was to look at her.

Seeing her expression change, his deep eyes darkened to a point they looked like they were endless black holes that wanted to swallow and tear a person up

If she had such a strong reaction from just hearing Ah Sheng, then it seemed like Gu Sheng was still living in her heart!

Mu Sihan forced his emotions down. He could only comfort himself continuously that Gu Sheng had died and he did not need to be too caught up with a dead person.

The woman spoke to the person in the yard again, before she turned around and waved the group over. Ah Sheng asked you to go in.

Nan Zhi nodded. Thank you for tonight.

Youve saved my granddaughter, so its alright. You can go in and tell Ah Sheng why youre looking for the Master. Ill go back first.


After the woman left, Yi Fan took the lead and entered the yard.

Nan Zhi was behind Yi Fan, looking up to see the Ah Sheng that the woman talked to.

She only saw a man wearing a white shirt, cutting fire logs in the yard..

The white moonlight shone on his handsome and tall figure. The gentleness on him seemed strangely familiar as well.

Nan Zhi stopped.

Bai Ye, who was behind her, almost knocked into her. He was confused, seeing her suddenly space out. Whats wrong? Whats wrong? Did the Master put some kind of wizardry to stop you?

Nan Zhi ignored Bai Ye, her bright almond-shaped eyes stared straight at the tall figure in the yard.

Mu Sihan, who was walking the last, felt his expression darken completely.

He also found that figure that Nan Zhi found familiar to be familiar as well.

However, he did not think that it would be that coincidental!

When Nan Zhi stopped, Mu Sihan stopped as well.

Seeing the two of them like this, Bai Ye felt sure that the Master must have used some wizardry on them.

Bai Ye walked toward Yi Fan. Butler Yi, why are we fine?

With that said, he noticed Butler Yi also shaking terribly, looking at the person splitting logs in disbelief.

Bai Ye felt it was weird and strange.

He jumped a few steps back immediately, scared that he would get affected as well.

Among the three people who had froze, Nan Zhi was the first to react.

She stepped forward, feeling like her legs had been filled with heavy lead, as she walked towards that figure.

Brother Gu Sheng? she shouted with a trembling voice.

The scene of him laid on the bamboo raft, leaving with the river flow more than a year ago appeared in her mind once more.

She was crying so sadly, shouting for him so loudly, but he kept moving further and further away.

She thought that she would never see him again!

Is it you? Brother Gu Sheng, you didnt die and were living well, werent you?

Brother Gu Sheng! Nan Zhi choked as she shouted once more.

The man who was splitting logs stopped his action.

He did not turn around immediately. However, if one looked closely, his thin shoulders were trembling as well.

Brother Gu Sheng, turn around! Im Little Flower!

The man stood up from the bench, turning around slowly.

Nan Zhis tear-filled eyes landed on his face.

He did not look as old as he did when he left, having regained his youthful appearance. He looked young, gentle, handsome and his eyes looking at her were warm and clear as well, like the spring breeze.

Nan Zhi cupped her mouth, taking a step back in disbelief.

However, she jumped into the mans arms happily and excitedly within seconds.

Brother Gu Sheng, youre still alive! Thats good, its really good! The Master here must have saved him!

Bai Ye blinked and his mouth dropped open as he watched Nan Zhi jump into the arms of that handsome and warm-looking man. He almost thought he had seen wrong.

They know each other? Bai Ye turned back to look at Mu Sihan. Mu Sihans expression was already very dark, a layer of frost covering his handsome face. His facial features looked like they were turning into sharp icy knives, his eyes throwing daggers at the couple hugging each other.

Bai Ye was confused and dazed.

Why was the Qiao familys little niece so popular with men? She could even meet an old friend at such a god-forsaken place?

They were probably old friends, right? If not, why would this Fourth Prince behind him look like he wanted to kill someone?

Mu Sihan stared at this scene with a dark expression. Although he could guess that Gu Sheng might have been saved by this Master and regained his appearance, this love rival had always been very annoying to him.

Mu Sihan stared at the woman who was so happy and excited that she had clearly forgotten that he was still standing here. His eyes were completely dark and dangerous. Nan Zhi, your man is not dead yet, why are you jumping into another mans arms so quickly?

Bai Ye was standing close to Mu Sihan, and he could feel shivers creep up his spine as he stared at Mu Sihans dark expression.

The Fourth Prince was just a jealous freak. He could not take it when it was just him chatting and laughing with Nan Zhi, not to mention such a situation

When Nan Zhi heard Mu Sihans dark tone, she hurriedly let go of Gu Sheng. Turning back to look at the man standing by the door, she shivered, chills running up her back.




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