Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 638

Chapter 638 She Came To The Villa

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The man who came up to Lucy was noble, dangerous and a complete enigma

He exuded manliness all over him.

She knew he was a poppy but she could not help approaching him.

It was probably his charm.

Under the admiring gazes of the people, the man reached out a large hand towards her.

A cold smile appeared at the corners of Lucys lips and she reached out her hand slowly towards the man.

Melodious music sounded and Lucy and the man danced a waltz.

As the number of turns increased, Lucy felt more and more dizzy.

Suddenly, it turned dark.

There was a power failure in the villa.

The venue erupted into chaos.

Lucy felt that something was wrong and she shouted for her bodyguard.

But her slender waist was held tightly.

She heard a mans voice by her ear. Your Highness, youre drunk. Ill help you upstairs to rest.

Lucy could not hear clearly who the man talking was. Was it Mu Sihan or someone else?

She only felt that the man smelled terrible.

She wanted to break free from that hand around her waist but she could not.

Carl, Carl! Lucy shouted her bodyguards name but a hand covered her mouth.

Who are you? Lucys consciousness became more blurred and her heart more flurried.

Him coming around, inviting her to Tianyuan Villa and having a masquerade

This was to set her up, right?

But the wine she drank was checked by Carl, there shouldnt be a problem. What went wrong?

By the time Nan Zhi arrived at Tianyuan Villa, the masquerade was already over.

If it had not been Qiao Yanzes anesthetic needle, which was potent enough to down an elephant, she would not have been able to get rid of the guard at the gate.

She parked at the gate and walked in.

Along the way, she kept admonishing herself.

She should believe him.

He must be up to something, inviting Lucy over.

When she was at the door of the villa, she found that the living room was dark.

Only the lights of one of the rooms on the second floor was on.

The curtains were drawn and Nan Zhi could see two silhouettes entangled together in the room.


Hearing the sounds of Lucys moans, Nan Zhi backed away several steps.

Her mind turned blank.

Old Mr Bai said he would become emotionless, but it was not like he was a eunuch who had no physiological functioning.

He was still able to be with a woman like a normal man.

It was just that his eyes and heart would not have any desire. It was purely physical.

Was he also physically venting on Lucy now?

Looking at the silhouettes that fell to the ground and disappeared, Nan Zhis clenched her fists tightly.

Before removing the parasitic poison, he was able to control himself.

After removing the parasitic poison, why wasnt he able to control himself?

Her heart tightened uncontrollably.

It throbbed in pain, but she still refused to give up.

Perhaps, that was her nature. She would not give up until all hope was gone.

She knew that he had invited Lucy over and even said that he would not be disadvantaged if he slept with Lucy.

She should turn around and leave.

But, her legs refused to listen. She pushed open the unlocked door of the villa and went in.

Tears welled up in her eyes.

She tried to suppress it, but she couldnt.

The living room of the villa was empty.

Clenching her teeth, she went upstairs. Every step seemed to exhaust all her strength.

She felt that she had trusted him before, but how could she trust him after the removal of the parasite?

He was already so cold and distant towards her.

If he was an emotionless person now then in his heart, there was no difference between her and Lucy. To him, everyone was just an ordinary woman.

She was not the only one in his heart.

If Lucy tried to seduce him, he might not be able to hold it in

Nan Zhi was getting more flustered thinking about it.

She had said with confidence in front of Old Mr Bai that she believed in their feelings.

But now?

She did not want to see her man being sexually involved with another woman!

She wanted to stop them, but was it too late?

Walking up to the second floor, she looked at the tightly closed door and knocked on it without thinking.

Mu Sihan!

Mu Sihan, come out!

Her palms were red and in pain but no matter how hard she knocked, the door did not open.

Her eyes were blurry with tears and her heart had turned numb.

She took out her phone after she was unable to get the door to open.

With her ear on the door, before the phone got through, she could hear Lucy screaming loudly, Faster, faster Oh!!

Her phone fell to the ground.

She bit her lip with her teeth.

She bit so hard that it almost broke the skin.

She was still a step too late!

Bending down, she picked up her phone.

The call she dialed out got through.

The mans deep voice said, Hello.

She quickly hung up the phone with trembling fingers.

Her heart was numb and empty.

She did not know after this, how was she going to continue on.

Her confidence before his parasitic poison was removed seemed to have become a joke now.

You so good

I still want it. More, faster

Lucys voice came on and off and Nan Zhi did not dare to listen to another word. She stood up and went downstairs.

Her hand was holding the handrail and her legs were weak, as if she would fall down at any moment.

After several steps, someone shouted suddenly, Miss Nan.

Nan Zhi looked back and saw Yi Fan standing at the stairway on the second floor. She turned around quickly and went downstairs at a faster pace.

When she was at the first floor and was about to go out when another cold voice sounded, Nan Zhi.

Hearing Mu Sihans voice, Nan Zhis body stiffened.

She did not dare to turn or stop.

She was afraid to see him with his clothes in disarray or his cold and indifferent gaze.

After all, in his eyes now, she was just an ordinary woman.

Nan Zhi ran outside like there was a ferocious beast behind her.

When she was at the door of the villa, two tall and big bodyguards in black suddenly blocked in front of her.

Miss Nan, His Highness requests for you to go upstairs.

Nan Zhis long eyelashes fluttered.

He asked her to go upstairs?

To let her admire how Lucy and him looked after having sex?

A trace of coldness appeared in Nan Zhis red eyes. What if I dont want to go?

Miss Nan, please dont make it difficult for us!

Nan Zhi frowned and her exquisite face darkened slightly.

When she entered the villa, there were no bodyguards and the door was not closed properly, as if it was done deliberately for her to enter.

Now that she wanted to leave, he would not let her.

What on earth was he trying to do?

Fine. Ill go. Since she could not leave, she would go up and see how far he could go!

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