Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 686

Chapter 686 Pulled Onto His Lap

Watching Nan Zhi enter the elevator, Mu Sihans face was tensed and he exuded a cold air.

Clenching his fist, he punched the wall, hard.

After standing for a while, he returned to his car.

As he drove out of the hotels underground garage, he glanced at the inconspicuous corner through the rearview mirror.

There was a silhouette moving.

In a luxurious and dreamy, princess-styled room, Lucy was wearing a silk nightdress and lounging on a rocking chair. Her maid was half kneeling in front of her, massaging her legs.

She was playing with a female cigarette with one hand, with the other holding her phone.

Her phone was on speaker mode and a mans voice could be heard. This matter has hit the Fourth Prince very hard. The Queen wanted to crown him as the Crown Prince, but I heard that she is now sitting on the fence. If this continues on, she might choose the Fifth Prince instead. Now that it has become a hot topic in the internet, Ive arranged for people to pull the banner and parade at Crown Palace. Even if the Fourth Prince is capable, he will not be able to block the mouths of the public.

It has been three days and not only has the attention not died down, it also caused an international controversy. This time the Fourth Prince is ruined.

Lucy lowered her eyes, looking at the cigarette in her hand, a faint smile appearing on her lips. Hows Ye Sihan doing recently?

Hes rather dispirited. He goes to the best clubhouse in the Capital every night and I heard that he calls up several pretty ladies every time.

Lucy laughed, then narrowed her eyes. Did he really separate from Nan Zhi? How could their relationship be so fragile when they looked to be so close to each other?

It was too suspicious. Was it a trick?

They have not contacted each other since then. Miss Nan seems to hate the Fourth Prince to the core because of Old Bais death.

Lucy leaned against the rocking chair, her eyebrows slightly furrowed in thought.

With Mu Sihans shrewdness and wisdom, was he really beaten down so easily?

Keep an eye on them.

If she could hit the nail on the head and make them separate painfully, Mu Sihan would lose his love and his power. This would really take away the hate in her heart!

The mysterious person who gave her the idea was really impressive, but was vicious too.

After the call, the maid, who was massaging Lucys legs, asked, Princess, if the Fourth Prince finds out that you are the one behind this, will he release the video?

Lucy smiled fearlessly and raised her slender hands, clapping lightly.

The sound of a pearl curtain being lifted sounded and a slim woman in a silk nightdress came out.

When the maid saw the womans face, she was stunned and let out an unconscious murmur, Princess

She had just finished saying it when Lucy kicked her hard.

Lucy stood up and walked towards the woman whose figure and appearance was similar to her. A smug smirk was on her face. If Ye Sihan releases the video, what will you do?

The woman replied respectfully, The woman in the video is me, not Princess.

Lucy waved her hand, and the woman went back to the secret room.

The maid massaged Lucy again. Princess, was all of this planned by that mysterious person?

Lucy nodded with a smile.

Princess, that person never reveals his face, but still helps you from the shadows. What does he want?

I dont care what he wants. I want him to be my advisor.

The maid wanted to remind Lucy that it was dangerous to keep such a person beside her, but she swallowed back the words that were almost out of her mouth when she saw Lucys clueless expression.

Lucy did not realize what the mysterious person wanted to take away from her was

In a cafe.

Bo Yan came to the appointment with the chubby and delicate Little Apple in his arms.

He was somewhat surprised to see that the man sitting in the booth seemed to have lost weight in a short period of time. Although this news is unfavorable to you, I dont believe you dont have the ability to fight back. Is it seriously enough to make you that dispirited?

Compared to Mu Sihans depression and decadence, Bo Yans recent days were obviously much better.

He looked more handsome and noble.

Mu Sihan ignored Bo Yan and reached out his hands towards Little Apple. Daughter-in-law, let your future father-in-law carry you.

Bo Yan lips, which still had a smile on suddenly pursed tightly. Whos your future daughter-in-law? I wont let my Little Apple marry into the royal family.

Little Apple however pulled the rug from under Bo Yans feet. Her two tender legs bounced on Bo Yan and then she reached out her chubby arms, giggling at Mu Sihan. Hug, hug.

Mu Sihans depressed feeling disappeared once he saw Little Apples smile. He reached out his hands and carried her, looking at Bo Yan, whose expression was dark. I came to you because theres something I need you to do for me. I dont trust anyone else.

In Yan Huas apartment.

Nan Zhi had come over and was chatting with Yan Hua.

Yan Hua had also seen the recent news and although she asked a few questions, Nan Zhi refused to speak more on the topic, so she changed the subject.

Youre planning to go to the village alone? Yan Hua asked.

Nan Zhi nodded. I want to pay my respects to Old Mr Bai.

Yan Hua wanted to ask something when the door to the apartment was opened suddenly, and Bo Yan, carrying Little Apple, walked in.

When Little Apple saw Yan Hua, she said with a childish voice, Mama A-Aunt

Nan Zhi smiled and held Little Apple in her arms, and she smelled a faint scent of tobacco suddenly. It was the smell on Mu Sihan.

Nan Zhi looked at Bo Yan.

Yan Hua sat beside Nan Zhi, holding Little Apples little hands and she too smelled the faint tobacco scent on Little Apple and frowned. Bo Yan, didnt you promise me youll quit smoking?

Its not him. The smell belongs to Mu Sihan, Nan Zhi said.

Yan Hua looked at Nan Zhi, whose face showed no fluctuation of emotions when mentioning Mu Sihan, and she sighed in her heart.

After Nan Zhi left, Yan Hua found Bo Yan in the study. She went in and Bo Yan closed his laptop, a secretive look on his face. What are you doing? I cant see it?

Bo Yan looked at the beautiful woman and replied, No.

Yan Hua was speechless for a moment.

This man, other than saying a few nice things during the proposal, was still as dense as a block of wood.

Sometimes what he said would make her angry.

But she just liked his dense character and how he did not know how to sweet talk. It was almost endearing, except when she was angry at him.

What do you think of the recent hot topic in the news? Because of this, did Zhizhi and Young Master Mu really break up? Zhizhi didnt want to talk about Young Master Mu today.

Bo Yan beckoned Yan Hua over with a curl of his finger. Come here and Ill tell you.

Yan Hua went around the desk and went to his side. She had just come closer when he grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto his firm and strong legs.




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