Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 689

Chapter 689 Deep And Sweet Affection

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Nan Zhi curled her body together, her eyes constricted terribly.

She glared at Lucy in panic and fear. So it was actually you!

Lucy lifted her leg, kicking at Nan Zhi. Lifting her chin, her expression was one filled with complete scorn and ridicule. So what if its me? Do you think that you can make it out of here alive to clear Ye Sihans name?

With her fingers touching the short gun tied to her waist, her lips curled up into a bloodthirsty smile. The villagers will kill Ye Sihans beloved woman in order to avenge Old Man Bai. Even if the Qiao family wants to put it on someone, they would only find Ye Sihan and the villagers here. It will have nothing to do with me!

Nan Zhi stared at Lucy with a pale face, spitting out with red eyes, Youre despicable!

Lucy laughed out loud. I have always been like this, easily jealous and hateful. If anyone goes against my wishes, I will make sure that person will want to die, even though theyre living!

Nan Zhis pupils constricted slightly, fidgeting to the side. Lucy thought that she wanted to escape, so she pulled out the gun and aimed it straight at her. You still dare to move?

Staring at the woman exuding a murderous aura in front of her, Nan Zhi was completely shocked.

She did not think that a Princess would actually be so twisted and extreme.

Closing her eyes, Nan Zhis face was ashen. Princess, I know that I dont have a lot of time left, but theres something that I dont understand.

Lucy smirked. Ha, you may ask.

Ah Li is the Fourth Princes close aide. Were you the one to make him betray the Fourth Prince? If he didnt receive the order from the Fourth Prince, why did he kill Mr Bai? How did you make him obey you?

Lucy smirked, blowing at the tip of the gun. You really want to know about that? Alright, Ill tell you. Ah Li and Ah Long are twin brothers and came to find Mr Bai under the Fourth Princes orders. I did everything I could to capture Ah Long, then when Ah Li came to rescue his brother, I threatened him with his beloved brothers life. He had no choice but to listen to me.

After he killed Mr Bai, I hypnotized him to make him my puppet and follow my orders!

Nan Zhis heart chilled. She sucked in a deep breath, asking shakily, What about Ah Long?

Oh, Ah Long? I poisoned him and he became a pathetic mute. I then broke all of the tendons on his limbs and threw him into the depths of the mountain. I dont even know if hes already been eaten by a wild beast or is still alive! Frankly, I dont even care.

Staring at Lucy, who was laughing gloatingly without any regrets after killing several people, Nan Zhi felt that this woman was too terrifying.

How could there be such a vicious woman in this world?

Lucy cackled, her eyes turning dangerous once more as she glared at Nan Zhi.

She raised the gun, walking in front of Nan Zhi.

Her other hand hauled Nan Zhi up from the ground. She looked at the cliff a few meters away from them, smirking coldly. Dont worry, I wont shoot you to death. All I plan to do is push you down and watch as your body becomes the food of wild beasts.

Princess Lucy, youre out of your mind. How can you be so heartless!

Lucys eyes were filled with a dangerous coldness. People who offend me will never meet with a good end. You can only blame the fact that you shouldnt have appeared in front of me and became my obstruction.

In that moment, Nan Zhi realized that Lucys hatred towards her was not only because of Mu Sihan. There was something else

However, she really could not remember when or how she could have offended Lucy before!

Nan Zhi was pulled a few steps forward by Lucy. Her expression was no longer one of sadness and panic. She hurriedly took out a sharp dagger from her sleeves, waving it towards Lucys hand that was holding onto the gun.

Lucy clearly did not expect for Nan Zhi to do anything rash.

The sharp pain at her wrist made her drop the gun onto the floor. Seeing this, Nan Zhi managed to get out of Lucys grip and kicked the gun under her feet in a frenzied rush.

Her gun was kicked down the cliff.

Lucys expression immediately changed. She cupped her injured wrist, glaring at Nan Zhi coldly. You b*tch arent you a weak and helpless woman?

If they were fighting one on one, Nan Zhi was definitely not Lucys opponent. She could only sneak an attack on her successfully when Lucys guard was down.

Lucy narrowed her eyes, suddenly feeling that something was wrong

Why did Nan Zhis weak and panicked appearance suddenly change? She was even able to surprise her with a sneak attack

Could it be

Nan Zhi, youre not alone?

Nan Zhi stared at Lucy, taking a few steps back as her fingers caressed her cheek that had been slapped by Lucy. What do you think about the Fourth Prince and my show? We dedicated it to yours truly.

Lucys expression immediately changed.

Her eyes darkened, as she shouted out loud. Someone come and arrest Nan Zhi!

No one responded to Lucys words.

When she came over, she had brought more than ten capable bodyguards with her, having told them to hide when she approached Nan Zhi.

Even if Mu Sihan had brought his people and surrounded them, it would be impossible for them to take down all of her men without any sound.

Someone come, someone come!

Lucy shouted a few times, but no one responded.

You can stop shouting. Your bodyguards have been captured by my men. An extremely cold voice trailed over and into Lucys ears.

Lucy shivered as a chill ran up her spine.

Her expression immediately contorted slightly.

It took a long while before she finally managed to speak, gritting her teeth. Didnt the two of you have a fall out?

Her men had clearly observed them stop all interaction with each other.

Besides, when the villagers treated Mu Sihan like that yesterday and injured him, Nan Zhi did not even have any reaction. Was it not because their relationship had ended?

Nan Zhi stared at the tall man who was dressed in a camouflaged uniform and smeared in camouflage paint over his face. She smirked. Princess Lucy, we indeed had a fall out. But, that was just a show for your men and you to watch!

Lucy immediately exploded, losing control over her emotions, her eyes red. I dont believe you! Youre not actors, how can you act so realistically?

If its not realistic, how can we fool you? Nan Zhi walked in front of Mu Sihan, her well-defined almond-shaped eyes no longer as cold as they were yesterday. Instead, concern and affection were in them now. Are the places where the villagers hit you okay?

Mu Sihan glanced at Nan Zhi with a penetrating gaze, his voice low. Im fine.

Glowering at the couple who had forgotten everyone around them and acted so affectionately towards each other, Lucys eyes were burning with rage. So what if you were acting for me? Lucy paused, scoffing, Or, did you record a video of my conversation with Nan Zhi? Ha, youre even buying time now. Do you think that people would believe the video, even if you uploaded it? Im a countrys Princess. Im pretty and young, and there are many women who look like me. Who knows if the two of you got another woman to film the video and frame me?

Nan Zhi smirked coldly. If no one would believe a video, then what about a live-stream?

Lucy widened her eyes, glaring at Nan Zhi in disbelief. You No, its impossible

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