Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Overbearing (2)

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The more Nan Zhi writhed and struggled beneath him, the tighter Mu Sihan pressed against her.

His crisp shirt rubbed against her soft and smooth skin. She felt so suffocated that she could not breathe from the pressure of his weight bearing against her chest.

His kiss was fierce and ruthless, similar to raging torrential storm. His scorching tongue forced open her lips and teeth overbearingly and twirled in domination around her tongue that kept trying to escape his feral touch.

Maybe it was because she was being plundered, perhaps it was the feverish weakness affecting her, but her brain was starting to lack oxygen and she felt even more dazed and weak.

She felt so horrible that she wanted to die.

She did not know how she managed to provoke this unreasonable tyrant. What had she done to deserve this?

His refreshing scent that was laced with the smell of alcohol and cigarettes entered her mouth. It was both strong and domineering, just like its owner. It was filled with a strength that she could not push away and it was like a fire that burned her strongly.

Mu Sihan did not know what happened to him either. She had obviously been touched by other men, but he did not find her dirty. In fact, he found her as sweet as cherries and he just wanted to swallow her up.

The type of heat that other women were not able to ignite rushed towards his abdomen with the speed of a bullet train.

Nan Zhi was both embarrassed and furious. She finally found the time to let out a hoarse breath and she shouted at him, “Mu Sihan, you bastard!”

His deep black eyes stared back at her. They were like a bottomless black hole that was so deep and dangerous that he wanted to suck her in and never let her go.

His lips curled up on one end. His smile was evil and bloodthirsty. “Woman, from the moment you provoked me, you should have known that there would be such a day!”

He did not give her a chance to speak as he kissed her ruthlessly again.

His kiss was domineering and intense.

Nan Zhi felt like she was a fish that was out of the water and thrown on a chopping board instead. She struggled nonstop, however, it was all in vain. All she could do was to remain exposed in the air, completely helpless as she was cut into pieces by a sharp knife.

Both her skin and breath were scorching hot.

After the kiss, he did not move away from her lips. He kissed the trails of saliva from her mouth, bit by bit. His gaze was penetrating with sharp coldness. “You’re tainted and dirty, so I won’t have sex with you. However, I’ll still make you remember tonight thoroughly.”

Nan Zhi’s hair was in a stringy mess while her eyes were bright red. She glared at the impassive man in anger. Her chest rose and fell and she spat out in disgust, “People like you will never deserve any respect and love from others for the rest of your miserable lives!”

He laughed coldly. He stopped speaking as he stripped her of all of her clothes.

Nan Zhi’s pride had always been strong and him treating her with such humiliation was undoubtedly akin to stabbing knife after knife into her heart.

Her dislike and hatred for him knew no bounds. She had never hated anyone as much as she hated Mu Sihan.

If she had a knife and that her hands were free to move, she would have stabbed him viciously with the knife with no hesitation…

Mu Sihan stood by the bed as he unbuttoned the buttons on his black shirt one by one, followed by his gold belt…

He smiled like the devil at the same time.

He grabbed her petite face and bit on her lips. “My kitten, only my marks can remain on your body after you’ve been kissed and touched by me.”

Only he could touch his belongings. No one could lay a hand on them before he said he no longer wanted them. No one.

Nan Zhi’s heart trembled in fear as she stared at the man who acted like a crazed lunatic when he was angry.

The stubbornness, craziness and possessiveness he was exuding were not things that an ordinary person would show.

Nan Zhi opened her mouth, wanting to say something. However, he did not give her the chance to as he kissed her again while his large palms moved around her body with deliberate willfulness.

He did not rape her directly, probably because he felt that she was tainted and dirty. However, he humiliated her endlessly through every other way possible.

There was a layer of sweat clinging over Nan Zhi and her damp hair stuck to her pale, petite face. She stared at the ceiling with a hopeless and blank expression, a mindless puppet with its strings snapped.

The humiliation continued for almost an hour.

Her stomach churned when he finally left her body. She started to heave as she twisted into a fetal position upon the bed.

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