Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Means (2)

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Wei Lin watched the tall and charismatic man walk into a 24-hour drug store.

He got back on the car not long after.

“Young Master Mu, shall I take you back to the manor?”

Mu Sihan gazed at Wei Lin with a serious expression. He seemed to be thinking about something. “Assistant Wei, do you leave marks on a woman’s body when you get intimate with her?”

His boss actually started to ask him this kind of question in the middle of the night. Wei Lin was floored, but hid his surprise.

Wei Lin coughed awkwardly as he responded with slight embarrassment, “Young Master Mu, I don’t want to hide it, but I haven’t had a woman… But if it’s a woman that I like, I would definitely leave love marks on her body.”

Mu Sihan narrowed his deep black eyes. His handsome face was both bright and dark under the light reflected in through the window. It was hard to read his expression.

If he did not remember wrongly, the woman’s body was as white as jade, like a top grade piece of silk before he ravaged her body. Her skin was smooth and supple and did not have any ambiguous marks.

He went into the drug store to ask and personally checked the store’s surveillance cameras. Contrary to his suspicions, the woman did not buy anti-contraception pills that morning, like Lan Yanzhi and he had thought. She had bought flu medicine.

Mu Sihan furrowed his straight eyebrows. “Go to Kaiyue Hotel.”

In the surveillance control room of Kaiyue Hotel.

The manager personally came over with Mu Sihan upon request. After he heard that Mu Sihan wanted to view the last night’s surveillance video, he interrupted hurriedly, “We don’t know what happened since the surveillance cameras aren’t damaged, but we can’t find last night’s surveillance videos in the computer. I have had someone investigate and it’s likely that a hacker hacked into the system. It’s fortunate that nothing happened last night, if not…”

Mu Sihan interrupted the manager’s words impatiently. “I’ll recover the data.”

The manager looked surprised. “Young Master Mu, last night’s video has been deleted. It’ll be hard to recover…”

“As long as it has been on the system, I will have a way.” his reply was calm and arrogant.

The manager watched as the handsome man sat in front of the computer with a serious expression. His slender and long fingers flew across the keyboard in a rhythmic dance.

The data appearing on the screen were like foreign hieroglyphics to the manager… The manager did not understand. Was there something important in last night’s surveillance video?

Mu Sihan found the video he needed within half an hour.

Nan Zhi did not know how she had fallen asleep. The darkness was a welcome presence until she was woken up by her crisp ringtone.

She got up from the bed. When she stood on the floor, her legs went weak and she almost fell on the floor.

She found her phone at the shoe rack near the front door where she had thrown it the night before. An ominous feeling rose in Nan Zhi when she saw that it was Auntie Zhou calling.

Nan Zhi hurriedly rushed to the hospital after she hung up the call, without giving in to the weakness and discomfort her body was in.

In the hospital ward, Nan Zhi met a worried Auntie Zhou.

“What happened to Xiaojie?” Auntie Zhou had only told her to rush to the hospital and did not elaborate on the details.

Nan Zhi had dialled Xiaojie’s number on her way to the hospital, however his phone remained unanswered.

Xiaojie was Nan Zhi’s life. These past few years, whenever she saw her baby, she felt that everything was worth it. No matter how much she suffered outside, her baby was worth more than her life.

She did not dare to imagine or even think. What would she do if something were to happen to Xiaojie?

Auntie Zhou explained with reddened eyes, “I went to the cafeteria to get breakfast. Xiaojie had already disappeared by the time I returned to the ward. I thought he went to play somewhere, so I waited in the ward for at least an hour. It was only afterwards that I found out that Xiaojie was taken away.”

“The nurse said that it was a very luxurious sedan that took Xiaojie away.”

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