Back Then I Adored You Chapter 218

Qin Zhi'ai wanted to refuse out of instinct, but when the words came to her lips, she realized that she wasn't herself Qin Zhi'ai now, but Liang Doukou.

And Liang Doukou was the one whom Gu Yusheng was giving the debit card to.

Liang Doukou was his illegal wife, and it was a natural thing for husbands to give money to their wives, so she had no reason to refuse him.

Thinking of that, Qin Zhi'ai forced herself to swallow the almost-uttered words down. Then she reached out her hand slowly, took the debit card, and thought for a second, saying, "Thank you."

Seeing that Qin Zhi'ai had taken the card, Gu Yusheng snapped his wallet shut without saying anything and put it back into his pocket.

As silent as Qin Zhi'ai was, she kept staring at the debit card in her hand with eyes downcast.

Why did he give me a debit card all of sudden? Was it because grandpa told him to? Or...

Probably not, he didn't have any feelings for me eight years ago, so how could I be capable of making him like me after that much time?

Forget about it, it's no use for me to think too much. It has nothing to do with me, only Gu Yusheng and Liang Doukou. I'm no more than a substitute for temporary use. Even though the debit card is in my hands now, I have no right to spend a penny of it.

Gu Yusheng smoothed his suit, which had been wrinkled when he had taken his wallet out. As he raised his head, he saw Qin Zhi'ai's dull look gazing at the debit card with her head low.

He couldn't see her expression very clearly, but he sensed her thoughtfulness from her posture.

She's been in a bad mood since the night I left the villa. The housekeeper told me that she was in a daze those days...

I remember that she was fine before I went to work that morning. After I came back home, the housekeeper told me that she went out for dinner with her friends, so I just went into the office without thinking about it. The next time I saw her, she was like she is now... Is it because something unpleasant happened that night when she had dinner with her friends?

Gu Yusheng thought about it for a very long time, but he still couldn't figure it out, so he asked her directly, "Did something unpleasant happen that night when you went out for dinner?"

At Gu Yusheng's sudden question, Qin Zhi'ai wasn't sure which night he was referring to, so she lifted her head and looked at him in confusion.

Perceiving the confusion in her eyes, Gu Yusheng recalled for a second and gave an exact time. "Last Wednesday."

He paused for a moment, then explained with more detail, "The day when I had just had my stitches taken out and went to work."

Qin Zhi'ai suddenly realized which day he meant.

She had been upset that day because of him... But disguised as Liang Doukou, she couldn't tell him the reason, so at last, she just murmured, "Hmm."

"Is it because of someone?" Gu Yusheng kept surmising.

For sure, she had been upset because of someone, him... Qin Zhi'ai murmured again, with no obvious emotion, "Hmm."

Because of someone? Someone upset her that night?

Immediately afterwards, Gu Yusheng remembered the scene of her being bullied by a group of women when he had taken her to an evening party before. His anger suddenly rose from the bottom of his heart, so he asked, "Were you bullied by someone?"

Actually, it hadn't been bullying, but Qin Zhi'ai really wanted to get past this conversation as soon as possible, so she nodded her head at Gu Yusheng, murmuring again, "Hmm."

It's just like I thought it would be. Last time, she wasn't hit because I was there, but what about that night?

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