Back Then I Adored You Chapter 220

He's too mean. Even when he was done chattering, he still didn't forget to call himself a b*stard... He said his dignity would be ruined, but he called himself b*stard, so is there still any dignity left?

Thinking about that, Qin Zhi'ai who had been smiling just now couldn't help but grin. Then she hurried to raised her hand and cover her mouth. Although it was noisy in the room, a slight giggle could still be heard.

Seeing that Qin Zhi'ai was grinning like a flower, the area between Gu Yusheng's eyebrows smoothed out as a natural consequence. He gazed at her face for a while, then turned his head to look at elsewhere. When he couldn't be seen by her, he couldn't help but smile slightly.


The next day when Gu Yusheng got up, Qin Zhi'ai had already woken up and was packing her luggage with the help of the housekeeper.

He dressed himself neatly. Before he went out, he didn't forget to tell her, "Have fun in Paris! Buy whatever you like."


After Qin Zhi'ai had moved into Gu Yusheng's villa, she had gone out for promotional work for many times, even living with the filming crew for over two months, during which she had never received a phone call from Gu Yusheng or the housekeeper. However, this time, she was confused, for the housekeeper called her as soon as she got off the plane.

The housekeeper didn't say too much to her, only asking if she had arrived there safely.

Then every day after that, she received a phone call from the housekeeper.


On the fourth day after Qin Zhi'ai had gone to Paris, Gu Yusheng went on a business trip to England for company affairs.

Without resting after arriving at the hotel, Gu Yusheng changed his clothes and directly attended an important party that had nearly started.

When the party ended and Gu Yusheng went back to the hotel, it was already eleven o'clock at night in England.

He was a bit tired due to the long flight and an entire night of dealing with people.

He took a hot bath and came out of the bathroom in a robe, then stood in front of the French window holding a cigarette case. He lit a cigar, but when he had just started smoking, the phone that he had randomly thrown onto the bed suddenly rang.

He turned around after one inhale, then walked to the bedside while blowing smoke rings and picked up the phone. When he saw it was the villa's landline, he immediately slid his finger across the screen to answer.

"Hello," he said in a flat tone. Then the words of the housekeeper sounded over the phone: "Mr. Gu, I just called Miss Liang. She attended activities the whole day, so she's tired and about to sleep now..."

Gu Yusheng remained silent. After the housekeeper was done reporting Qin Zhi'ai's situation, he hung up and stepped back to the French window. Through the bright glass, he stared at the night view of the foreign country. The dark and bright eyes of Liang Doukou slowly appeared in front of his eyes, probably because of the phone call from the housekeeper.

Actually, it was strange to him that he knew she was Liang Doukou when he saw her face, but he couldn't remember her face when she wasn't around. He could only ever remember her eyes clearly.

Due to the tragedy that was his parents' marriage, he had never expected to get married. Thus he barely had contact with girls, let alone cared about them. It could be said that Liang Doukou's eyes were the first things he had ever remembered about a woman.

After a cigarette, he put aside those random thoughts that Liang Doukou had brought to him and laid in bed.

He switched off the light, then when he set an alarm on his phone, he opened the news application. The first news that popped into his view was about entertainment.

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