Back Then I Adored You Chapter 39

"Were you the only one home last night?"

Gu Yusheng's sudden question made the housekeeper's fingertips tremble, but she still pretended to be calm. "Yes."

Did I misremember that?Gu Yusheng frowned again.

"Mr. Gu?" The housekeeper asked when she saw Gu Yusheng didn't react.

The call brought Gu Yusheng back.

Maybe he had drank so much that he mistook a dream as reality. When he was upstairs, he even thought he had vomited the night before, but he found no trace of vomit at all.

Thinking of this, Gu Yusheng took the cup and washed his mouth. He tidied his clothes, but his face suddenly became cold when he was about to leave. "Oh, by the way, she should be back soon. Remember to tell her to wait for me in the usual place next Wednesday, that's my grandfather's birthday." He said in a cold tone instead of the casual tone he had used before.

A look of annoyance crossed Gu Yusheng's face. He took the phone off the table and left without any hesitation.


The Gu Family was a notable and distinguished family in Beijing. With an inheritance that was several hundred years old, the Gu Family was wealthy and had a lot of connections.

Old Master Gu hadn't intended to held a grand celebration for his birthday, only a family reunion with his family members and close friends.

However, that Wednesday, many people who wanted to establish a relationship with the Gu Family through this opportunity, came without invitation to give valuable gifts.

Birthday celebrations should have been joyful, so even if they weren't invited, the Gu Family still couldn't drive them away, since they had already made the journey. Before five o'clock in the afternoon, there were already many people in the Gu Mansion's living room.


Gu Yusheng had only told the housekeeper to tell Qin Zhi'ai that he would wait for her in the usual place, but he didn't tell her the exact time.

Like the last time grandfather had come back from Shanghai and they went to the Gu Mansion for dinner, Qin Zhi'ai went to the Hutong very early in the day.

Gu Yusheng must have been entangled in something, because he hadn't come, even after Qin Zhi'ai had been waiting there for more than two hours.

The sun in the summer was hot, and although Qin Zhi'ai had been standing in the shade, she still sweated a lot and got thirsty after a long time. Her phone number had been blocked by Gu Yusheng, so she couldn't call him, even though she didn't know how long she would still have to wait. She hesitated for a moment, then walked to the supermarket across the road and bought a bottle of ice water.

When the whole bottle of water was nearly finished, Gu Yusheng's car finally arrived.

Qin Zhi'ai threw the empty bottle into the trash can, and got in the car with the gift that she had prepared in advance for Old Master Gu.

They hadn't seen each other for two months, but Gu Yusheng remained indifferent and cold as always when he saw her.

Qin Zhi'ai knew that Gu Yusheng wouldn't be willing to talk to her, so she didn't say anything to him after she got in the car.

Gu Yusheng arrived very late, so when they drove into the yard, there was no room for them to park. Gu Yusheng had to park his car outside on the street.

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