Back Then I Adored You Chapter 6

"What are you looking at?" Gu Yusheng suddenly squeezed Qin Zhi'ai's palm, hard. She snapped out of her trance and turned to gaze at Gu Yusheng. At that moment, the man looked like a changed person. His cold and stony face had melted into a gentle expression, and the disgust and resentment in his eyes had disappeared completely. Instead, calmness and gentleness took their place. With an elegant and clear voice, he said, "Greet Grandpa."

Upon hearing the word "Grandpa," Qin Zhi'ai instantly understood the situation.

Gu Yusheng was acting like two different people because he was putting on an act.

The one who always looked disgusted when he held her hand was his real self, while the one just then was simply a disguise to deceive his Grandpa.

And I was silly enough to panic at his sudden closeness just moments ago

Qin Zhi'ai desperately repressed her self-mockery, forced a graceful smile towards Old Master Gu, who had walked over to her while she was lost in her thoughts, and greeted him. "Good evening, Grandpa."

Old Master Gu had already observed Gu Yusheng and Qin Zhi'ai's interactions ever since they had entered the room, and he beamed at seeing them so close. He called for the two to sit and Nanny Zhang to serve tea.

Just minutes after Gu Yusheng and Qin Zhi'ai had been at the Gu Mansion, Nanny Zhang ran over to report that dinner was ready.

After the meal, the couple chatted with Old Master Gu for a while before leaving the mansion.

The gentleness on Gu Yusheng's face when he bade old Master Gu farewell disappeared the moment he drove his car out of the Gu Mansion. His face hardened, and the chilly aura which he had been restraining was instantly released.

With his icy cold expression, Gu Yusheng drove wildly. When the car came close to the alley where Qin Zhi'ai had gotten in earlier, Gu Yusheng suddenly slammed on the brakes. The tires screeched as the car came to a halt. Gu Yusheng didn't even take a single glance at Qin Zhi'ai. He waved at her directly and gestured for her to "get lost."

The series of moves was too fast for Qin Zhi'ai to comprehend. She didn't respond to his gesture and stared at him with her big dark eyes, puzzled.

"Well? You should already know that I was just pretending in front of Grandpa. Did you really think that I'd drive you home?"

As he finished his last sentence, Gu Yusheng's tone was filled with ridicule and sarcasm.

Qin Zhi'ai then instantly understood that his gesture was meant to get her out of his car...

The idea had not yet completely settled in Qin Zhi'ai's mind before Gu Yusheng's chilling and sharp voice rang again. "I'll tell you the truth: don't even think about it! The thought of you having stayed in that house for so long makes me sick, let alone the thought of sending you back there!"

Feel sick... So he found the house disgusting simply because I was staying there?

Qin Zhi'ai's eyelashes trembled and her hand subconsciously tightened its grasp on her bag.

She didn't dare move for fear that her tears would cascade down if she moved even an inch, so she could only reach out for the car door handle in a daze with the hand near the window-side, yet she couldn't find the door handle.

Seeing that Qin Zhi'ai hesitated to get out of the car, Gu Yusheng's patience was immediately exhausted. He didn't even bother to talk to her, instead, getting out of the car, going over to the passenger seat, opening the door, hauling Qin Zhi'ai out, throwing her to the side of the pavement, and then slamming the door shut. He strode back to his seat, and without even a bit of hesitation, he stepped on the accelerator, driving away without looking back even once.

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