Back Then I Adored You Chapter 61

Gu Yusheng stopped until he had poured a full glass of wine. He put the bottle on the table next to him and looked up at Jiang Qianqian, asking, "You really want her apology?"

Jiang Qianqian had always taken advantage of her brother's power to bully the others at school, so faced with Gu Yusheng's question, she chinned up and nodded to show her determination.

Gu Yusheng nodded back, and the next second he turned his head to Qin Zhi'ai, saying, "Then you apologize to her!" With a cigarette in his mouth, his voice was slightly muffled, but it still could be distinguished by all the people in the room.

What Gu Yusheng said made Xu Wennuan recover from her shock and ask, "Why should Xiao'ai have to give an apology, she's not the one who should be blamed for"

Because of his fondness for Xu Wennuan, Wu Hao also cared for her friends to an extent, so he tried to persuade Gu Yusheng. "Brother Sheng"

"Shut up!" Gu Yusheng tilted his head slightly and answered Wu Hao and Xu Wennuan in a deep voice, then repeated his words to Qin Zhi'ai. "You apologize to her!"

When Jiang Qianqian demanded that she apologize, Qin Zhi'ai felt nothing but anger.

Never had she expected that Gu Yusheng would side against her, nor had she thought that he would kick her while she was down.

She didn't cry, even when she was pulled by the hair painfully by Jiang Qianqian, but she did when she heard what Gu Yusheng said.

At that time, Gu Yusheng was still very young, but when he repeated his words for the second time, his arrogance and dignity were palpable.

Qin Zhi'ai was very upset, but she was also frightened by Gu Yusheng, so she raised her glass shakily.

Before she spoke, Gu Yusheng, standing right next to her, suddenly grasped her wrist and pulled it to splash the wine onto Jiang Qianqian's face.

With a sharp scream from Jiang Qianqian, Qin Zhi'ai was pulled behind Gu Yusheng before she recovered from the sudden noise.

She saw Gu Yusheng pick up a chair and slam it on Jiang Qianqian's brother's head, shouting, "Okay, you want an apology. This is my apology, is it enough?"

One second, Gu Yusheng was making Qin Zhi'ai apologize, and the next second, he was hitting Jiang Qianqian's brother for her. He was so inscrutable that everyone in the room was shocked for minutes. When they realized what was happening in front of them, some of them chose to help Jiang Qianqian's brother, while some chose to help Gu Yusheng. A fight began between the two groups.

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