Back Then I Adored You Chapter 7

The force was so overpowering that Qin Zhi'ai was thrown back a few steps before she slammed against a billboard.

The board was made of extremely durable, solid metal, and she could feel the sharp pain in her back when she slammed into it. She almost cried out.

Qin Zhi'ai closed her eyes and drew a few cold breaths. She leaned against the billboard with her stiff body for quite some time before the pain finally eased.

She straightened her body slowly and walked to the roadside. Gu Yusheng's car had already left. On the road, there were all sorts of vehicles with flashing red lights, sweeping past her at different speeds.

For some reason, flashbacks of the dinner that she had had in Gu Mansion just now came to her all at once. Gu Yusheng had pulled out her chair for her like a well-mannered gentleman, served her favorite dish to her, and even served her her favorite soup from the pot. His eyes were so sharp that he could pick out a fish bone from the fish that she almost already had in her mouth.

His performance was impeccable. He had successfully established himself as a perfect husband who doted on his wife. He had appeased his Grandpa, who wanted both of them to settle down, even if it was just in his dreams. His Grandpa had been so happy.

Seeing the smiles on Old Master Gu, all the people in the mansion were happy for him, too. However, even though Qin Zhi'ai was beaming, looking very blissful and content, nobody could understand her torment throughout the night.

She knew; he was just acting.

But even though she knew about it, she still couldn't control her pounding heart whenever he pretended to be kind to her, because Qin Zhi'ai loved him.

And it started a very long time ago.

Even though he couldn't remember her two years ago when they met, she still loved him.

Her heart didn't stop racing, and her face wouldn't cease its blushing, even though she knew all his kindness and mannerisms were just an act.

She was so afraid that her attraction to him would become obvious, revealing her real feelings, that she struggled the entire night to remind herself over and over again that it was just an act.


Qin Zhi'ai didn't realize how long had she stood by the roadside, staring into space, but when she finally hailed a cab home, it was already near eleven o'clock.

The lights in the living room were on. Qin Zhi'ai assumed that the housekeeper was still awake and didn't think about it too much when she dialed the password to unlock the door.

Someone from inside who had probably heard the sound of the door came to receive her. Qin Zhi'ai supposed it was the housekeeper, so she didn't look at the source of the noise. While she was putting on her slippers, the person spoke. "Young Mistress, welcome back."

Qin Zhi'ai froze for a moment, stiffening up a little before she looked at the person. The one who had come over wasn't the housekeeper, but Nanny Zhang.

Qin Zhi'ai didn't have the chance to ask why she was there, as Nanny Zhang explained first, "Young Mistress, you left your bracelet in the washroom while you were having dinner earlier."

As she was speaking, she handed a stunning, exquisite pearl bracelet to Qin Zhi'ai.

When Qin Zhi'ai reached out for the bracelet, she suddenly recalled that she had left it while she was washing her hands before the meal. As it was cumbersome, she had taken it off and left it there. Subsequently, Gu Yusheng had called her out for dinner, and she went without remembering to grab it.

"It's just a bracelet. I can retrieve it the next time I return to the mansion. It's too late for you to deliver it."

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