Back Then I Adored You Chapter 75

Hadn't they just left the Gu Mansion? Why would he want to go back again?

Xiaowang started the car and glanced at Gu Yusheng in the rearview mirror.

No one would be able to tell what he was thinking from the emotionless look on his handsome face.

When they had just entered the yard of the Gu Mansion, Xiaowang saw Liang Doukou's car. He was about to exclaim what a coincidence it was, but suddenly, he realized something, so he swallowed the words on his lips.

Mr. Gu told me to stop after he saw Miss Liang's car and made me drive back to the Gu Mansion after Miss Liang left. He must have guessed Miss Liang would drive back here! But doesn't he always say he hates Miss Liang?

The more Xiaowang speculated, the more confused he became. After having parking the car, he couldn't help looking at Gu Yusheng in the rearview mirror secretly.

Gu Yusheng put out his cigarette, signalled for Xiaowang to wait in the car, then got out alone.

Instead of knocking on the door, Gu Yusheng entered the password then pulled the door open, but he stopped after taking one step forward.

"Yes, he did. Everything Nanny Zhang cooked for him was to his liking. He ate it all up! I meant to stay there longer, but Yusheng had a meeting to attend. If I had stayed there, he would have been distracted, so I came back"

Hearing what Liang Doukou said in the villa, Gu Yusheng, who had just been wondering why Liang Doukou had acted so strangely on the street, now completely understood.

She told grandfather that she was going to take lunch to me, but actually, she hadn't even considered that.

For the very purpose of making her little lie more believable when she got back to see grandfather, she ate the lunch on the street, washed the box, and even rested in the car for an hour, as if she really had gone to the company and had lunch with me.

Liang Doukou was not like this before. She knew that I hated to see her, but she seemed to be unaware of that and seized every opportunity to go to the company.

But today, she All of a sudden, Gu Yusheng remembered what had happened seven days earlier, on his grandfather's birthday. When they were in the car, she had been frightened by his actions, so she had shivered and murmured, "Please don't, please I swear, I'll stay away from you"

Gu Yusheng's eyes gradually glazed over. He hadn't even imagined that what she had done on the street was done to avoid him so as not to disturb him, even without letting his grandfather know So, as he had asked, she had done what she had promised and stayed away from him?

"Grandpa, have you had a break this afternoon? Shall we play chess?" The topic of conversation in the villa changed.

Returning from his thoughts, Gu Yusheng didn't walk into the villa, but took several steps backward and closed the door gently, then turned around, went down the stairs, and climbed in the car.

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