Back Then I Adored You Chapter 88

Gu Yusheng was indeed in the Majestic Clubhouse, but he wasn't playing Mahjong there.

He was sitting on the sofa by the window with his feet propped up, staring at the gloomy sky. Surrounded by noise and screams, he ignored everyone and smoked alone.

While shuffling cards, someone noticed that Gu Yusheng sat on the balcony and hadn't said a word since the beginning, so he couldn't help but ask, "Master Gu, don't you want to play with us?"

When he had finished his question, Lu Bancheng kicked him under the table, then put a finger to his lips and said with a deliberately low voice, "Did you notice that he smoked the whole afternoon? Obviously, he's not in a good mood."

Hearing that, the person who had just asked Gu Yusheng if he wanted to play Mahjong with them became curious and couldn't help but ask again "What happened to Master Gu? Didn't he just sign a big order this morning? Why is he still unhappy?"

"I don't know." It was Lu Bancheng's turn. He rolled the dice and whispered to that person, "He's been in a bad mood since this morning. You weren't there this morning when he was signing the order, but it felt like he was there for a fight, not a business discussion. He just threw the contract on the table and only said a few words during the whole process."

"What words?"

Lu Bancheng touched the mahjong tiles and tilted his head slightly, saying, "Sixty percent to forty percent, I own the former, you, the latter. Sign if you agree!"

"Awesome! Even in that way, he still made it" Before the person could finish his words, thunder suddenly boomed, and everyone in the room turned their heads to look outside the window in shock. The heavy rain came down in buckets.

Only Gu Yusheng remained in the same position, sitting on the sofa and smoking.

At six o'clock, there was still no sign of the rain stopping, for it was raining even heavier now. The rain constantly streamed down along the window like a small waterfall.

At about ten past six, someone left the game early because of personal affairs.

The game couldn't continue with only three people left, so under the urging of the other two, Lu Bancheng tried to ask Gu Yusheng, "Brother Sheng, do you want to play for a while?"

After about half a minute, Gu Yusheng moved his eyes slowly from the downpour outside to Lu Bancheng's face. He smoked and continued to sit on the sofa for a little while, then stood up and walked towards the table.

There was a dinner party at half past seven in the evening, so people continuously walked in at about half past six despite the wind and rain.

Mr. Zhang of the Beiting Company came with his wife. Gu Yusheng had met his wife several times and faintly remembered that her surname was Lu, but when they greeted each other, Gu Yusheng just nodded slightly and said nothing.

When Mr. Zhang's wife saw Gu Yusheng, she was slightly surprised. She looked around as if she was looking for someone, but didn't see the person, so she asked in confusion, "Didn't Mrs. Gu come?"

Gu Yusheng couldn't figure out which 'Mrs. Gu' she was talking about, so he continued to take tiles and hand them out indifferently with a cigarette between his lips.

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