Banished Disciple's Counterattack Chapter 242

"I was sucked in the formation trap there." Ye Chen pointed at the place behind him and spoke out the excuse he made up earlier.

The disciple in purple glanced at Ye Chen, "Senior martial brother Kong Cao has told us not to deal with disciples from the Diyang Peak. But we rarely come here and cannot go back without any gains."

"I see. I see." Ye Chen nodded and bowed, presenting a storage bag for toll.

He did not fear fighting with the disciples, none of whom before him reached the true Yang stage.

Even so, he could not defeat them in a short time and worried arousing Kong Cao's attention. It would be best to pa.s.s with money rather than fight.

"You may leave!" The disciple took the storage bag, and stepped towards the direction where Ye Chen pointed at, "It's said that Ye Chen is sly! Be alert. All of us will be rewarded after capturing him."

"The disciples from the inner school are fools?" Ye Chen stared at the fading shadows and stroked his chin, "I can enter the inner school easily if all of the disciples dispatched by the inner school are easy to be tricked like them."

"I' d better leave here as soon as possible. They will be back soon."

"Go!" He glimpsed at the back of him and vanished within seconds.

A few groups of disciples from the inner school were encountered.

As he expected, it was more useful to mention the Diyang Peak rather than the Spirit Cores Pavilion, since Kong Cao, a former lineal disciple from the Diyang Peak, was a leader of the disciples sent by the inner school.

He paved a smooth path for the disciples from the Diyang Peak and Ye Chen was unhindered all his way by virtue of money.

In the front were some disciples from the inner school.

Ye Chen frowned and fished out a storage bag from the front of his chest.

"Hi, senior martial brothers, I'm from the Diyang Peak." Chuckling, he presented a storage bag, "Here are five thousand spirit stones."

A girl-like disciple in white waving a folding fan was the leader, with fair skin, lanceted eyebrows, slanted eyes and mean lips.

"I leave?" Ye Chen was to go.

"Do I allow you to leave?" The disciple in white blocked Ye Chen with his fan.

"I've given you the money!"

"Others can leave after their payment, but you cannot." The disciple cast a curious look at Ye Chen, mock glimmering in his long eyes. "You think I don't recognize you after you change into Li Yuliang's appearance?"

"Senior martial brother, I don't understand." Ye Chen pretended to be puzzled.

The disciple laughed, "Li Yuliang reaches the seventh level of the human core stage. You change into his outlook, but cannot imitate his cultivation base!"

The disciple in white satirized at Ye Chen's ears, "Am I right? Junior martial brother Ye Chen?"

Ye Chen?

He was Ye Chen?

The whisper was heard by others.

They surrounded Ye Chen in the center, vital energy rising, and prepared to capture him in one stroke.

"Not all the disciples from the inner school are silly?" Ye Chen twisted his neck and returned to his original look.

If you always walked around the river, your shoes must be wet.

He never expected that he would pa.s.s the test without any difficulty. G.o.d always lay some obstacles for him and being recognized was within his expectation.

"He transfigured, that's why we did not find him."

"We looked down upon him."

"Luckily, senior martial brother Yang Wei recognized him. Otherwise he will slip by."

"Yang Wei?" Ye Chen looked at the disciple in white, "I see why you're womanish."

Not angry, Yang Wei flicked his fan gently, disdaining, "Boy, you surrender? Or we help you surrender?"

"I give in." Ye Chen lifted his hands.

"That's right." Yang Wei grinned and blinked at on disciple, who took out a bundle of ropes and planned to bind Ye Chen.

"Though you're unconquerable in the outer school, you're seized by us." The disciple sneered and paced forward.

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