Battle Frenzy Chapter 695

Chapter 695 A Bloody Battle

Chapter 695: A Bloody Battle
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Surprisingly, that huge blast by the Dharma Idol caused the evil multi-armed king to stagger a few steps backwards. The Blood Red Snakes head was right in front of it, caught half a feet from its face and unable to move. However, the snake snarled suddenly, and shot out a string of venom from its glistening, crystal-like fangs.

Almost unable to avoid the venom, the evil multi-armed king wielded its red fiery bone whips from its neck with its other two arms, blocking the venom just in time.

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle sizzle!

A large portion of the red fiery bone whip was immediately extinguished after contact with the venom, making it dull and dim, even the originally red-colored bones were not spared as it turned purplish-red. The evil multi-armed king was truly enraged, such a lowly ant-like lifeform had actually injured it.


The originally relaxed evil multi-armed kings three faces twisted with fury at the same time and tightly clenched its arms to squeeze the snake as tightly as possible, releasing huge amounts of dark energy to prevent it from dissipating while it raised one red fiery bone whip high up in the air and lashed at the huge snakes body without mercy.


The lash rang as loudly as thunder, possibly heard by anything within a ten-mile radius while a huge part of the snakes dimensional energy body dissipated. The huge snake struggled in pain as the lash caused its body to be at the verge of rupture and totally distorted from its original state.

On the other side, Sister Hongs sight turned dark and a mouthful of blood surged up her throat. However, a womans true viciousness was unleashed. Hurry, attack!

In the past, to cut all ties with that despicable man, she had already suffered a great deal of pain and misery, that was truly hell for her. Ever since she walked out of that place, she had never truly feared anything else. It was merely out of interest and for fun if she acted pitifully to gain sympathy.

It may be one thing to be alive, but death is a type of freedom in itself. With her insides tumbling and aura unbalanced, she clenched her teeth, chose to shut her eyes since she could not see anyway and forcefully swallowed the mouthful of blood in her throat.

Blood Red Strangle!

With an exceeded charge of heroic soul energy, the originally heavily injured Dharma Idol suddenly regained its power and force, similar to that of a sudden spurt of activity prior to collapse. The nearly-broken half body swung forward fiercely, spun around the evil multi-armed kings three necks and strangled them tightly.

Go and die! her voice thundered as though she had lost her mind, while droplets of blood were spat from her mouth.

The huge Blood Red Cobras speciality was venom, but it surprisingly acted like a python. With its arms bound tightly, the powerful strangle was so strong that the evil multi-armed kings arms almost could not handle it.

The evil multi-armed king grew furious and tried its best to struggle free. The Blood Red Dharma Idols body instantly sparkled brightly as it exerted force to fight the evil multi-armed king. It strangled tightly but was pulled loose, and the same process repeated.

In a short span of around three seconds, the radiance emitting from the Dharma Idol turned dim. It was no match for the evil multi-armed king, it could only act as a temporary hindrance. Soon, glass-like cracks began to form on the Dharma Idols body!

Hurry up guys! I cant hold on much longer! Sister Hong said in a trembling voice.

Without waiting for her to speak, Reynolds had already grasped this chance to condense his power in front. In this dark and gloomy world, a ray of white light suddenly condensed and took form above the evil multi-armed kings head.

Despite being similar to a Dharma Idol, it was not one.

It was a gigantic blade 7-8 meters long and 2-3 meters wide. In the instant it condensed and appeared in the air, the body of the blade blossomed with a blinding radiance, with numerous runic patterns laying criss-crossed across its surface; it lit up the entire dark, pressure-filled world like a sun!

The evil multi-armed kings faces changed as it felt the power radiating from the Heart Blade.

Honestly, the combat strength of humans were garbage to it. However, those terrifying big moves that could condense in mid air, Dharma Idols and soul tools etc, had indeed once made their kind suffer a great deal. Despite having lost the battle, human life forms still continued to bother them from time to time. The Evil Demons had actually been searching for the desire to conquer the outer world as any other species instinctively would. It was interested in that weakening spatial coordinate, but it never thought that it could give him the chance to fight life forms from the outside.

He gave up trying to counter the Huge Snake Dharma Idol, instead, it suddenly burst out with an abrupt force from its two legs and charged towards Reynolds, who was on the other end.

Rumble bang bang!

The evil multi-armed king charged at top speed, making the Huge Snake Dharma Idol its protective shield instead. The Dharma Idol was the soul of Heroic Soul Soldiers, closely linked to their lives themselves, making it as important as their lives. If it was directly destroyed, the Heroic Soul Soldier might lose all his cultivated power or even lose his life straightaway. There were no exceptions.

Dont worry about me! Sister Hong shouted with her remaining bit of energy when she saw Reynolds hesitation.

In such a precarious situation, it is impossible for Reynolds to avoid her dharma idol. Sacrifices have to be made for everyone to survive. It was not a big deal to sister Hong even if it meant she would lose all her cultivated power or even her life.

During these past few days of trying to survive, Cao Hong experienced living like a regular person, unlike ever before. Although it was filled with hardships, she did not face any discrimination. She might have put her guard up slightly, but that slight warmth she was given was like a ray of sunshine amidst the darkness. No one was born to like being alone. She felt that she had already lived life to its fullest, having experienced being a regular person before her death.

Attack if you are a man! Cao Hongs eyes burned with fury. She had already put her imminent death behind her, maintaining her Dharma Idol with her life force.


In the next instant, the blade force glowed brightly.

At that moment, the dazzling white blade radiated with a majestic might.The surrounding eerie and chilly dark aura was dispelled. The blade force contained a thunderbolt and the thunderbolt was like a snake-like lightning. Together, a deafening dragon-like roar was released.


The evil multi-armed king was angered instead of being frightened. Vibrating with a dragon-like roar, the blade intent make it sense an immensely great threat. It had assumed that the humans would be hesitant to go for the kill with the huge snake acting as its shield, but alas, it thought wrong.

The evil multi-armed king did not plan to clash with its opponents head on. He released the Huge Snake Dharma Idol and faced its palms forward. Almost instantaneously, a black energy body condensed at the heart of its palms. At the same time, the two red fiery bone whips lashed upwards to receive the incoming blade force in mid air.


The whole world froze in that moment, as though the pause button was hit. At that particular moment, the violent collision forces between the two opposing attacks could not find a way to escape, remaining suppressed between both the blade and the whip.

Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum hum~~

The momentary pause only lasted for a second. In the blink of an eye, the force of the blow grew into a gigantic circular wave of air pressure.

AHHHHHHHHH! Reynolds eyes widened so much that it could probably fall out and countless veins started to pop out on his whole body. The terrifying might of the Heart Blade was directly linked to the soul. Reynolds was one who seemed cold on the outside but was actually warm inside. Seeing how Cao Hong risked her life to fight the monster reminded him of how his family members lost their lives in the past. With that, it was as though he had lost his mind. That was the last bit of strength he could muster up too.

However, the evil multi-armed kings double red fiery whips were peculiar. This kind of intelligent dimensional life form was a far cry from regular dimensional monsters.at the moment of contact, the originally soft and flexible whip turned stiff and straight. The numerous intersecting and crisscrossing joints on the bone whip began to adjust themselves, locking onto each other tightly to form a convergence. The whips transformed into two bone spurs and one was heading straight for Reynolds chest.

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