Battle Frenzy Chapter 697

Chapter 697 God Of Gamblers

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Wang Zhong unleashed his rotating Dharma Idol, but the result was expected. The Evil King retaliated with full-power head-on and blasted his Dharma Idol away. The power of fate had a fixed probability. Previously when he battled Mo Wen, he held a large probability of success, but the same was not true this time.

Despite his Dharma Idol being annihilated, he did not try to attack again. His aim was merely to distract the Evil King. The previous attack further enraged the Evil King and it instinctively tried to attack Gong Yi, but Wang Zhong would never give it an opportunity to do so.

The next instant, a huge, jet-black axe formed in mid-air. At certain times, the most direct approach can produce the best results. As someone with the darkness-attribute special ability, he had an unprecedented amount of dark energy available to him in this place. Where could there be a better place to unleash his power?

Free of restrictions, this was the purest and strongest form of dark energy.

Brimming with vicious power and infinite intent for blood, the jet-black combat axe appeared as though it could cleave the sky and split the earth. Clasping two hands together, the originally non-existent energy condensed into a form in his palms, bringing a solid touch as well as the feeling of being enriched like never before.

A flash of brilliance burst out from Wang Zhongs eyes, before a violent explosion of aura surged outwards, engulfing the surroundings.

Appearing to have sensed his surging fighting intent, a frightening hurricane of flames expanded out from the Heavens Raising Axe. An unimaginably overbearing aura and fighting intent took shape in the form of fiery waves, rippling outward from the axe in all directions!

The violent collision of energy shocked Gong Yi, even as he was standing on the opposite end, tens of meters away. Not to mention the fact that he unleashed his Dharma Idol, his exquisite dark energy was also extremely powerful. This dude was actually a surprisingly powerful darkness-attribute special ability user, as though he was not merely at the Casted Soul Stage.

He truly had a rare talent. It was no surprise that he could defeat Mo Wen previously. As a conspiracy theorist, he had initially thought that the struggle would have been between the family and the parliament; never would he have thought that Wang Zhong was actually that powerful.

With his confidence level boosted, his Dharma Idol began to draw the cards at a faster speed. To deal with the Evil King, he had to shuffle to get the strongest and the most effective combination; any other combinations would only be wasting soul power.

Sensing an extreme threat made of dark energy, the evil multi-armed king had no choice but to divert his attention to Wang Zhong. While light energy was the most effective against dark energy, returning the same kind of dark energy was also ideal.

The red fiery bone whips of its two main arms lashed with extreme force toward Wang Zhong, while Wang Zhongs eyes burned with white waves of fire. Boundless Soul Power gushed out from his ears, nose, eye, and mouth, as though the power within his body was overflowing.


Heavens Raising Axe activate!

At the moment of activation, space seemed to fold, allowing a short distance teleportation. Wang Zhong appeared almost instantaneously in front of the evil multi-armed king, despite being more than ten meters away moments ago. Entering this state, he was immediately immersed in battle, losing touch with the entire world, including himself.

Going along with its exploding aura, the Heavens Raising Axe had immediately completed accumulating its power the instant it appeared. The seemingly endless amounts of power caused the surrounding space even the entire world to condense on that axes edge!

Soul Domination combat technique Heavens Raising Chop!


The axe chopped downward like a clap of thunder. In terms of perfectly controlled techniques, Wang Zhong was the best among everyone. Other than Mo Wen, not many could compare to him, even if they were at the Heroic Soul Stage. Although Gong Yi and the rest were powerful and experienced in actual combat, none of them could compare to Wang Zhong in terms of fundamentals.

The Darkness Ghostly Steps broke through its defense and the axe landed straight on the Evil Kings arm, sending blood splatters everywhere. The defence that initially seemed unbreakable was forcefully torn open by this huge, terrifying axe, leaving a wound so deep that bones were visible.

Gong Yis mouth gaped wide open, while Sister Hong and Reynoldss eyes began to fill with despair as they lay on the floor, astounded by what they have seen. What kind of monster was Wang Zhong, being able to wield such great power even at the Casted Soul Stage, leaving their eyes wide in grievance.

In actual fact, Wang Zhong was not that powerful. It was due to the two with Middle Heroic Soul Stage Soul Power having fought the Evil King and using their lives to expend its energy as well as weakening it: especially Reynoldss life-rending battle axe. In addition, dark energies could naturally counter each other mutually. It seemed like the Evil King was really useless as well.

The evil multi-armed king bellowed in pain as he threw down the whips and unleashed a violent force from his four fists which blasted Wang Zhong away. However, dark energy continued to condense in mid-air. After a momentary pause, the energy unexpectedly shot downward the next instant.

With a weapon intent apparently able to cleave the sky and split the earth, axe and human seemingly combined to transform into a gigantic battle axe, making the trajectory of the axe being smashed away appear like an axe circling around in the air.

At that moment, Wang Zhong radiated with a fearless aura; his battle axe represented his killing intent. In the battle with Mo Wen, there was only battle intent, thus his full strength could not be displayed. Now, with the addition of dark energy, his full power could be unleashed completely. That was the true essence of the Heavens Raising Slash.

Either the enemy dies or I die!



The evil multi-armed king grew serious, but the axe still landed on its injured arm, this time hacking it off completely and splattering blood everywhere. At the same time, Gong Yis Dharma Idol seemed to have begun to launch its attack.

Gong Yi was indeed beaming with pride at that moment. A Dharma Idol reflected ones soul. His God of Gamblers was definitely a top-notch Dharma Idol, having the advantage of luck.

A 45678 straight flush of hearts was selected. With five cards in hand, the Dharma Idol smirked, pleased with itself, portraying the same pride felt by its wielder. Following the action of Gong Yi throwing out his right arm, the Dharma Idols cards flew towards the Evil King in the form of a straight line.

Even though Wang Zhong successfully drew most of the Evil Kings attention, his other head remained wary. It never thought the bastards power would be that strong. The power equilibrium between them and humans could fluctuate. Even though humans might seem weak at the start, they could unleash a huge bout of power without warning.

At the same time, Wang Zhong did not hesitate to slash the demon a third time. His Heavens Raising Battle Axe was a technique that built up more power with each slash. Although it may seem useless, in times like this, it could unleash extraordinary powers.

The evil multi-armed kings face had contorted completely while it attempted to block the attacks coming from both sides.


The seemingly disadvantaged Evil King then revealed a sinister, vicious look while its arm was directly blasted away while attempting to grab the battle axe. It was obvious that this Evil King was unusually intelligent, as it took the chance to strike Wang Zhong with its other hand. It knew that it would be forced into a dead end if it was struck by Wang Zhong again; thus, it was willing to risk losing another hand if it meant Wang Zhongs death.

Wang Zhong was sent flying once again as though he was struck by a thunderbolt, halting the Heavens Raising Slash. Obviously, he did not expect his attack tactics to be seen through within just two slashes. The lifeforms in the Abyss had unexpected and unimaginable intelligence levels and had the ability to learn. This was also the reason for humanitys defeat, as well as why they dared not attack the demons.

However, Gong Yis straight flush travelled in an arc, avoiding its defenses and hit a vital spot. Demon blood gushed out as its chest exploded instantly, together with its dark energy defense being blasted open.

Experience the wrath of the God of Gamblers! Gong Yi and his Dharma Idol said in unison.

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