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  • Beauty And The Beasts

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Beauty And The Beasts summary:

After finding herself in a beastmen world, a leopard rescues her and later abducts her. Bai Qingqing suffers quite a mental breakdown because the males in this world are as gorgeous and handsome as strutting peacocks. On the other hand, the females are ridiculously ugly, but still highly cherished by the males. \r\nAs a beautiful high-school student, she has somehow become the most mesmerizing be...

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Beauty And The Beasts Chapters

Time uploaded
622 Lesson2 days ago
609 Untitled6 days ago
596 Hes Back 73 weeks ago
595 Hes Back 63 weeks ago
594 Hes Back 53 weeks ago
593 Hes Back 43 weeks ago
592 Hes Back 33 weeks ago
591 Hes Back 23 weeks ago
590 Hes Back 13 weeks ago
583 Competitor3 weeks ago
344 Muirs Plea4 months ago
342 Jeans Old Nes4 months ago
338 Muirs Old Nes4 months ago
336 Young Cubs4 months ago
334 Sea Cliff4 months ago
332 Fleeing 34 months ago
331 Fleeing 24 months ago
330 Fleeing 14 months ago
324 Ten Years Ago4 months ago
320 Jean Appeared4 months ago
319 Framing4 months ago
313 Its Raining4 months ago
312 Muirs Abode4 months ago
305 A Lesson4 months ago
304 Adultery?4 months ago
297 A White Dress4 months ago
293 Untitled4 months ago
288 Family Outing4 months ago
278 Mudslide4 months ago
272 Its My Turn4 months ago
270 Weaving Nets4 months ago
266 Moving House4 months ago
261 Confrontation4 months ago
258 Poisoned4 months ago
253 Whea4 months ago
252 Female Baby4 months ago
Fighting For Food4 months ago
Got Into A Figh4 months ago
Dream 24 months ago
Dream 14 months ago
Building Snowman4 months ago
Fish Roe4 months ago
Lets Mate4 months ago
Rosa Attacks4 months ago
Fruit Wine4 months ago
City Of Sins4 months ago
Its Raining Ice4 months ago
Collaboration4 months ago
Curtiss Birth4 months ago
Nineteen Eggs4 months ago
Giving Birth 24 months ago
Giving Birth4 months ago
Catching Adultery4 months ago
Defeating Shuu4 months ago
Hell Live4 months ago
Getting Saved4 months ago
Killing Frenzy4 months ago
Encircled 34 months ago
Encircled 24 months ago
Encircled 14 months ago
Confiden4 months ago
Parker Bit Curtis4 months ago
Rosa Is Pregnan4 months ago
Winston Defected4 months ago
Confrontation4 months ago
Hidden Danger4 months ago
Males Advantage4 months ago
Pork Is Precious4 months ago
Bonfire Banque4 months ago
Extracting Oil4 months ago
Chopping Firewood4 months ago
Curtis Shows Up 24 months ago
Rejecting Parker4 months ago
Ape Doctor4 months ago
Delicious Fruits4 months ago
Mated With Curtis4 months ago
Escaping Curtis4 months ago
Untitled4 months ago
Picking Mushrooms4 months ago
The Snake Eats4 months ago
Disrespected4 months ago
Signal For Help4 months ago
Strange Fabric4 months ago
Top Delicacy4 months ago
Spicy Fish Hotpo4 months ago
A Meal A Day4 months ago
Looking Ugly4 months ago
Sleeping Together4 months ago
Dangerous Crops4 months ago
Camel Hump Valley4 months ago
Im An Ape4 months ago
224 Lets Mate4 months ago
217 Rosa Attacks4 months ago
216 Fruit Wine4 months ago
212 City Of Sins4 months ago
209 Collaboration4 months ago
199 Curtiss Birth4 months ago
198 Nineteen Eggs4 months ago
196 Giving Birth4 months ago
184 Hell Live5 months ago
182 Getting Saved5 months ago
180 Encircled 35 months ago
179 Encircled 25 months ago
178 Encircled 15 months ago
173 Confiden5 months ago
153 Confrontation5 months ago
132 Hidden Danger5 months ago
80 Ape Doctor5 months ago
57 Untitled5 months ago
52 The Snake Eats5 months ago
44 Disrespected5 months ago
29 Strange Fabric5 months ago
22 Top Delicacy5 months ago
19 A Meal A Day5 months ago
15 Looking Ugly5 months ago
6 Dangerous Crops5 months ago
2 Im An Ape5 months ago
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