Beauty And The Bodyguard Chapter 576

Chapter 576

Chapter 576 - Disfigured

"Tang Yin! Tang Yin!!!!" Mrs. Tang screeched- the sight of her daughter being crushed put her whole body into shock, she went into a frenzy as she ran towards her daughter's direction.

Mrs. Tang had completely lost her composure- she had no idea about her husband's situation on the inside, while her daughter was also just smashed by a brick right in the head. She had no idea what to do.

The demolishers and machines stopped their pace- they were all staring at the scene and no longer had the balls to operate anymore! After all, they were all hired by Zhong FaBai and operated their machines under their bosses' pressure... but now that a person's life was involved, even with Master Bin's support- they couldn't just escape from this crime, could they?

Zhong FaBai was surprised as well- he didn't expect this sight, he didn't expect the girl to be so fearless that she would throw her life away just to get in the house. That was too insane.

Zhao QiBing and Jin GuBang were coming over from a distance, as if they were going to the movies with popcorn in their hands, when Mrs. Tang's sorrowful screams stopped them in their tracks with a fright. Zhao QiBing frowned, and cursed inside when he saw the sight, that pretty girl's face was ruined for God's sake, even if she survived the tragedy, she wouldn't be pretty anymore, would she? What a waste.

"Let's go! We'll come back after a few days!" Zhao QiBing knew that he couldn't continue pushing anymore but his objective had already been reached- to set an example in front of the public. After this example, the residents would more or less have fear instilled in all of them, allowing the relocation progress to be a lot smoother over the next few days.

"Don't you dare to leave! Guys, stop them! We can't just let them go so easily after all they had done to my daughter, murderers!!" Mrs. Tang shouted when she spotted their escape.

However, Zhao Qibing and gang got up from the bulldozer and started moving in the direction of their cars. The residents wanted to stop them but nobody dared to be the first one. After all, they had just demolished someone's house and smashed TangYin's face, crushing one or two more civilian lives wouldn't faze them at all!

Zhao Qibing shouted as soon as he saw some people move, trying to be a heroes, "Come! Challenge me, if you are not afraid of dying, peasants!"

The acting heroes all retreated with Zhao QiBing's challenge- no one wanted to make enemies, especially when their opponent would be Zhao QiBing. He was a person fearless of dying and powerful enough to make people dance to his tune in the palm of his hand.

Hence, Zhao QiBing and gang left the slums swiftly, leaving Mrs. Tang alone, crying her heart out. Her house was demolished, the door was broken, and her husband was still inside, whether he was dead or alive was still a mystery!

Not long after, a firetruck arrived and the fire-fighters quickly opened a new path to get into the house due to the broken front door. Mr. Tang was rescued soon after that.

Tang Jucheng was then transported out by the fire-fighters, clenching his teeth in pain because of his legs. Seeing that Tang JuCheng had only broken both of his legs, Mrs. Tang let out a sigh of relief and didn't bother looking for him- waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

After the ambulances and police arrived, Mrs. Tang quickly carried her daughter into the ambulance, while Tang JuCheng was shifted to another ambulance, and both were rushed to the hospital with haste.

After Zhao QiBing and the gang left the scene, Zhao QiBing compensated the demolishers a large sum before their escape. They were too afraid to stay around any longer as they took the money and fled for their crime. Meanwhile, Zhao Qibing wasn't shaken by the crime he had just commissioned. In fact, he had planned to push all the responsibility onto the demolishers so he'd be free from it.

"Uncle Zhu, follow them. I want both of them dead, make it an accident," Zhao Qibing ordered the middle-aged bodyguard after the two demolishers had left.

"As you wish, Master Bing," the middle-aged man, Uncle Zhu didn't speak much as he strolled towards the demolishers' direction.

Zhao Qibing would never allow any evidence or witnesses to ever remain in this world. In other words, he wouldn't risk himself going to the jail so the only method was completely eliminating every trace of evidence that pointed at him.

Zhao QiBing had already ordered Uncle Zhu to eliminate a lot of people in the past so he wasn't feeling any guilt after killing just an extra one or two.

Li ErLan, Zhong FaBai, and Jin GuBang, all of them went back to Qibing's company.

QiBing's real estate company had finally come to the completion as of that day, after being built and renovated by Jin GuBang and Li CiHua over the past few months. Zhao Qibing had organised a banquet in the ballroom to celebrate the completion and some of SongShan's young masters were invited to join the celebration.

This ballroom would be used as a restaurant after the completion of QiBing building, and also served as a canteen for the company.

While this was happening, TangYin and Tang JuCheng had reached the hospital. Before reaching their destination, TangYin woke up, allowing Mrs. Tang to breathe a sigh of relief. The hospital workers determined that other than her forehead, she was fine and her life was no longer in risk.

However, the wound on her forehead would need stitches, which meant it was inevitable to avoid any scars that would be left behind. Her angelic face was ruined forever and returning to her old face was impossible.

The least she could have was not scaring people when she got out from her house

On the other hand, Tang Ju Cheng's broken legs were both encased in plaster. It wasn't anything serious... it was the fact that he had, just a little while back, only started to walk, and now he was sent back to lying on the bed.

To tell the truth, they were both considered lucky to still be alive. Mrs. Tang was glad that they were both safe but immediately became depressed after that as the reality slapped her right in the face, their house was demolished... what would they do now?

Besides, now that her daughter was disfigured, she bet Zhao QiBing wouldn't want her anymore, would he? She didn't even have the chance to fight back with her daughter's face ruined! She had planned to use TangYin's face to get her daughter into a wealthy family, but it was too late now. Her hope had vanished into the thin air!

The thought of retrieving the medical fee from Zhao QiBing didn't cross Mrs. Tang's mind because she knew it best that it was impossible. Her husband's tragedy was the best example and the memories would always come back flooding her mind occasionally, never allowing her to forget.

Tangyin's forehead was swathed in bandages, her eyes fixed unwavering to the ceiling. Was she able to become pretty again? Was her ugliness permanent now? Initially, TangYin wanted to become uglier just so the lecherous desperado would stay away from her with those lustful longing eyes, but she was a girl after all- they wanted to be pretty, nobody would ever wish to become a ugly monster.

Lin Yi. Would he still love her like he used to? TangYin shed a tear unwillingly when she had the thought of Lin Yi not wanting her anymore. She had been pretty- with that face, she was able to face off with Xiaoxiao but it was impossible now with her disfigured face. 'Would Lin Yi still want her with this face of hers now?' She thought to herself.

"Yin, don't cry over spilled milk. The doctor said that you will recover in no time and the scar will not be conspicuous." Mrs. Tang's heart shattered into million pieces when she came in the room to see her daughter's tears.

"Mom..." Tangyin couldn't compress her feelings anymore as she burst into tears, "Mom, why are we so unlucky? Why?! What gave them the right to demolish our home. What made them do that?"

"Ah!" Mrs. Tang held onto her daughter's and sighed faintly, "Yin, it's your mom's fault! Your mom ruined your pretty face!"


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