Being A Supporting Female Character At An All Boys High School Transmigration Chapter 57

Chapter 57: .57th Day

This is the anti-theft badge

He Xun chuckled, and commented briefly, "Counsel."

At this time, the fat man came over with a lot of snacks. Panting, he sat down next to He Xun and took a bar of chocolate to eat. But he didn't patronize himself to eat. He brought food to both He Xun and Pei Jin.

Pei Jin took apart a sausage and ate it slowly while watching the wind and rain outside the window.

They did not go to sea.

He Xun's disaster should be over, right? He Xun, should you be okay?

At this time, the fat man's cell phone rang suddenly.

As soon as he answered the phone, the loud voice on the other end of the phone rang.

"Son, where are you? Are you okay?"

The fat man scratched his head with a simple face, "Mom, I'm fine."

"Oh, mom just saw the news and said that there was an accident at sea. Mom thought, didn't you go to sea, so I was busy calling you."

The fat man took a bite of the chocolate, chewed and comforted, "Mom, don't worry, I'm not out to sea today."

"It's fine if you don't go to sea, it's fine if you don't go to sea. Then where are you now?"

"I'm still hiding from the rain in a convenience store by the sea."

"You're waiting there, mom will come to take you home."

The fat man just wanted to say no, his mother didn't give him a chance to refuse, and simply hung up the phone.

After the fat man, Zheng Li and Zhang Chen also received calls from family members one after another. Their family members expressed their concern and wanted them to return home as soon as possible.

Of the five people, three of them received a call for concern from home.

He Xun waved his hand casually, "You go back first, don't worry your family."

The fat man hesitated for two seconds, and said uneasy, "Brother Xun, what about you?"

He Xun's tone was a little careless, "The rain is so heavy now, I don't want to go back in the rain, wait until the rain stops."

The fat man wanted to persuade him again, but Zheng Li gave him a gentle hand. Zheng Li glanced at Pei Jin and said, "Xiao Wu, then you can accompany A Xun. See you tomorrow."

Pei Jin let out a cry.

When there were five people, why suddenly she and He Xun were left alone?

Fatty, Zheng Li and Zhang Chen all left. They went home, only she and He Xun stayed here.

He Xun glanced at her, "Did you not tell your family when you came out today?"

Pei Jin said. After all, she is not the original product, and she is not close to Pei's father. If she encounters something now, she will try not to contact Pei's father without contacting him. So Father Pei didn't even know that she was at the beach today, let alone that she planned to go to sea.

He Xun raised his chin, "Don't call me home to report safety?"

Pei Jin threw the sausage packaging to the side of the trash can, and shook her head gently, "No. It's okay anyway. My dad worried about the phone."

After speaking, the two fell silent for a while. Pei Jin could see that the relationship between He Xun and his family seemed a bit nervous, and she rarely contacted them, so she naturally wouldn't ask more to avoid thunder.

After a while, He Xun got up and stretched, "We won't go back tonight."

"it is good."

The two found a relatively clean hotel to stay in. But when the room was opened, the front desk of the hotel told them that there was only one double room left.

Pei Jin was taken aback. She hurriedly said, "Hey, there is only a double room? Is there really no standard room? It doesn't matter if the price is a little bit more expensive!"

The front desk shook his head and repeated it clearly again, "No, we are a tourist destination here, rooms are always in short supply. You are lucky, this double bed room is still a guest who just retired, otherwise you Not even this big bed room."

He Xun looked indifferent. He took out his ID card and card, and said in a casual tone, "Let's drive one night."

The front desk just wanted to take these two things, Pei Jin grabbed it first. She discussed with He Xun and said, "Brother Xun, there are no rooms here. Why don't we go and see elsewhere?"

Before He Xun said anything, the front desk said, "Other hotels are in the same situation as ours. Generally speaking, you plan to stay here for one night and book at least three days in advance. You dont have a reservation. Come live directly. Usually there are no rooms."

Pei Jin didn't believe it a little bit, "Then the guests who come here temporarily sit on the floor at night?"

The front desk shrugged, "Of course not. There must be a place to live. But the small, broken, unsafe and unhygienic small hotel charges fifty yuan a night. Would you like to stay?" the front desk said After that, he continued, "Although our hotel is not as good as a five-star hotel, at least it is already very good in the local area. Safety and hygiene are guaranteed, and we also sell disposable cups and beds here. Sets, toilet sets, these things. Guests stay at ease."

He Xun took his ID card and card from Pei Jin's hand and handed it to the front desk, "That's it, big bed room, one night."

The front desk moved quickly to enter the message, "We will charge you 298 yuan for a double room. Please sign here."

He Xun waved his hand, and Long Feifeng danced to sign his name.

After Pei Jin saw it, she was a little frustrated. The matter is now, it's useless for her to say anything. After watching tonight, she really can only live in a big bed room with He Xun.

He Xun took the room card and walked to the room.

He walked a few steps and found that Pei Jin hadn't followed, so he turned his head and glanced at her, "What's the matter? You haven't followed?"

Pei Jin sighed heavily and hesitated to keep up with one step at a time.

This big bed room suite is very clean, the duvet cover is white and tidy, and the floor is clean and clean. On the surface, it looks satisfactory. A small hotel at fifty yuan a night must be incomparable to this one.

He Xun turned on his phone and ordered a nearby takeaway. "The conditions are limited today, so I can only order takeaway for dinner."

Pei Jin said.

After He Xun ordered the takeaway, he sat on the bed, then found a comfortable position to lie down.

He glanced at Pei Jin, who was sitting restrained on the sofa, and beckoned to her, "Come here. What are you doing there alone?"

Pei Jin felt her scalp numb for a while.

She is now sitting on the solo sofa. The whole room, except for a bed, a TV, and a small coffee table, there is only this single sofa, which is really simple.

At first, she felt that it didn't matter if the hotel was simple, just clean. But now that it is so simple that only a big bed can sleep people, she is not satisfied again.

Hearing He Xun's words, Pei Jin said hesitantly, "This sofa is comfortable to sit on."

He Xun chuckled, "Can the sofa have a comfortable bed? Come here."

Pei Jin only regarded herself as deaf and pretended not to hear.

He Xun raised his eyebrows, "Come here. What are you doing, a big man?"

He Xun has said so, Pei Jin really can't twitch. She had no choice but to move slowly towards He Xun.

He Xun patted the position beside him, Pei Jin took off his shoes, went to bed obediently and sat down beside him. She had her legs crossed and her hands on them, and her posture couldn't be more regular.

Although there is still a little distance between the two, Pei Jin always feels uncomfortable in the same bed.

She carefully raised her head and glanced at He Xun.

He Xun was lying down and looking at the phone, his face was deep, his eyelashes were long, the bridge of his nose was tall, and his side was amazingly handsome. This angle should be the legendary "girlfriend angle".

Pei Jin still didn't want to give up, she was struggling to death, "Brother Xun, do we really sleep in a bed at night?"

He Xun gave a hum and glanced at her, "Why, aren't you straight?"

She is straight, but she likes the straightness of boys.

What can I do now!

He Xun didn't take it seriously that he was going to sleep with Pei Jin in the next meeting. He had a relaxed tone, "That's not it."

Seeing that there is no room for discussion, Pei Jin said in a daze, "Okay."

This distance is too dangerous, so dangerous that He Xun might find something different. Pei Jin's movements were faster than her brain. Before she could even react, she waved He Xun's arm away.

Pei Jin's movements were a bit big, and He Xun froze in place after being swung away by her. After two seconds, he gave a dissatisfied feed.

Pei Jin opened her mouth and looked at He Xun's suspicious expression. She turned her brain desperately, and finally found a lame excuse, "Brother Xun, you are pressing too **** me, I am not comfortable."

Pei Jin regretted it again as soon as he spoke. This sentence sounds a bit ambiguous. But just now, most of He Xun's body was pressed on her, she really felt a little tired. He Xun is tall and long in legs, and he is not light in weight. She is really overwhelmed by him half leaning on her.

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