Being A Supporting Female Character At An All Boys High School Transmigration Chapter 58

Chapter 58: .fifty Eighth Day

This is the anti-theft badge

He Xun lowered his head, and she could only vaguely see his half-cut profile face.

His thin lips were tightened, his eyelashes drooped slightly, and his face looked expressionless.

The display of the mobile phone interface is still in the game, but the game characters he controls have been slow to move.

The teammates in the game couldn't help but curse at this time.

"What about people? Just hang up?"

"Hehe, I met Spicy Chicken teammate again."

"Mmp, there is no shortage of this star anyway, I also hang up."

Pei Jin's heart froze for a while, it's over, the game is so hot, and He Xun has no reaction. Wouldn't she really offend the big guy's roommate so that the big guy is angry now?

In fact, what she did just now was indeed a bit overstepped. She did it directly without the other party's permission, which is very rude, and most boys don't like others to meet casually, so they will feel offended.

But she was really angry just now. After being angry, she became a little impulsive. When she was impulsive, she did not consider the consequences.

Pei Jin pursed her lips, deliberately trying to explain something. But this time there happened to be a regular knock on the door.

He Xun got up in silence and opened the door after hearing it, and took the lunch box from the nanny outside the door.

Seeing that He Xun was about to close the door, the nanny hurriedly said, "He Shao, President He is very dissatisfied with your behavior of not answering his phone, and he asks you to call him back as soon as possible."

He Xun glanced at the babysitter with a half-smile, "If you deliver food, you will deliver food. Don't compare so much, understand?"

The fathers and sons of the He family have very big tempers. No one dared to offend the nanny, so they could only bite the bullet and explain, "He Shao, I have to do what Mr. He explained."

"Got it." He Xun returned faintly and closed the door with a slam. After two seconds, he opened the door again as if thinking of something.

The nanny thought He Xun had changed his mind and was willing to communicate with Mr. He. But before she could breathe a sigh of relief, He Xun slammed the door shut after leaving a sentence "Tomorrow's food for two".

After closing the door, He Xun put the lunch box on the table, raised his eyes and glanced at Pei Jin, "Go to the kitchen and get the tableware."

Pei Jin was stunned for two seconds before reacting and nodded generally.

The accommodation conditions of boys colleges are very good, not to mention that the dormitory space is very large, and it also comes with its own bathroom and kitchen. There is a kettle, coffee machine, cooking machine, small refrigerator in the kitchen, and there are many drinks in the refrigerator. As for the new tableware, there are naturally.

There is also a washing machine in the bathroom, which is very convenient for boarding students.

Pei Jin went into the kitchen to wash two bowls and two pairs of chopsticks, and then walked out with the dishes.

He Xun pushed a layer of rice boxes in front of Pei Jin, "You first."

The lunch box sent by the nanny He Xun was very large, and the rice was full. But Pei Jin knew that boys at this age had a lot of appetite, and this bit of rice should have been He Xun's appetite alone.

But when he said so, Pei Jin had to serve a small bowl of rice.

He Xun raised his eyebrows when he saw that there was only so much white rice in Pei Jin's bowl, "You just have to eat this?"

Pei Jin nodded, "This is enough."

"Little chickens eat more than you." After saying that, He Xun simply added a spoonful of rice to Pei Jin by himself. Pei Jin hurriedly shouted after seeing it, "Enough is enough, really enough, more I can't eat it anymore."

He Xun glanced critically at Pei Jin's thin body, and said mercilessly, "I eat so little, no wonder he grows so short."

When it comes to the topic of height, Pei Jin dared not talk any more, and it was tears when she said more.

She is the shortest "boy" in the class, and the penultimate shortest is over 1.7 meters. What if He Xun is suspicious of talking about height?

Pei Jin took a bite of rice, and then said cautiously, "I'm sorry."


"I just made my own claim to help you blow your hair, sorry. Don't get angry anymore, okay?"

He Xun glanced at Pei Jin, "Who told you that I was angry?"

Pei Jin didn't hide her surprise, "Are you not angry?"

He Xun looked like a smile, "What? You want me to be angry?"

Pei Jin shook her head hurriedly, "No, no, how could it be."

He Xun knocked on the table with his free hand, and said, "From now on, you will be covered by Brother."

Pei Jin let out a cry.

The gangster's roommate was not only not angry, but also said to cover her.

Isn't she dreaming?

Pei Jin was overjoyed, and she couldn't help but bring a slightly obvious smile on her face, "Thanks...Thank you Brother Xun." Pei Jin felt that she would always be right when calling out to Brother He Xun Xun with others.

He Xun hooked his lips and said, "Brilliant."

After laughing, He Xun did not put on his usual cynical expression on his face.

In his eighteen years of life, no one except the hairdresser in the barbershop would patiently dry his hair. No one would ever tell him that its easy to catch a cold without drying your hair.

No one cares about him. His brother wants him to look after him. The nanny dare not care about him. As for his relatives...


But He Xun's low mood only stayed for two seconds. Two seconds later, he was the same He Shao who didn't care about everything before.

Pei Jin was satisfied with this dinner.

He's food is really delicious to the explosion, she has never eaten such delicious food. This evil capitalism.

And she remembered that He Xun told his nanny just now, let her bring two meals from tomorrow, it seems that the boss is really going to cover her.

After eating, Pei Jin consciously took the dishes and went in to clean it.

He Xun stood up and stretched, and said nonchalantly, "Let it go, tomorrow the nanny will come to clean up."

Pei Jin shook her head, washing her hands neatly, "It's okay, the washing will be quick."

Unlike He Xun, who opened her mouth and stretched out her hands, Pei Jin has been taking care of herself since she was a child, so it is easy to do such things.

He Xun raised his eyebrows and stopped persuading him.

It was reported that there was no homework that day. Pei Jin took a bath in the toilet, washed clothes, and went to bed after brushing her teeth and washing her face.

He Xun was still playing games when Pei Jin was in bed. She was holding the quilt, feeling a little curious, "Brother Xun, have you talked about many girlfriends?"

He Xun's voice was lazy, as if he was about to fall asleep, "No."

"Huh?" Pei Jin thought for a while that she had heard it wrong, and couldn't help asking again, "What's wrong?"

He Xun stared at the phone and answered slowly, "I haven't talked about it."

Pei Jin pursed her lips, "Then you just said what happened to me from now on." He Xun told her just now that she thought he was an old driver. It turned out that the two of them are both rookies, and no one is better than anyone.

It may be that a game has just ended. He Xun put down his phone and cut, "I don't want to talk about it, you don't want it, can we do the same?"

Pei Jin was not convinced, "How do you know that no one wants me?"

He Xun chuckled, "Is this something unknown?"

Pei Jin dumbly buried her head in the quilt and stopped talking.

He Xun called her, and saw that she still didn't reply, he couldn't help but laughed, "Look at you so good. With my brother, are you afraid that you won't be able to find a wife in the future?"

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