Black Haired King Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Visitor


Fuu, with this, the goblin settlement is done with. In total, there was around 50 of them in here? The hobgoblin leader was here too since I defeated him as well, this area should be safe now.


When I was looking over the mess of goblin corpses, Ropo slowly walks out from the forest. ..This guy, from the moment Mistrea-san brought us over, it ran into the forest, it was probably eating some grass or something.

Ropo, Im going to strip the goblins for materials, so in the meantime, keep watch over our surroundings.

Guu Guu

After I confirm Ropo is watching over our surroundings, I squat near the goblins. Then, I cut off the goblins ears, after doing this for 2 years, Ive gotten used to it.

Silently, I cut off the goblins ears for 1 hour.

Ooh, youre at it.

Mistrea-san came to pick us up, Once Ropo realized that Mistrea-san was here, it abandoned its lookout job and ran towards her. Well, I guess since Mistrea-san is here, there shouldnt be any danger.

There, there. Did you work hard too Ropo?

Guu guu

You liar! You just went into the forest to eat grass, didnt you! I didnt see you so I cant be sure, but thats definitely it.

Are you done too, Redius? Lets go back home and eat dinner. Helen made dinner tonight.

While I was trying to intimidate Ropo, Mistrea-san asked me. Todays Helen-sans turn huh. Both of them are really good at cooking, so I really look forward to dinner daily.

When I finish dissecting the bodies, Mistrea-san grills them, and then we return home. This is my daily routine.

In the morning, I play tag on the mountains with Ropo, until noon I train in kenjutsu or spar with Mistrea-san or Helen-san. Afternoon, Mistrea-san sends me somewhere, like to a mountain, forest, or a cave, and then has me subjugate the magic beasts in the area.

The strongest one Ive fought thus far was the twin-headed snake. Its about 10 meters long, and it has 2 heads. It moves fast, and its scales seem to be coated in something, since any sword style has trouble cutting it. It can also spit out venom.

In the end, I was able to subjugate it, but, it fang was able to bite me, its venom almost killed me. If it wasnt a delayed type of venom, I would have probably died there.

After that, Mistrea-san and Helen-san harshly scolded me. Its normal to run away from something you cant beat after all.

It was really my bad there, so I apologized as much as I could. After that, for 1 month, all the household chores were my duty.

With that as my daily life, Its already been 3 years since I started learning under Mistrea-san.

Over these 3 years, Ive learned foundations of cloaking, Ive also gotten the Fierce Flame Style to intermediate, Whirlwind Style to advanced rank, and Bright Water Current Style to lower rank as well.

Even Mistrea-san and Helen-san were surprised at that. Apparently, Im adept at moving around my body. I didnt really understand much from self-training but, I was told that it was too early to learn this kind of martial arts.

Helen-san knew that Ive learned Whirlwind Style to advanced rank within these 3 years, so, despite pouting her cheeks and sulking, she still acknowledged me.

When I first starting learning sword styles, the atmosphere was kind of awkward, but, by the time I learned all styles to lower rank 1 year later, she already treated me nicely, just like how she did before I started learning.

But, lately, its been a little weird. Every time she looks at my face, she abruptly looks away, she seems kind of distant lately as well, I know shes not mad though

Well, I also sometimes look at her too, so I understand her embarrassment. 3 years ago, Helen-san was already a beautiful girl, but lately, shes more like a beautiful woman. (Give me back my loli!)

Her body has become more woman-like, her breasts are so full they push up against her clothes, as well as her slender waist. Her ass has a nice shape, and her muscles are flexible yet defined. Every time that Helen-san smiles at me, my face cant help but get red.

On top of that, since I live with her, shes kind of defenseless. Since were in an area that doesnt really get cold, you have to wear light clothing, but Helen-san normally wears just a tank top and short pants, which is kind of dangerous for me.

Even worse, she sometimes decides to take afternoon naps, but instead of doing it in her own room, she does it right on the living room sofa. Taking quick peeks at her barely visible navelWait, what the hell am I thinking about?!

I pound at my head to make myself forget about it. Uwaah, I wonder what this feeling is, Ive never really interacted with any girls other than elder sister and mia, so Im not really sure.

While thinking about those things, before I knew it, we already got back home. I want to head to the living room to see if I can help Helen-san with anything, or so I thought but, something is off.

Right now, Mistrea-san and I are in the houses backyard, but, from the entrance, we can hear angry yelling. This voice isHelen-sans? But, why does her voice sound so angry? I look over at Mistrea-san.

Lets go see.

I head to the entrance with Mistrea-san.

Like I said, Obaba-sama is out right now! On top of that, just because she isnt here, you think you can stay here to wait without even naming yourself? Dont you think youre a little too shameless?!

What did you say, you bitch! Raven-sama decided to personally visit, and you arent even bowing your head?!

Somehow, this is an explosive situation Helen-san has her hand positioned right on her sword so that shell be able to draw it when necessary, her opponents are 2 soldier looking people, and standing behind those two is a young man with beautiful looking armor.

Will you both quit it! What that young lady is saying is correct. We came here to request something.

Still, Raven-sama! The Albast Kingdoms commander in chief himself decided to come personally to pay a visit, but this girl doesnt even want to let us wait in the house, instead of telling us to wait outside! It wont do if we teach her a lesson!

Albast Kingdoms commander in chief? Why did such a high ranking person come to a place like this? If Im not mistaken, the commander in chief is the top ranking person in their army I look over at Mistrea-sanCrap, shes pissed.

I cant stop Mistrea-san when shes like this.

What are you doing in someone elses home?

We head towards Helen-san. It cant be helped, Ill accompany them in this, lets hope nothing drastic happens.

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