Black Tech Internet Cafe System Chapter 924

Chapter 924 Ten Ultimate Arrays

What was that?! Seeing the golden light gradually dimming in the sky, all the immortals from the Innumerable-Immortal Sea looked alarmed.

Dont panic! Wondrous Spell High Holiness stared at Fang Qi as the latter walked out of the shop, and he said in a cold voice, He only relies on a demon ape. Its not his own strength, and he cant last long!

After they were forced to retreat in fear, they found that Fang Qis strength couldnt last long after some investigation. Although he wasnt Fang Qis match, he could extend the battle by dodging the attacks. When the strange energy on Fang Qi ran out, he would defeat Fang Qi easily!

He had taken his defeat as a big disgrace and wanted to redeem his reputation this time. He yelled in a harsh tone, Ill see how long you can bluff!

After all, in the last expedition, he was the only leader of the troops. But this time, countless masters from the Innumerable-Immortal Sea were here!

With a jade token in his hands, he moved back among the immortals. Above the high auspicious clouds, most of the 28 elders from the eight primeval immortal families stood around him.

This time, they had many hermit immortals from different places of Innumerable-Immortal Sea, and Wondrous Spell High Holiness was only one of them!

In fact, a force on this scale wasnt meant for mere mortals. It was formed to deal with the demonic gods from the Nine-Fold Darkness.

In his opinion, it was overkill to use this great force against the mortals!

At this moment, Wondrous Spell High Holiness said with a snicker, Its ridiculous that you dont know that your death will be upon you very soon! Go and summon that demon ape! Today, well kill it too!

Sir At this moment, not only the forces at the East Continent such as Heavenly Faction, but even the ancestral masters looked uneasy. Having returned to the faction after her break, Jiang Xiaoyues small face paled as she hid behind Mr. Fang. There are so many of them

In addition to the larger troop, they looked fiercer than last time!

Extremely horrifying presences shot down from the sky and suffocated the people like mountains.

They had never seen so many powerful immortals in one place. Vaguely, they could even feel that the horrifying presences were the same as those of Golden Immortals!

There are so many Golden Immortals?! many people looked horrified.

Previously, they had managed to deal with the immortal soldiers and generals. But how could they resist figures on such a high level!?

Their biggest concern was that their enemies would be sneaky and capture them instead of fighting Mr. Fang and then threaten him with the hostages!

Seeing their fear, Wondrous Spell High Holiness nodded in satisfaction. Why dont you summon that demon?!

36 heaven spirit generals!

We are here! The 36 immortal generals with godly presence stepped out.

Since the demon ape didnt show up Wondrous Spell High Holiness pointed at Fang Qi and all the other people and said, Take all of them into the Green Ocean Darkness Prison for later orders!

Yes! The 36 generals took the order and flew down on a golden cloud with immortal soldiers, looking fierce with intense murderous spirit!

At this moment, a shadow behind Fang Qi split into ten! Then, the ten shadows stepped out from the void and gradually solidified.

Instantly, the 36 heaven spirit generals paused and looked at the ten figures cautiously.

The ten Daoists faces looked extremely weird and ferocious, each with a different color, such as green, yellow, crimson, white, and red. The moment that these ten figures appeared, cold mist rose between the Heaven and Earth, killing light flashed, gloomy winds turned chilly, and murderous spirits filled the whole space!

The Advanced Carrier Rocks that Fang Qi had received this time were perfect items after the upgrade of the System. On the one hand, they could carry more powerful existences powers. On the other hand, they could summon closely-related people at the same time!

With a cold expression, Wondrous Spell High Holiness said in a vicious voice, We eight families are the orthodox immortals in the immortal land. What immortals are you?! How dare you block the path of orthodox immortals of Innumerable-Immortal Sea?!

We eight major immortal families are here! You insignificant immortals, back off! The leader of the heaven spirit general yelled, Well spare your lives!

Under everyones stare, Fang Qi took out a scroll of array blueprint and bowed to the ten figures, Please!

One Daoist moved forward. This man was Heavenly Master Qin, and he was wearing the dark-red silk robe with embroidered white crane patterns, holding the Four-Edge Gold Sword Breaker, and hiding the Immortal Capture Wondrous Rope on him.

Heavenly Master Qin said, Im essence cultivator Qin Wan from Golden Turtle Island. What Dao spells do you have that make you act so aggressively?!

Hearing his words, all the elders and holiness including Wondrous Spell High Holiness laughed. Listen up! Im Yuanjue Wondrous Spell High Holiness, the Sword-Carrying Elder of the Gui Family, one of the eight major orthodox immortal families!

Beside him, a middle-aged elder dressed in a pale-grey robe yelled in a sharp voice, A mere essence cultivator from the mortal world dares to block the immortal generals from our eight immortal families? Standing before us, youre like a firefly standing before the bright moon!

The ten figures were not angry. They cast Dao spells and spread out the array blueprint. Ten black light beams shot up into the sky, and the murderous spirits went straight up into the Heavenly Realm!

The ten arrays were connected one after another. Inside them, the smoke of war rose in waves as dark clouds covered the sky. The murderous spirits shot up into the sky as ghostly cries and godly howls filled the whole world!

Heavenly Master Qin laughed, If we want you to die in the morning, you wont dare to die at noon. Unorthodox independent immortals, do you dare to come into the array and die?!


Even the independent mortal cultivators are so audacious?! Standing next to Wondrous Spell High Holiness, the middle-aged man dressed in pale-grey clothes yelled in fury, Its a minor array. Where are the Four Direction Spirit Generals?!

We are here! Four immortals walked out together.

One of them looked to be a middle-aged man with a green face. Dressed in green clothes and standing on flying black dragons, he came out with booming heaven thunder.

The second one looked to be in his prime with a black face. Dressed in black armor and holding a huge gold hammer, he was more than six meters tall. The moment that he took a step forward, the Heaven and Earth shook!

The third one was a white-clothed young Daoist. Standing on auspicious clouds, he had a smile on his face. As he lightly waved the paper fan in his hand, gusts swept around. The awe in the eyes of the immortal soldiers grew stronger as he stepped out.

The last one was a white-haired old man. While sneering, his eyes seemed to have the power to suck out peoples souls.

The four immortals were the Four Direction Spirit Generals who were more powerful than the 36 heaven spirit generals!

36 heaven spirit generals and 72 earth spirit generals! Hear my order! the first spirit general who was dressed in a green robe and stepping on two dragons yelled with his green expression, Follow me and shatter the mortal array!


This is?!

All the elders and disciples of Heavenly Faction and the ancestral masters of other factions in the new shop at the East Continent stared at the ten figures and the array in a daze. Of course, they knew them.

These are the Ten Ultimate Arrays?!

When the four spirit generals led immortals into the array, they saw thick dust filling the air, and the paths in the array became complex and disorderly. Even the lights of the sun and the moon couldnt penetrate this chaos. Giant killing tribulation surged up from under their feet!

Taught by Sect Master Tongtian, this array derived connate abilities and concealed chaotic secrets. With the three elements of Heaven, Earth, and Mortal as well as Yin and Yang, it could derive endless miraculous variations!

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