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  • Bleeding Heart

  • Genres : Romantic
  • Status : Ongoing
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Bleeding Heart summary:

\"Love makes you weak.\"\n\nThat was the very first thing that Dawn had ever learned; the only thing her mother had taught her.\n\nNix'Ryl had been a tough place to grow up. You could not trust anyone. People who dared to trust someone always ended up regretting it.\n\nThat was why when the young shapeshifting king of Lumna offered her a way out she left with him.\n\nHome. It was something she longed...

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Bleeding Heart Chapters

Time uploaded
139 At Las4 weeks ago
138 Deal4 weeks ago
129 Snapped4 weeks ago
126 Honesty4 weeks ago
124 His Mother4 weeks ago
123 More Happy4 weeks ago
121 Impatien4 weeks ago
120 Home Again4 weeks ago
119 Contentmen4 weeks ago
115 Making Up4 weeks ago
112 Suits You4 weeks ago
108 Silly Fool4 weeks ago
106 Priorities4 weeks ago
105 A Bit Vexed4 weeks ago
100 What A Pity4 weeks ago
96 Reputations4 weeks ago
94 Sneaking Ou4 weeks ago
90 A Low4 weeks ago
89 Warmth4 weeks ago
88 I Said Go4 weeks ago
85 Blanked Ou4 weeks ago
84 Easy Peasy4 weeks ago
83 End In Sigh4 weeks ago
82 Good Res4 weeks ago
80 Just How?4 weeks ago
77 Close Call4 weeks ago
75 Innocen4 weeks ago
73 Shadowstar4 weeks ago
69 In The End..4 weeks ago
67 An Offer4 weeks ago
64 Avoidance4 weeks ago
62 Theyre Safe4 weeks ago
61 It Listened4 weeks ago
60 Underground4 weeks ago
58 Mem4 weeks ago
56 Flutis4 weeks ago
55 Giant Worm4 weeks ago
51 Missing You4 weeks ago
43 Giving It Up4 weeks ago
42 Drezs Child4 weeks ago
38 Shattering4 weeks ago
35 Morale Boos4 weeks ago
34 The Kids4 weeks ago
24 The Storm4 weeks ago
22 Bitterswee4 weeks ago
20 Out Of Depth4 weeks ago
17 Wait What?4 weeks ago
14 Setting Off4 weeks ago
9 Hidden Gems4 weeks ago
8 Ravens Hope4 weeks ago
6 New Advisor4 weeks ago
4 Raven4 weeks ago
1 Love Is Weak4 weeks ago
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