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Booster Pack System In Cultivation World? summary:

A guy died yes...just like any fking Reincarnation,transmigration,rebirth, and those soul transfer thing...but this time! and later on all those Protagonist get those stupid luck,sudden power boost, OP treasure,OP talents, and god damn OP things...from weak to strong thing...you get wot Im saying? But this time yes! is a guy...who died (pls kill me I just repeat the same sht...) and reincarnate into a World Of Cultivation...but oh no! He got this system...but something happen to it...no telling...and yea...he get the Booster Packs System...Author here...idk if it just me because I like to image stuff...like I literally like female protagonist and sometime I image some cultivation novels male protagonist to be like transgender suddenly and temporary...ik Im weird...I also like to read yaoi novels...but only if the protagonist is very feminine looking...pls...kill...me...and this novel I created out from my mind...with my perverted mind...Im the worst human being ever...

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