Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 563

Chapter 563: Recreating the Dao

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“The Creator is half-human and half-snake… In reality, this means that she belongs to – the demons!”

Fang Yuan rode on his horse and started to think about the statue he saw in the temple. A wide grin appeared on his face. “This also means… In this generation, The Creator is not only the god of the humans but the leader of all demons!”

The influence of such a god would be too scary to imagine.

In fact, she could possibly be the strongest being in this realm!

“The Shang Empire is destined to fall, but its 500-year foundation is still nevertheless strong. Unless The Creator personally interferes, it is almost impossible to destroy the empire in such a short time…”

“This is the heavenly will!”

Fang Yuan was too clear about the limitations of the gods.

Since gods gain their powers from their followers, they had to conform to the rules of the realm. They would still be under the control of the heavens.

As soon as the heavens decide on the fate of the Shang Empire, The Creator would not hold back. Instead, she would be the one causing it, as seen from how the heavens could make use of her.

“Unless she becomes an ancient god, she would never stand a chance in opposing the heavens… Therefore, she will likely be the one to cause the downfall of the Shang Empire.”

Thinking about Prince Pan who had just left, Fang Yuan sighed.

The prince’s demeanour, humility and wisdom made him the perfect candidate to be king. If he were to be successful in taking the throne, the Shang Empire might stand a chance to survive.

Unfortunately for him, the heavens were strict!

“If I had persuaded him just now and decided to help him to become king, I’m afraid I will put myself at a risk. This is the heavenly will, his fate, and the trend of this realm…”

Fang Yuan sighed.

“Master, where are we going now?”

Hei Zhong rode a tall horse and the foxes curled up on his shoulders, making him seem as though he was wearing a silver scarf. Ge Nie was struggling to maintain his balance on his own horse as he gripped the horse’s fur tightly, afraid that he would fall.

“The western countries, naturally!”

Fang Yuan had planned to journey towards the Northwest all along. “The strong powers are at Shang and the West. Of course, we’ll have to go there to take a look!”

As a dream traverser, he had a huge advantage for having knowledge of all worlds he had visited before.

Even a sage such as The Ancient One could only vaguely sense the changes in the realm and predict the downfall of the Shang Empire. However, he could not possibly have any idea as to what would cause it.

However, Fang Yuan was different!

With the memories of Jie and the understanding of this realm, Fang Yuan could easily deduce the cause of everything.

“It’s a pity… I don’t have enough power! If I have a vast intelligence network, I will be able to transmit information quickly to find the likes of Jiang Ziya and Shen Gongbao…”

“Also… This realm does not seem to discriminate against dream elemental force. I can attempt to try out the new dream master technique and restore my cultivation…”

Fang Yuan whipped his horse and rode towards the horizon as his mind raced.

After a day, the sun finally set and the moon rose over the horizon.

Hei Zhong and Ge Nie pitched a tent near a river, caught a few sparrows and rabbits and prepared dinner for the 5 of them.

The two foxes hugged their drumstick and ate it to the bones. After dinner, they faced the moon, released their Yin spirits and started to cultivate the essence of the moon.

“The two of them are more hardworking than you!”

Heng Zhong lashed out at Ge Nie. “Nie, Master has told me that if your progress is not satisfactory, he will kick you out!”

“Yes senior!”

Ge Nie crossed his leg and sat on a rock. He started to absorb the essence of the moon and shivered coldly. A layer of frost settled on his hair.

However, he was a hardworking person. Even as his teeth chattered and his lips bled, he managed to attain the skill of absorption and entered a trance, his mind at peace.

“Master… look! I’ve been strict on him and he has finally made it!”

Hei Zhong reported to Fang Yuan, hoping to gain some credit for it.

“You even dare to tell me about it? He is just a newcomer but his progress is almost catching up to yours…” Fang Yuan glared at him. “If he overtakes you, you will get it from me…”

“Master, don’t worry!”

Hei Zhong shuddered in fear and quickly located an empty plot of land to begin his cultivation.

To him, the pain of cultivation was nothing compared to the torture which Fang Yuan could possibly give him.

With this threat, he obediently followed Fang Yuan’s instructions.

“Hmmm… The which I have created is considered complete!”

Looking at Hei Zhong and Ge Nie in their states of cultivation, Fang Yuan silently observed the flow of Yin Energy in their meridians and nodded his head.

This technique was indeed created for demons. After his adaptation, Fang Yuan managed to make it suitable for humans. Of course, it was still not perfect yet, but good enough.

Even for such a basic technique, Hei Zhong had to try many times before being able to use it to its full potential.

“Now, my will allow me to cultivate to a level equivalent to a 9th Tier spiritual knight… That’s the most it can do unless I am able to refer to the books the realm energy practitioners from this realm!”

To speak the truth, in Shangyi, Fang Yuan had gathered information regarding realm energy practitioners.

Unfortunately, these group of people were too mysterious. Furthermore, 500 years was too long for the average human but was merely a few generations for these realm energy practitioners. Therefore, the different cultivation levels of these realm energy practitioners were not well documented by humans. The most humans were able to gather were levels like the 3 Peak Flowers, the 5 Elemental Energy etcetera.

After all, reality was not a game. Records of these realm levels differ from each other. For instance, the most factual Yin Spirit could be casually explained in many different ways.

Fang Yuan could not be bothered to care about these minor details and named it as how he would usually refer to it as.

‘In this realm, there are many branches of people skilled in many different ways. The majority of powerful beings are as powerful as 9th Tier spiritual knights and 9th Meridian Wu Zongs. There might be one or two Grandmasters who are able to peer into the realm of the sages! The demons would surely know about this. That is why in the god dao, there is a powerful being, The Creator. The Creator is already more powerful than True Divines and True Elementals…’

Fang Yuan had a good grasp of the martial arts in The Ancient Realm.

“Based on my current cultivation level, I can do whatever I want… If I can restore my cultivation level to the point before the war at the Jade capital, I would almost be the most powerful being in the realm.”

Fang Yuan crossed his legs and appeared dazed as he connected with his actualised dream world.

His actualised dream world was rebuilt from the purest dream elemental force from the Demonic Heart Realm. Although it was merely a sea of purple, it was already as strong as a 3rd or 4th Tier Illusionary Divine stage dream master.

“The dream dao was initially dependant on a weak foundation as it absorbs dream elemental force. Now, my foundation is strengthened, but…”

After witnessing the source of original energy, Fang Yuan was no longer interested in the normal dream elemental force.

Unfortunately, at his current cultivation level, it was impossible for him to absorb and harness original energy.

Long periods of cultivation could only compress the original dream elemental force in his actualised dream world, resulting in a thick and viscous silver liquid which seemed as though it was on the brink of solidifying.

“Can I name this physical state as dream elemental crystal?”

Fang Yuan gazed at his own actualised dream world. It was a world made up of dream elemental crystals.

“It’s a pity… Such thick and concentrated dream elemental force is still nothing compared to original energy!”

A single drop of original energy would be enough to create an entire realm!

Even the purest form of dream elemental crystal would not be able to do it. These two entities were on completely different levels!

‘Original energy seems like a concept, an everlasting one that is able to continuously radiate lower forms of energy… I can never fully understand this as a dream master!’

Since he knew that he would not be able to fully understand it, Fang Yuan did not dare to remove the restriction he had on his Body Seal.

Otherwise, if the source energy were to explode, his true physical form and even his true soul would be disintegrated.

“The current plan is to continue on the purified dream dao before even attempting to harness original energy… However, even after that, original energy will still remain as a mystery…”

Fang Yuan was still unaware of the characteristics and traits of the purified dream dao simply by looking at its foundations.

He was equally clueless as to when he would be qualified enough to harness original energy.

However, he would never go wrong if he were to continue on his current cultivation.

With a single thought, numerous dream elemental crystals gathered together within his actualised dream world, forming the shape of a divine sword!

It was the Leaving Fire Sword!

As soon as the sword appeared, the actualised dream world shook and an illusionary shadow of a sword descended from above. The entire sword quickly formed and was a brilliant red.

“The imprint of the 8 Gates Sword Array is still in here. This makes it extremely simple to restore my cultivation…”

Fang Yuan heaved a sigh of relief as he sensed the familiarity of the Leaving Fire Sword. It was as though the sword had become more divine through the previous ordeal, and this even gave Fang Yuan some inspiration about the path after the 8 swords were completed.

“It’s a pity that I am no longer interested in this secret technique. Be it a dream soldier master, dream spells master or dream array master, the different professions only differ in how they make use of dream elemental force. Why should there be a distinction? The forming of these swords is a mere representation of my cultivation…”

Until now, Fang Yuan had already understood how the professions of dream masters did not matter.

Although he might be a dream soldier master on the surface, beneath him, he could still create countless spells with a single thought, or create arrays with a single thought.

“The dream dao consists of only one path… creation! Now, I shall change the name of the 8 Gates Sword Array. It is a physical entity created by my knowledge on sword arrays. I shall rename it as ‘Creation Sword Array!”

Fang Yuan’s eyes glistened.

With a single thought, his stats window started to change:

“Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 50 (100)

Spirit: 50 (100)

Magic: 50 (100)

Profession: Dream Master

Cultivation: Illusionary Divine Stage (1st Tier)

Technique: Ultimate Witch Body (90%), [Creation Sword Array (1st Sword (100%))]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 6)(Peak)], [Fiery Golden Eyes (Level 1)], [Body Seal (Ultimate form)]”