Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1345

Facing Zhang Tie’s frankness and brightness, Yan Feiqing finally lowered down her sharp eye light as she let out a long sigh. Closely after that, her voice turned a bit warmer, “This tower of time is unusual. Two people could cultivate inside at the same time. Therefore, if you could bear the long boring period inside the tower of time, you could go inside together with me…”

Zhang Tie would notcast greedy eyes on the tower of time; however, now that he could have such a rare chance, he would not let it go casually. Powerhouses would always be accompanied by stars and loneliness. It was definitely an unexpected chance for him to increase decades’ cultivation base only in dozens of days.

“Fine. As I’ve saved you and you brought me to this tower of time. We’re even…” Zhang Tie said, “But I wonder whether that heavenly demon knight would findthis place?”

“The space being connected to this underground crystal cave is limited. It might take it 3-5 years to find this place; however, as it’s in the holy war, it couldn’t leave the battlefield for so long. I guess it could only stay in the underground space for 7 days at most. If it couldn’t sense its spiritual target in 7 days, it would leave this underground space. Even if it finds this place in 7 days, we don’t need to be afraid of it because tower of time couldn’t even be destroyed by sage knights. Even if it stays outside this tower of time, it’s just waiting for death. As long as I promote to a heavenly knight, I would be able to kill that b*stard…” Yan Feiqing said icily.

“Hahaha, well, let’s go inside then!” Zhang Tie burst out into laughter as he looked at Yan Feiqing and asked, “Do you need help?”

Yan Feiqing shook her head decisively, “No need, you can go inside ahead of me!”

“Wait, I don’t know how long would I stay in this tower of time; I have to notice someone in advance; otherwise, if they couldn’t contact me for a few months, they might think that I’m in danger or something. That would not be good!”

Under the gaze of Yan Feiqing, Zhang Tie took out abunch of remote-sensing communications finger rings as he started to contact his elder brother, Mountain Lifting Hermit, Bai Suxian and Lu Yanyu respectively and told them that he was going to enter a closed cultivation and would not be in contact with the outside world for a couple of months. After finishing that, Zhang Tie put the bunch of finger rings back onto his neck once again before hiding them into hisunderclothes.

The bunch of finger rings was too eye-catching that no other human knights across Taixia country could carry so many remote-sensing finger rings like him. Therefore, Yan Feiqing couldn’t stand peering at his finger rings for a few seconds.

“Harrumph, you’re so busy…”

“I’m a man. You see. I have my wives, brothers, undertakings and families to care about!” Zhang Tie replied with a smile.

Yan Feiqing replied with a cold harrumph before resolutely entering the milky-white light that leaked out of the gate.

After being in meditation for half a second, ZhangTie followed her inside too.

After Zhang Tie entered the tower of time, the crystal gate automatically closed up slowly while those bizarre runes started to flow. Unless it was opened from inside, nobody else could open it from outside including sage knights.

Closely after the gate was closed, Zhang Tie had felt that he was immersed in rick energy of the pyramid. It was as rich as honey that Zhang Tie couldn’t stand taking a deep breath of the fresh air inside. From now on, Zhang Tie felt that his remote-sensing finger rings, portable space-teleportation equipment and Castle of Black Iron had been isolated by a powerful space-time strength and were not available anymore. That indicated the power of this tower of time.

Since they entered the magma sea, Zhang Tie and Yan Feiqing had not breathed yet.

The structure of this tower of time was similar to the one Zhang Tie visited last time. After passing the gate, they entered a long crystal tunnel which was covered with crystalstightly. The crystals were covered with bizarre glowing runes. People’s shadows could be seen on the surface of the crystals, making Zhang Tie feel like entering akaleidoscope.

However, this crystal tunnel was many times wider and larger than that Zhang Tie saw before. Additionally, Zhang Tie entered this one together with a woman.

Yan Feiqing was breathing heavily.The rich energy in the pyramid made herface look a bit better as if it was conducive to her wound.

As Yan Feiqing breathed heavily, Zhang Tie naturally moved his eyes onto her plump breasts under her white robe. Just now, Zhang Tie didn’t notice her figure carefully. At this time, he found that this woman’s figure could even match that of Guo Hongyi. However, this woman looked very aggressive. After being glanced by her, timid men would lose their courage at once. Few males might dare gaze at her body like Zhang Tie did. Even the grand elder of Heavens Fortune Sect washung and beaten by this woman in the peach wood when he was young, who else across Taixia Country dared stir her up?

“What are you looking at?” Yan Feiqing asked when she sensed that Zhang Tie was gazing at herundulating breasts and was irritated about his deed. When she glared at Zhang Tie icily, her hand moved habitually. However, she finally stopped that.

Watching Yan Feiqing’s hand movement, Zhang Tie hurriedly jumped off. ‘Damn, this woman is really tricky. If she was holding a sword just now, she had long-lashed out towards me. Thankfully, she has already put away her sword.’

“Ahem…ahem…ahh, nothing, nothing, I just wanted to confirm that you’re okay…” Zhang Tie said in a guilty manner.

Yan Feiqing glared at Zhang Tie once again before turning around and continuing to move forward. Zhang Tie didn’t act too presumptuous; instead, he just followed Yan Feiqing towards the end of the tunnel casually.According to the structure of this tower of time, the end of this tunnel should lead to the core area of this tower of time.

The two people’ssilvery footsteps reverberated around the bright crystal tunnel.

“May you tell me about the advanced profession?” Zhang Tie changed a topic as it would be too awkward if they remained silent at this moment.

“I don’t know…” Yan Feiqing opened her mouth icily without even looking at Zhang Tie.

However, her voice sounded a bit trembling which was a bit strange. The closer Yan Feiqing was to the end of this tunnel, the moremood fluctuations would she have as if there was something over there. Although Yan Feiqing tried her best to calm down, the trivial change in the frequency and strength of her footsteps evidently manifested that she was struggling inside.

After a few minutes, Zhang Tie finally understood what this woman was struggling for inside.

After passing by that crystal tunnel which was filled with milky-white energy, Zhang Tie saw two corpses at the end of the tunnel.

Honestly, Zhang Tie was really startled by the two corpses. He had not imagined seeing corpses in the tower of time.

Due to the rich energy inside the tower of time, the corpses remained as fresh as before.

One corpse was over 100 m long. It was a crocodile-like monster thatZhang Tie had never seen before. It seemed that this monster was a prehistoric mutated species. It was covered with bloody scales with a grim look. Its head was equal to the size of a locomotive.Each scale on its body was as large as people’s palm…

The tunnel was scattered with its scales and golden blood stains. Strangely, the blood stains seemingly had just dried up although this corpse might have already lain here for many years.

There were also many wounds with different depths on this monster’s corpse. A longsword was inserted onto its head, splitting off its head into two halves.

Together with this dead monster was a Hua male’s corpse which was hung over a steel-saber like the sharp front claw of that monster. The two sharp front claws of the monster directly split open the male’s body from his neck to his abdomen with one of that man’s legs in its mouth.

At the sight of this scene, anyone would imagine about a life or death fight between this man and this prehistoric monster which appeared in the tower of time out of no reason. The result of this fight was that both of them died.

Zhang Tie didn’t know what that prehistoric monster was thinking about before death; however, given the male corpse, besides being full of pain, he also looked a bitconfusedand hateful while he was looking at the entrance of the tower of time with one hand reaching towards that place as if he was going to catch something…

Now that they could enter this place, undoubtedly, that male who died together with that monster was a knight. Additionally, as that male’s corpse was well preserved, Zhang Tie found that that male was handsome with sword-shaped eyebrows and shiny eyes. If this guy was alive, he would definitely be very eye-catching wherever he was. Pitifully, this guy had already been dead in a poor way.

There was a finger ring on the hand of the male corpse which reached towards the entrance of the tower of time. At the sight of it, Zhang Tie had known that it was a space-teleportation finger ring.

Zhang Tie didn’t know about the identity of this guy. However, in the principle of being frugal,Zhang Tie was going to take off the finger ring from the male corpse. However, Yan Feiqing screamed abnormally…

“Don’t touch his belongings…”

Zhang Tie turned around with a dumbfounded look as he found that Yan Feiqing was watching this corpse with disordered qi and undulating breasts as well as a complex look while clenching her fists tightly, causing her fingers to be as white as her face…


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