Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 1chapter 70

Volume 1 Chapter 70 Part Files

The matter between Qin Yu and his son was brought home that night. Qin Yu's overbearing aura and strange smile from time to time would have made Su Ci Yi goosebumps. She reluctantly look at the child worrying if he'll be alright since his father is pissed off to him.

But then again, she was just only an outsider. Qin Yu knew the best for his child


Huan Clan's Villa

A doctor was fully scrutinizing the hospital machine and syringe hook to the old man. He had just made a lot of re-examination, analysis and come up to his final findings.

The old master's health deterioration had come to worse. The medical supplies could not any more prolong his life but only added to his suffering. He could tell that it will be months until he finally gone.

Huan Ro still couldn't believe it. His old man was still strong last year. In just passing of a year, he had been reduce to this?

Life is usually mysterious and unknown.

One moment you're alive and then you've been dead in a fleet of a time.


11:55 PM

Huan Ro had woken again that night and at the same time. Every time he look up to his grandfather's room he could always spot a dark shadow leaning beneath the old man. As soon as he took a closer look. It's as if it was just an illusion. All disappeared within an instant.

Xiang Mo Mo hasn't said anything weird happening, so he assumed that his eyes must be playing trick with him. Due to the hectic business affairs lately he had been sleep deprive and exhausted.

The doctor declared his grandfather's lifespan would only be for 2 months, if miracle won't happen his grandfather will be lost forever. Trap within the darkness of misery and life and death, he never failed to inform a certain someone.

Huan Ro pulled his phone and texted. [Grandpa's dying. Aren't you going to show your face for the last time?] No matter how they had an enmity with each other but since things are going to worst, he had no choice. If it's for the old man, he can forget anything about his feuds.

As soon as he settle his message, he didn't wait for a reply. He went to the old's Huan's side and guarded him until the wake of dawn.


Su Ci Yi's phone vibrated but only ended on that. The owner that had been texted was already gone under the prime darkness of the night. She swept over the clouds and her dust cast a dark shadow among the pines trees and streetlights.

Her speed is fast, yet cautious not to make any commotion. Though she only leave a note on her bed confirming her night escapade again.

Alone in the darkness, crossing the crossroads under illuminating greenlights. Jumping over a mandarin style roofs and sliding within the tiny spaces of alleyway to avoid public suspicion.

The lists Qin Yu handed is concise and clear. The details of 5 people who bought the oil-based scented rose perfume can be vividly trace back on those files he gave.


The first woman was named Mui Mao. Working as an assistant in a fashion department. The woman was always working overtime and would be home a little late in the evening.

Su Ci Yi need only to confirm if she had a faints scent of the dark mist.

Since the woman's house near on her current spot, she didn't hesitate to visit her.

Upon arriving, the door was leave opened and a toddler of three year old is peaking over the gap in between.

It was night and it seems the child was curious on the outside.

Su Ci Yi stepped in, open wide the door and immediately snuff the bottle of perfume. Sure enough it was one in the possession of a woman. Scrutinizing the lingering dark mist on the surrounding, she failed to extort one.

Pacing back and forth. The child only look at her. Her doe like eyes was sparkling like a sapphire gemstone. Moist and bleaking.

Lonesome kid in the middle of the night? Who's ignorant would leave a child alone on their house?

Su Ci Yi's been the likes to be smitten with cute things. While the child was looking at her with curiosity, she could not help but to spread her arms and lifted her. It was just a reflex! She had been used being with Qin Tao and Qin Tao's embrace!

She touch the child's body and would have had to lift her but Su Ci Yi saw how the child's face crumpled and twisted into a sour face.

When Su Ci Yi lifted her up, there was a loud *wahhhhhhhhh! Sound. Followed by twisting against her grasp.

Da*nm, she thought her adversity with kids had ended since Qin Tao was always sticking to her! But it seems that Qin Tao's the only exception. Regular kids would always felt afraid in her presence.

Su Ci Yi squatted in front of a child and patiently waited until she stop crying.

The whole house echoed from the wailing of the child.

Su Ci Yi could sense that there's a faint breath of another person. It must be the one who takes care of the child. Her report stated that woman would always be late going home therefore she hire a caretaker to look after her kid.

But such clumsy and stupid helper shouldn't be hired. She left the kid alone here in the open!

"Are you tire of crying now?" Su Ci Yi talk to her, as if she made any senses talking with her. She already gave up holding her. In a sense that she would make the whole neighborhood awake by this child trumpet like cry.

The kid seems to be exhausted, stop crying and curled on the floor mat.

Su Ci Yi snappily went out of the house, but as soon as she stepped out of the door there was another set of wailing.

What now!

She hadn't made three steps outside when and then she looked back.

The next time she went out, there was an extra baggage on her back.

Su Ci Yi flew into the high air with speed unknown to the eye. Her back wrapped a 3 year old child, swinging her arms and now giggling. Funny to think that she had been crying severely like she had been dumped by her boyfriend and now in good spirits.

Su Ci Yi had no other choice but to get her back to her mom and since she would be going there anyway, she'll drop her by.

Nevertheless, its better bringing her than to leave her alone in the middle of the lone night.

The kid flinging her arms propped out her face and with a gurgle sound, her drool flow endlessly down the cloth on her back. Su Ci Yi's back wetted with spittle in milk scent.


At Studio Pix is a large reputable company that handles 1st rate fashion models in the country. That studio was located on the middle floors of the tallest building own by the imperialistic Qin Corporation.

Though the rent was far more expensive but the location and prestige it could get cannot compare to any majestic building in the country. The president of such company came from the Qin Bloodline and would have been entailed that part of this building really belong to him.

Tonight, a rehearsal is scheduled and a lists of candidates who will be participating in the upcoming runaway competition outside the country are on the venue. The stage is almost covered in unique decorations and unparagoned designs of ethnic and tribal garments. The theme is about amazon.

A tall woman in lanky stature is sitting in a Mexican style coach in the middle while her assistant is doing the retouching on her face. When she felt that the make-up is not on par to her liking, she scrunches her eyebrow and ridicule in a bold voice enough to hear by everyone inside the room, "How long do you work here? Aren't you already used to my usual powder. I don't use stuffs like these and even your contouring is amateurish. Do you still want to work on this company?"

Su Ci Yi knew this woman. She's the crazy like hot tempered woman who likes to find fault on other people and non-other than Shui Zi. The female goddess of the modelling world.

The one whom she had been together in the supposed to be horror house doc.u.mentation and would have been the first human ingredient in the soup of Ming Su.

Su Ci Yi turn and saw that the one Shui Zi ridiculing, is this child's mother.

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