Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 1chapter 71

Volume 1 Chapter 71 Part Files

Shui Zi even got irritated especially this night. She specifically sent a message to Ling Mo an invitation to watch her tonight since this will be her last night and tomorrow morning she will be flying to x country for the competition.

Fury arose and the temper she had been keeping flared up on the small little mistakes her employees commit. Not even a single person escape the tantamount and harsh ridicule she had been spouting.

Shui Zi is the only daughter of a hit maker film director. The sole heir to the enormous Shui Clan. Almost all men flaunt on her beauty. Liang Mo, only this man like to keep chase. Shui Zi know it but in no time he will be head over heels to him.

No one can be able to resist her charm and power.

The night was beginning to become busy, as the stage begun to lit up in myriads of jadeite like lightings. Su Ci Yi kind to admit, lights on this world is not comparable on the light gas and flowing lamp on her Sect back then.

Even the towering buildings of this world is incomparable to the tall houses and mansion she had been living with her Senior Brother.

Shui Zi in her 5 inches pointed diamond heels and leather like fitted clothes she pace through the long stage in poise and charisma. Posing a twirl and swings her h.i.p.s which fairly seen as a seduction among men, standing below.

She had been doing this signature post until a month and preparing for this event just to show Ling Mo. However the man was not here, only a few bald men in burly body. Shui Zi disgust them a lot.

A soon as she return to the back stage, the woman run through in full speed weighing on her hands, the next batch of clothes. Shui Zi only stood there feeling lazy while allowing the woman to change her clothes. However, there was a small collision that she accidentally prick Shui Zi's arm by a metal strap that was hanging on Shu Zi's clothes upon taking off.

The white skin rimmed in pinkish glow as a small strip of blood gushed out on it. Shui Zi is not fond of having wounds. In her whole life, perhaps she didn't receive one. Tonight is her very first. And it totally sting on her part.

"I'mm sorry"

Su Ci Yi saw as the child's mother run in panic, rummage a medicinal kit and run back to Shui Zi. But as soon as she approach her, the woman flair and violently grabbed the medicinal kit and throw back to her!

The woman wasn't able to dodge and hit over her face.

The flesh became swollen and even her right eye was hit on the occurrence of the action.

"Now we are even!" Shui Zi's eyes glared.

Su Ci Yi tap the child on her back. However, being a toddler she doesn't seem to be interested on the things going on here and was playfully playing her hair and doing *hihihi sound whenever the strand would flow.

Going back, she saw Shui Zi even flared up, like a mad woman. She thought the fire would even go out of her mouth out of anger.

Now a group of staffs nearby, entered the situation as they would stop Shui Zi to attack the woman again.

Things got even worse, when the one being scolded loudly was this child mother by the head of the department.

It was so obvious that people here salute the mighty and powerful clan Shui that would not dare to go against them.

The woman was release and was sent back home.

Her head stoop low as she made her way among the crowd of gathering people.

As soon as she walk out of the door, Su Ci Yi flash in front of her scaring the wits and she stumble a few step backwards. Su Ci Yi immediately caught her up and push her back. "W-who are you?"

Su Ci Yi answered her presenting the child within her back and putting her on the woman's arms. The woman was confused, how was her child

"She was left alone inside. No one was there"

The Mui Mao's eyes flash in disbelief, can't believe her, "No way, there was supposed to be a maid there"

Su Ci Yi, "Well, you gotta need to re-evaluate your employee again. Go back now, this is not your night. Spend time with your kid than those hoodlums earlier. She needs you more than them."

Mui Mao's eye rim in tears.

Su Ci Yi thought that these two where a mother and a child! They were all crybabies! She didn't bully her okay!

"I'm sorry my husband had been dead since a year ago and I'm the only one working for this child. I though I'd hire a capable caretaker for her, but it saddens me that I am wrong on that. I'll find another one again tomorrowby the way what did you do inside my house? Aren't you a thief?" When saying that Mui Mao felt like she had been struck with a sudden fear inside. This woman had just come from nowhere and bringing her child.

What else did she do?

Su Ci Yi huffed in disagreement, "I just went to find something, don't worry I didn't do anything to your house. I didn't set it in fire so you still have a place to live tomorrow nor stole your valuable vault that held your jewelries. You still had treasure within you home. Now that I had stated my business, I don't need to dawdle here" Su Ci Yi said in sarcastic and casual tone.

"Wait, where are you from? I will drop you in if you're from this neighborhood" Mui Mao sense that she was telling the truth and let go of her worries.

"No need"


The fashion rehearsal was resume. The lights went flickering in different colors. The stage is litter with pure passion of nature. Leaf and flower petals scatter on the ground.

As soon as Shui Zi entered the stage, she possess an aura of a goddess. As if the incident earlier never occur. Her h.i.p.s sway, her long fair legs are visible making it as her most prominent asset.

She reach the end of the stadium and would have had to pose her signature twirl when the pointed heels she was wearing flick out of its socket, rendering her stature unbalance and she twirl in embarrassing fall. The current management staff sitting in front went in shocks. Witness their model slump on the ground hardly. Shui Zi's fall was strong that she felt her toes broke from the fall. Not just she was feeling it, she definitely heard a loud bone cracking sound before she made a fall!

Shui Zi curled up in embarrassment. This event had invited a lot of journalist and reporter all over the country.

This is going to be a big scandal by tomorrow morning!

On the crowd, Su Ci Yi flick another finger of hers, the dangling beautiful clothes on Shui Zi's body falls off, rendering her n.a.k.e.d front of the crowd!

The flawless skin flash right before their eyes, the ugly birthmark Shui Zi had been hiding all these time on her back was seen by everyone!

Su Ci Yi curled into a satisfied smile.

The culprit she was looking is not here. Shui Zi is another profile who bought that scented perfume. There was no mist and even malicious energy lurking on this place, only a conscious malicious soul needed to deliver her retribution.

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