Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 1

Volume 1 Chapter 1 Past Life Present Life

Qing Ling Sect Sacred Ground

"Senior brother Lu Feng! Please live I will find the cure for this poison" That night was raining hard. A young woman was kneeling in front of a half-dead person. She was drench in blood and sweat. She was shivering from the cold yet she didn't budge over it. The most important thing was the person covered in severe wound and half dying.

The pale man tried to reach out his hand towards the woman's delicate face. "Ci Yi, live on. You still got the future ahead of you. If you stay they will kill you also"

Warn the man. His hands now are turning into cold. His breathing begun to slow.

"Brother Lu Feng no! I will not leave you"

After affirming her resolve, Ci Yi transfers her remaining qi energy towards the man. Then she looks around and found a small hole. Covering in bushes, Ci Yi hides the man's body and step up alone in the night.

The man looks at her unwillingly. Tears flow on his face. "Ci Yi, don't do this. You need to live"

"Brother Lu Feng, all this time I dedicated my life to you. I owe you this one. Thank you for everything"

Thunder strikes on the dark night.

Along with the silent footsteps of a group of people.

Ci Yi stood alone said "Come at me with all you're might. Let's take this battle end this time"





Su Ci Yi, woken up from an excruciating pain on her head. Moving her eyelids up, she couldn't get used to the sunlight shining in front of her face.

She adjusted her face and slowly opened her eyes.

All she could see was pure white and there was a strange sound coming from a machine she didn't know. Trying to move her body, she mince in pain upon sensing it's still not okay. Sure enough, her last battle was intense last night.

Four people ganged on her. She could sense that they were already on their latent core formation. Yet, she is ahead of them. She already reach the nascent soul stage of cultivation. She was more skilled that them.

However, no matter how skilled she is, she is only one fighting. The poison in her body was acting rapidly and almost her qi energy where transferred to Lu Feng.

She didn't know how she died.

All she knew was she dead. But what was in this situation! Clearly, she wasn't in heaven aren't she? Seeing that she woke up, a young woman immediately came to her tearing. "Ci Yi! You've woken up! I don't know what to do if you didn't"

Ci Yi looked at her in confusion. She is so sure that she didn't knew her at all. She didn't know any woman with this kind of weird get up. Her long legs was exposed and b.r.e.a.s.t area that should be kept where shown drastically.

"Ci Yi?"

Ci Yi was just only observing these woman's reaction. And it seems that she's familiar with her.

"Water." Ci Yi pretended to be weak yet she knows that she is already fully recovered.

The woman runs in panic outside and after a few moments she came in together with a person in white clothes. The woman handed her a glasses of warm water. Ci Yi took drank it all and said her thanks.

Then she pretended to lie down. She was keeping all this time yet her mind was full of chaotic question mark. She needed time to think carefully what was happening.

"Ci Yi?"

What! What! What!

Ci Yi was trying to be less conspicuous and trying blend in this situation. Acting out of character would lead to make them suspicious of her. Surely, they wouldn't find her actions strange right?

"Doctor! Something's wrong with Ci Yi! Come quick"

[What the heck]

Ci Yi who has been lying calmly abruptly sit up and look at the woman in frantic. Without prior notice, she drag the person in white towards her.

"Ci Yi is acting normal doctor. Ci Yi has never been like this before! She didn't throw the glass on me again. Much worse Ci Yi's being polite now! Doctor please do something?!"

Ci Yi who has been listening all this time could not help but drop her jaw.

Surely, they weren't talking about her right?

The one called doctor came to her, but while doing so he was vigilant of her. He slowly tiptoed towards her then extends his hand holding the flashlight. Then in slow motion pried open her two eyes. She didn't know what was happening but she still continued to be calm.

Doctor, "It seems that her eyes are functioning well. Strange. I thought she became blind seeing she's not throwing things at people lately... We will examine her again"

CI Yi "" Is it normal for her to do strange things!

Woman, "Just do anything you can do within your power, I leave my sister's life to you. Though CI Yi is crazy but she is still Ci Yi. If she's not, then somethings wrong with her!"

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