Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 10

Volume 1 Chapter 10 Qin Tao's Master

After finishing his task, Qin Tao clumsily ask for his father's pen and paper. Then he wrote something which Qin Yu become curious and look at it.

His note says like this,

"Qin Tao : Master, I have finished what you have order to me. Daddy came and I will come back with him. I will again be back tomorrow.

Sincerely, your outstanding student."

Qin Tao even make a smiley at the end of the letter. Then he slowly tiptoe over the bedside and put the notes on the table.

Then he went out together to him.


Time went by and it's been a month since Su Ci Yi's soul fused into this body. Little by little, she was able to grasp the technical know hows of this world. Just like using a laptop and her phone. It was convenient to use it, since she has been using this to search for various cultivation techniques and manuals. It was also the time where Su Ci Ming, accompany her to walk out of the hospital. It was already advised by his private doctor that she could be discharge. It was Su Ci Yi's choice to stay there for the meantime.

Considering her situation, it's still not the best time for her mingle with these owners family. The only person she was familiar with is Su Ming.

Qin Tao was also visiting her every single day, without alteration. The kid seems to become more lively and energetic than ever before. As compensation, she was teaching him how to cultivate. The kid has no spiritual roots, therefore there's no way the he could become like her. However, as she was reading different potential energies on a human, it seems that there's something called "Chakra. " This energy has been stabilized within the human body. It only needs to awaken through different techniques. She was still searching for the best method for this kid's body but fore the meantime, he needs to purify his soul first. That enters the process of serious meditation.

The body needs to be purify out of the materialistic taught and heavy burdens. The soul needs to be in total tranquility and that is only achieve through meditation.

Once in a while, she teaches this kids the arts of it.



That day also, Su Ming invited her for a shopping.

Going out once in a while was also approved by her doctor. As long as there would be someone that would company her. Going alone was prohibit for her as of the moment. This is in any case she went wild again and no one would be dealing with her.

This was Su Ci Yi's first shopping and she was looking forward for the awesome discoveries she will make.

Su Ci Yi was wearing just a plain white dress with floral design. Her long black hair that contradict to the one she's wearing was flowing straight down on her back. She only wears a flat havanna sandal and a pair of glasses on her face. It was just simple and Su Ci Yi likes the design.

She has never wear something so thin and not heavy like these. Back there, they have standard robe to dress everyday. There was no difference from what women and men where wearing.

Only p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.es wears this kind of revealing dress.

If his Senior Brother would see her right now, she really think that she will scold her non strop.

Yes his senior brother A soft and gentle smile appear on her thin lips.

Su Ming just happen to catch that smile and she became glad deep in her heart.

If Su Ci Yi was happy going out, then she will do this often for her.

First stop, they went to a Japanese restaurant. Su Ci Yi likes the food being serve there specially the sushi they were serving. She even made a few plates of it. Qin Tao also came with them despite of his rejection. It was Su Min who invited him. Although what she only knew about Qin Tao was that, he is a relative of one of the hospital's patient also.

After eating, the three went for a movie. It was a typical romance novel. Yet Su Ci Yi fell asleep in the middle to be only awaken by Qin Tao when the movie ended.

After watching a movie, Su Ming brought her to the beauty salon. The two went for skin massage and skin care. Qin tao was left outside. The kid patiently waited. His Master said to be obedient and thus he needed to comply.

Qin Tao was only 7 years old. With his slight chubby appearance and cute face, people can't help it but to stare.

Su Ci Yi was having the great part of her life. It took than 2 hours on the salon and decided to buy clothes and fashion jewelries.

However, Su Ming receive an abrupt call from the company so she let Su Ci Yi go first. But before doing so, she look at the child beside her.

"You know where the department store right?" Su Ming ask the child.

"I know!" Qin Tao energetically replied. Being together with her master is a good opportunity!

"Okay then, I'll leave her to you" Su Ming patted the kid's head as she look reluctantly towards Su Ci Yi's direction. Su CI Yi know what her means and reassured her "You don't need to be worried. Take that call immediately. That must be important. I won't cause trouble here"

"All right! I'll just follow you two after I settle this!" Su Ming then wave her good bye and disappear on their side.

Qin Tao and Su Ci Yi headed to the elevator, the department store was located atop where they are now and they needed to access the elevator to go up.

The two took a step, press open the button. The elevator's door open and she saw a familiar young man in her memory. He was also surprise bumping into her.

Su Ci Yi was frozen for a moment. The continuous flow of this person's memories to her was too much that she stagger going inside.

Huang Ro has tall physique. A deep almond eyes and sword-like eyebrows. One could also say that he is good looking. But Su Ci Yi always saw this kind of beauty everywhere. If she's not mistaken, this kind would be the one that suit a queen's bed chamber. The number of gigolos a queen collects where all rare beauties that she could control.

The person in front of her exude these kind of beauty.

"Pfft" How foolish this original body to have feelings on this kind of appearance? Seriously. Such a good looking boy toy?

"Have you been cured now?" Huan Ro was the first one to break the total awkwardness inside the elevator room.

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