Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 100

Volume 1 Chapter 100 Just A Coincidence

Huan Ro's jaw dropped on this revelation of hers. Su Ci Yi nonchalantly declared the child beside him was hers. Right at this current moment, he was impressed by how possible everything at this era and time.

Qin Tao's eyes gleam hearing this and his mood brighten. He sip the remaining lemon juice on his glass, clean and without a single drop remain.

It came to the final time of this talk. Huan Ro with the intention of seeking help on Su Ci Yi, spoke in his ambivalent voice. Right now, this woman was her only salvation in finding Xiang MoMo. The man who took her might have an insidious agenda towards her and MoMo might not be in good state right this moment. She might be cowering in fear, alone in a dark cramp room.

Su Ci Yi weighted her decision. The point of finding her or not was not the main concern here. It was the purpose of the man who took her.

"Let the fate decide. Sooner or later, he will show up again." This was her answer. She doesn't want to give false hope to him, she can't promise him anything. But it'll be a total bummer if she decline it since this case was plaque with enigmatic sensation. She'll just go along and play the tune when the right time come.

Qin Tao on the other hand, was now beginning to get agitated. His master had been talking to the man for almost an hour about the bead, this MoMo girl and a person. He twisted his butt in order not to get numb for oversitting.

AwieeeeeMaster, Qin Tao wanted to go home now!

Qin Tao doesn't dare to say what was in his mind. Master might get irritated to him and won't let him sleep on her bed tonight. Qin Tao doesn't want to sleep alone during the night anymore!

Then like any model disciple, Qin Tao practice the arts of inner meditation and absolute self-control of his own mood on the situation. His master said that those who surpassed the level of the ordinary human are those that dedicated and have a strong self-discipline to oneself. Qin Tao will exercised these things!


Fate was a cruel joker. No one could predict what was undergoing on this wheel of coincidence. No one knew the formula of this events. The flow of time and encounters was already predestined. The people are just it's poor players.

Just beside Su Ci Yi's rented room, another all-time low profile elite person was occupying their. One was an old man in grizzled hair and traditional wear. While the other was wearing a unique black cloak and had a piercing on his left ear. If they would be on the public, this duo will send an eccentric vibe on the onlookers. Good thing they were occupying a reserve room on the second room.

Qin Yulin looked at the man in front who devoured all the ordered menu for himself and ate like there was no tomorrow. A bowl of meaty soup was gulp in just one try and the ice soda was drank in one go.

"Are you that hungry?" He inquired sarcastically.

The man didn't respond until he had gobbled all his food inside his bulging stomach.

"H-h-ungry. Not. eat like t-this before." He replied in a broken language.

"You will have these in your lifetime, if only you will accomplish your mission. So you better hurry and take care of it."

The man nodded. But thinking it will not be an easy feat.

He looked at the grey haired old man. Even if he doesn't want to do this, he needed to. Or else his precious treasures will be gone. This man promised that he will find a cure to his tribesmen wide spread plaque. If not for his initial deposit of money, he couldn't afford to treat his tribe's deceases. The money was immediately dispense to a prestigious doctor offered them weird capsule and medication. It was only then that the plaque's advancement was reduce.

He came from the distant land, across the vast ocean and passed the mountain range. Because of the tragic circ.u.mstances they are undergoing, he decided to explore outside the boundary of their grasslands. It was then he discovered another civilization which had a more advance socio-cultural development. He just met this man out of pure coincidence.

Going back to the reality

He felt this Qin Yu was hard to trace up. He tried to follow his car when he spot him on the national road, but sooner lost him.

The man's bodyguard was more troublesome than him. There was a tingling sensation and thrilling urgency on his part knowing this kind of person. One of his discovery on this society was that the people here are weak in physical aspect. Only a handful possess an indescribable strength.

Thinking the killing aura this person exhibited against him and the massive essence of energies on his astral body was worth to take note. Therefore, he was eager and look forward on the day he will fight him.

"But of course" Qin Yulin broke the trail of thoughts of the man. "if you fail to execute it in no time. I'll immediately pull out my charity on those tribesmen of yours. Remember your mission and give me nice news."

The man look at him in disgust. His chest quivered in hatred. If he was not tempering himself, he would hack him down this moment. Killing was not a mortal taboo on him and his men. "Don't worry, I'll definitely fulfill your wish."


Su Ci Yi stared at the small face that appeared on the crystal clear mirror of the woman's comfort room. She felt comfortable after sprinkling some water over her face and closed the tap.

Since the comfort room on the second floor was broken and was under renovation, she needed to go down to the first floor passing several rooms and ordinary tables laid on the center of the restaurant.

Her pace was normal but her eyes where attentive.

As soon as she sighted a habitual thief, her usual aloof demeanor undergone a rapid turnover.

A thin man who wears an oversize jacket and a black mask skillfully slid his right hand on the branded bag of a woman on his side. The woman was immerse chatting to the person in front and unaware of her predicament. The thin man saw her looking at him and he tried to flee along with the woman's wallet. Su Ci Yi was quick to let her foot stuck out and the man loose her balance.

The latter stumbled on the ground and look at her indignantly. Soon, he took off a small knife behind him as he directly pounce at her. Su Ci Yi readied his stance to receive the man, but an external force burst in and break his wrist holding the weaponry.

The person gasped in agony as he tumble on the ground.

She thought it was over. But the boy was even possessing a hidden dagger on his shorts and wave it towards Su Ci Yi but the calm man chop the boy's arm holding the dangerous weapon nonchalantly.

Su Ci Yi: ""

There came the big crowd gathering.

Su Ci Yi came near the man and picked the wallet that had stolen earlier. The crowd gasp as soon as they realize what was happening and started to antagonize the thief.

The customer gave her never ending gratitude and heartfelt thanks to her but Su Ci Yi directed it to the tall build man who really made all the actions earlier.

Su Ci Yi approach him while scrutinizing his appearance. The tall built man, definitely the same height as Qin Yu was wearing a tight fitted clover-green shirt.

His mouth was tightly shut despite the praises he got from the bystanders and also from the victim. As if he didn't really care.

"Quite a powerful agility there huh?" It was Su Ci Yi who made the first conversation.

That man didn't saw when Su Ci Yi struck the first move. That was why his impression of her was that of ordinary. Mundane things and no affinity? Nah, he was never interested.

The man nodded and left the scene.

Oh, well. He's definitely not a people person. Su Ci Yi thought.

As soon he went back to the private room that person wearing a grey fitted dress, pulled his long black cloak and wore it. He only took this cloak of him whenever he went to a place where there was a strong mass of people.

"What took you so long?"

Qin Yulin inquired upon seeing his long disappearance.

"Need to deal with some stuff." He replied while closing his eyes for meditation.


When Su Ci Yi got outside the resto, it was already getting dark. As soon as she decided to take a cab back home, a blinding light flickered on their direction.

Then the shadow of a tall man came down.

Qin Yu came just to fetch his child and her woman who was snatch away by some ugly gorilla.

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