Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 101

Volume 1 Chapter 101 Mysteries And Daily Life

During the days of her stay, Su Ci Yi would always follow and tag along when Su Ming went to the office every morning. Whenever she felt bored inside the company then she'll just go home and cultivate on the abandoned balcony of the villa. Although she can conclude from the surroundings that the amount of spiritual particles where clearly limited and impure.

She was still on her level two soul foundation stage but her physical speed and agility dramatically improved. Now, moving abruptly according to her will wasn't an issue anymore. In the past, her back and neck would always throb after a long intense battle but now that pain was gone.

Qin YuSong Mao, that guy seemed to be adapting well to his current odd jobs. He was still their dedicated chef, a house boy, and a sweet-talker driver. In no time, he was able to get the assurance and sympathy of the people inside the villa.

Su Ci Yi also gave Qin Tao a special tasked of meditating until he could foretell the different auras of people that surrounded him. In no time, she will give him a mock test that will examine his new base strength.

The sun was scorching hot the moment they walk down the car. Beside the sidewalk, the presence of meager people loitering the pathway and offering their varied products. There were a few stalls on the sideroad which was considerably illegal however, the tenants are an athletic group of people that would run in top speed seeing an oncoming police car.

"Do you want to see your fate?" Beside the road, a hunchback old woman was sitting. Her blaring red cape was too blinding to the eyesight. She was squatting on the ground and displaying her rusty collections. Her white hair was glistening in pure white because of old age.

Su Ming took her chance and look at the old lady.

"Grandma, the authority will catch you if you stay here? Don't you have anywhere to stay?" She said as she bent down to inquire. Seeing her languid movement, she doubted if she can run away whenever a commotion would take place.

"Do you want your see your fate?" She repeated again.

Su Ci Yi stopped and walk beside Su Ming as she scrutinized the old woman's collection. The lady's bizarre collection composed of some counterfeited gemstone, broken miniature ceramic display, a few pieces of old notes and disfigured mannequins. It cannot be called a good product and fall on the category of rejected goods.

"Do you want to see your fate?" For the third time, the old woman called to them.

Su Ming was acting as if she was interested. She pushed her fuchsia-colored pouch towards Su Ci Yi, then squatted down and offered the palm of her hand. But it was Su Ci Yi's hand whom she snatched and trail the intertwining lines within her hands.

Rubbing the front of her hand, the old woman narrowed her eyes wide. Looked at Su Ci Yi as sweat drip down on her forehead. She gestured for her to come and whispered in a crude manner.

"You have your birth star destroyed. Possess the well-sought phoenix stone. The weight of your sin has no pardon bearing the pandemonium of lossretribution, the he"

The old woman wasn't able to finish her sentence. There's nothing wrong with her at the last minute but now she seemed can't speak? She tried to utter a few words but nothing came.

Su Ci Yi's face flushed in disappointment. What was she trying to say in the end?


The old woman regained her composure and continued, "I can't say everything to you..." She spoke in front of Su Ci Yi that even Su Ming and Qin Yu heard it now. "Go to the west, where the luscious greenery is thick and the moon was their deity. They won't allow me to talk to you and will do anything to stop me uhgh"

The old woman trembled. Su Ci Yi was horrified seeing her eyes rolled upwards. The white part was the only one visible followed by a loud thud on the ground.

Su Ming was dumbfounded.

Su Ci Yi was also stunned.

But soon the old woman gained her consciousness. It was only for a split second that happened. As if what they saw was an illusion.

She would have delivered her to the nearest clinic for a check-up but since she woke up, guess there's no need for an emergency. But still, an oldie like this should not loiter the street. Qin Yu's initiative was to call for the social welfare office and turn her over the agency. That department will have to take responsibility and find the relative of this person.

It was only this time that the Su Sisters were able to proceed office. Qin Yu was following behind.

Su Ci Yi only assisted Su Ming in reports that don't require a high level of intellectual analysis

. Su Ming was so busy taking care of some international call that was indorsed to her, pacing back and forth from the president's office.

Right at this moment, Su Ming went out again. Su Ci Yi was stamping some doc.u.ments. She doesn't know how many papers she had already stamp that she felt her neck stiffed.

"Milady, try to relax a little while. Over straining won't work and will only hinder your performance." Qin Yu offered lukewarm water and place it right in front of her.

Then he put a soft small pillow behind Su Ci Yi's back to relax her body while taking a break.

Su Ci Yi thought she was not office material. She was imagining herself, doing this kind of thing all day and would only have a chance to go home in the evening. She'll definitely get bored with this place. She admired Su Ming who was doing all her way dedicated on this company.

Sooner, feeling tired she leaned her back on the pillow that the man prepared.

After closing her eyes, she felt someone touch her temple. The temperature of the hand was warm and gentle, massaging her burgeoning headache.


Su Ming just came back to her office.

But as she would turn the doorknob, she heard a suspicious soft m.o.a.ning from the inside. Su Ming bit her upper lips. She even snooped her ears near the door in order to determine if her intuition was right or wrong.

"Ahhhhh that felt good. Never thought you are good on this."

A man's soft chuckle vibrated, "Should I do this every night so that you will have a goodnight rest?"

The woman grumbled, she didn't hear what she say, but soon heard a very light and low tone, "Ahh ahh ahhh, that hit the mark. It felt so good~"

Su Ming's face blush as a series of indescribable holographic immoral scenes flashed across her mind. Dang! Next time, she would warn her sister that office romance and intimate relationship was not allowed on this company! No dating even allowed on the inside for there will be a lot of single dogs out there who will die out of jealousy! Su Ming was one of them!

"Ahhhh~ You're expert on this. Can't you be a little rougher?"

"Milady would like me to push harder? Then pardon my insolence. I'll be more rough this time."



"This hit my spot~"

It's enough! It was already obstruction of duties and responsibilitiesSu Ming kick the door and showed her red face to the two rascals making out

Su Ming wasn't able to continue as the scenario she was expecting was different. Instead, Song Mao was only leaning behind the back of her Sister and was only massaging her.

He was only massaging herYes, he was only massaging herHe was only massaging...

Su Ming exaggerated what she had heard.

But blame her not, that conversation was misleading wherever you look at it!

Su Ci Yi's blank face turned to look at the aggressive Su Ming.

"What's wrong? Did it went wrong?" She was talking about the international call which Su Ming handled earlier.

Su Ming guiltily looked sideways. What was she thinking of impure things to her sister! Her mind was rotten. It was totally a public toilet! This was what she get reading danmei novels.

"Hahaha, Nah it's not really worth it. It's nothing serious"

"You sure?" Su Ci Yi was kind of doubting her still.

"Yes. Yes. Never mind me. Continue what you are doing."Teehee.

Qin Yu's melodic giggle liven up their conversation, "Second Madam, did you just misunderstood us?"

Su Ming gasped. "W-hat are you talking about?" She walked straight to her desk as she ferociously signed her pending doc.u.ments.

SU Ci Yi arched her back to the chair while Qin Yu resumed massaging her temple. He was still here at this moment without minding the little bun who was left behind. If Qin Tao only knew that his father was building his reputable points towards his master, then myriads and innumerable grudge would again bud on his little heart.

However, the little bun was still meditating inside his room. His master will test him any time soon. He must show and awe his master this time.

Qin Tao was even fired up opening his day, both his arms and feet are in lotus position while the sun rays pass through the open wide jealousy window and the rhythmic tune of the birds was widespread heard all over the villa.





Time had passed inside the office of the Su Clan.

Su Ming only wanted to have a smooth sailing transaction today, however that goal of hers was shattered, when his secretary informed her that their supply warehouse was sieged. A group of rough-looking gangsters was setting their turf inside and making their employees as hostages.

These gang was pretty famous on the area lately and compose of eagle-tattooed men and had a reputation of tidying their hair up as their token of commitment towards the brotherhood.

Su Ming went pale knowing it as she looked helplessly towards Su Ci Yi.

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