Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 102

Volume 1 Chapter 102 At The Warehouse

Even if Su Ming won't tell Su Ci Yi of the details from the phone's conversation, with her cultivation level she can still clearly hear the voice on the other side. As she listened to the croaky voice from the other end, the muffled sound of the people and the hysterical laughter of delinquent men from the background she couldn't help but knit her eyebrows.

Su Ming's face was pallid and devoid of life. She can deal with the internal affairs smoothly which only involves paper and pen. But when violence takes place, she was shaken. She must have suffered trauma from direct bullying when she was a child. This was her big difference from Su Ci Yi.

Su Ci Yi's inner thought was telling her that these people were already used to doing this kind of stuff. If this case was prevalent on Su Mo's government and he's not doing any necessary actions then no doubt their company will go downhill. This chaos will create a big dent in the financial statement and would pull a large loss to the company. So no matter how big her investment was when the company's recurring loss was stable, there's no way this company can be lifted from the mud.

Based on this previous owner's memory, this type of person would occasionally meet with his father. Threatening the old man to pull a big commotion if he didn't go along on their whims.

This stock house was built on the so-called territory of these gangs. The place was legally manhandled and transferred under the Su Clan. It was until a few months when the warehouse was built that the feud between territories boom out and their area was seized.

Su Ci Yi stretched her hand and made some small yawn. The flow of events these past days was pretty much boring. Time to inhale and do some serious exercise.

She stood up and crack her knuckles.

Qin Yu had already long guess these woman's trail of thoughts. Therefore, an evil smirk appeared on his lips and looking forward to another show.

"How much money they wanted this time?" She inquired. That was not stated on the phone call earlier.

Su Ming gestured and raised her finger.

Su Ci Yi made a rough guess, "Hundred thousand?" Clearly that was already a big money and those people can singlehandedly obtain it without difficulty by just some harsh words and threatening?

Su Ming shook her head and spoke, "They want one million Sis."


That amount?!

Su Ci Yi's eyes almost protruded out of her socket. She clearly knew that this was not the first time these people asked. Then it would be improbable that these people become millionaires because of this kind of business.

Su Ci Yi stomped her feet and made a quick step.

Su Ming somewhat knew where will her sister go and before she knew it she was also racing her pace following her.

"Should we call the police Sis?" Su Ming can't help but asked her. They are going to march to that place without any bodyguards and security. It was solely Qin Yu who came with them. The sole man of the three people.

"We're going head-on." She said without looking back.


Inside an expansive warehouse where the newly arrived variety of plywood and high-quality lumber was being stockpiled, a group of rowdy people are gathering in the middle of the open space. The employees of the said establishment was casted on the side. They were not bound and just only standing on the sideline and not making any movement afraid to be the focus of their attention.

Their leader was brashly sitting, his feet were raised on top of the table. He was wearing a rugged maong sleeveless shirt and dotted-holed black pants. He was in the middle of playing cards and this time he was on the verge of winning this game.

A piece of his cigarette stick was cast on the side.

Soon he burst into a roaring laugh knowing that he really won this time.

"Boss take it easy, we don't want you to have a heart-attacked and die before taking the money."

The man whose hair was tied up didn't budge and still indulge himself in his merrymaking.

"Are you cursing me? Who's afraid of death anyway?! The money will be here any moment, and right now I'm winning this card game for the first time. Isn't this my lucky day?" He laughs to his heart's content.

The person who warned him joined him on his merriment.

It was only their laughter broke when a plain looking car stopped in front of the gate. The man signaled his subordinate to open it. The customary car which was never new to their sight entered smoothly.

Su Ci Yi was the first to go down. Examining the expansive area and free space. Indeed there was a large stock of coco lumbers, hardwood and premium paints that haven't transferred to the inside and still lying behind the large supply truck.

Looking over the people around them, she counted the number of men present in the area. Presumable her counting was accurate, the total number of hoodlums who are visible was five. Those persons whom she can only felt and was still hiding were totaled to thirteen. Their numbers are not something one could take in.

Su Ming stood up in front of Su Ci Yi as she scrutinized each of every one of them. Su Ci Yi could clearly sense the trembling knee of the woman in front of her despite her unwavering will.

The leader of the mob presented himself, showing his disgusting yellow teeth.

"Ohhh, brothers we really are lucky today. It was a beautiful lady who delivered our needs. Come, little darling, give us what we want now. Did you bring it?" he said as his eyes trailed behind and upon not seeing it he titled his thick eyebrows upward.

Su Ci Yi stepped up now and took Su Ming behind her back.

Seeing the small Su Ci Yi, the man even laugh at his men. "Man! So we have two beautiful ladies here. Kindly give my thanks to your father. What a lovely view we have today. Now give me the money darling~"

Su Ci Yi was only staring at him in absolute mockery.

"Milady, you should have waited for me before going out. " As soon as he came to his side, Qin Yu throw an accusation to her while his eyes were observing the thirsty glares of the men in front. He had a rough time finding a good space for parking therefore he was a little behind.

Su Ci Yi only shrugged her shoulders as a response.

"Sis, is this the right decision?" Su Ming peeked from both of them.

"Get back inside the car, it'll be dangerous here." She warned her in which the hard-headed Su Ming didn't follow but only stood at the farthest back.

The man in front was furious seeing he was neglected and shouted to them. His irritation was now beginning to show up as his c.o.c.ky tone became arrogant.

"Aren't you people deaf? Did you hear me?"

Qin Yu passed a sweeping glare to the man and then turn to Su Ci Yi. "Milady, you should have known your enemy first before going into battle. That man over there is called Jang Suyu. A notorious gang leader on this turf. That man is a shrewd and absolute pervert, you better not let yourself be touch by him."

Su Ci Yi's ears perked up. Touched he says? Just let him try.

Su Ci Yi walked upfront. Jang Suyu gawked at first. Then a sarcastic grin appeared to his face seeing the woman was coming into him. If only this underdog of hers beside her doesn't follow and guard her every inch he would have grabbed already this seductive vixen.

"I didn't bring money with me. If that's what you wanted to know." Compelled in a confident tone and an aura of noble visage, she countered this man's undaunted countenance.

The spectators looked at each other and begun to whisper. This woman was sure bold. Daring to talk to their first brother and was not afraid of him.

Jang Suyu was even flabbergasted by the self-sufficient daring woman. His inner core was hype, thinking that he liked this type of personality!

"It's okay if you didn't bring with you the money. I change my mind. I'm fine trading it you~ Hehe. Come here little darling~"

Su Ci Yi's footsteps halted. Then she knocked her head three times. That words that came from his mouth really disgust her. Coming it from the lips of a man shorter than her and with a protruding belly left a bad sensation from her chest.

Qin Yu didn't find it also amusing that some other ugly pig was calling his YiYi their darling. He was even refraining himself to let "that word" slip off on his mouth when calling her or the woman might lose her temper and hate him eventually.

He looked at the man, eyes flashing in the unusual shade and a dark aura flitted across his face. The danger zone has been strike.

Su Ci Yi's attention to the man wasn't still broken as she muttered between her lips, "Roasted pig."

"What did you say, honey?" Jang Suyu inquired shamelessly.

"I'm saying what an unattractive pig daring to call me that way? Your sweat sucks! Even I can see the holes from pores. Your nose is too big and you have an overdue son on your belly. Call me that again and I'll make your tongue to never taste anything at all."

Jang Siyu: ""

The brotherhood: ""

Qin Yu kept an amusing look to the woman then sneered at Jang Suyu: Roasted pig is bad for the health.

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