Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 103

Volume 1 Chapter 103 Unparallel Attributes

A person on the sideline whistled rudely, boosted the man's arrogance and self-arrogance. As the center of attention, Su Ci Yi doesn't want to expose herself to these people. But still, things needed to be settled before and everything else.

"Pray tell, just how much money did you ever scam with the old man? Seeing how your organization is leeching at him, I bet you made tons of fortune already?"

Su Ci Yi thought that these gang was threatening Su Mo for almost long years. The big discrepancy in the financial reports told her that this was already happening in the long run.

Jang Suyu looked as if thinking and spoke, "Old man? Hah, lady, you have a unique way of addressing your father aren't you?"

Su Ci Yi admitted that her tongue slipped in the spur of the moment. In her mind, she was always calling him 'that old man' or 'Su Mo'. Guess it would be too suspicious if she used the old man as a reference to his father's name.

"My father" Su Ci Yi felt awkward speaking this man's name. Even if this was the body's biological father, still he wasn't her father at all. She was only a lost poor soul who never felt this kind of bond before. She only had her Senior Brother.

"Father." She spoke again. "How many times did you threaten him?"

Jang Suyu was a small man. Almost the same height as Su Ci Yi. His exposed arms were tattered with an eagle pattern tattoo. A deep indigo scarf was tied on his head. "That old geezer was like a slave to us. Abiding on our very whims. Even volunteering himself to contribute to our organization's funding. He was a loyal depositor but these past few weeks, he wasn't able to do so. Therefore we called him, turns out there was a new governing headmistress."

"That stupid old man." Su Ci Yi can't help but grumble. Although she might not be the perfect decision-maker, she can point out that in one way or another Su Mo's action has a lot of pit holes. She can't entirely say that abiding to this brotherhood's request was good or bad. But if he was pressed in a situation with no way out in exchange for the safety of others then that'll guaranty that he was still on the right path.

Jang Suyu broke into hysterical laughter. "Indeed, he is too stupid."

Su Ci Yi nodded.

Jang Suyu added, "We really thought we need to kidnap his daughter in order to win his favor, but who would have thought that he's offering himself to his adversary right?"

Su Ci Yi paused for a while and entered into deep contemplation. "you are right."

Indeed it was a stupid decision of him to let abusive tyranny swallowed him. Su Mo might be a duffing man in front of these people, but this old man, to think that he was actually taking care of his family on the sideline. Prioritizing Su Ming's welfare and keeping her out of the harm from the shadows, somewhat he felt a newfound realization to him. Though this man despised her to his inner core and wasn't even bothered hiding it and blatantly exhibiting it right in front of her face Su Ci Yi can tolerate him.

But still, now that it got money involved she cannot let the company walked the path of bankruptcy.

Jang Suyu opened another stick of cigarette on his hand and deliberately puff the smoke to the people showing a satisfied look.

Qin Yu beside him was observing her. If looks can kill. Su Ci Yi had been minced into paste already.

"We definitely share the same wavelength. You should join our gang. I'll give you a position suited to your personality." He recruited her again but this time with more formality.

Su Ci Yi's rubbed her chin and inquired, "You're the leader of this group right?"

Jang Suyu nodded "Yes, and with over a hundred followers."

" this compose of strong men? You must be a great leader?"

Jang Suyu scratched his nose and awkwardly admitted. "Eh, yes of course."

"You have a strong physique, do go to the gym?"

Qin Yu's eyes darken hearing this.

Jang Suyu was mystified how this woman was pretty interested in his lifestyle. "Entirely, yes."

"Do you not broke your promises?"

He replied energetically. "Yes we don't honey~" Though Jang Suyu was kind of a little tired but since this little dear was pretty interested in his little details he should at least build his strong point to her.

"Do you like eating sashimi?"

"Of course I do like."

"You like your blue-headband?"

"Yes of course. Honey."

"Can you give us back our money?"

"Of course I can give it to you"

Su Ci Yi's smile rose. "Thank you! I know you're a person that doesn't break your promises. Looking forward to receiving it!"

Jang Suyu's brother stood up and look at her eminently while he was showing a face as if he had swallowed a fly. "You You trick me! Imbecile woman."

Su Ci Yi threw a pitiful face and acted like she was the one being bullied. "You should fulfill your promises like what you had told me right? A true man should know how to put commitment on his every word."


Qin Yu's shoulder trembled hearing how this woman's negotiation progresses and he got to admit that this was pure ingenuity of taking things into motion.

Qin Yu's laugh was loud that it made Su Ci Yi glared at him.

"Milady, you should aim to become a comedian, I'll buy all your VIP tickets and reserve the entire room of your theater. You will definitely not going to get bankrupt."

"Shut. Up."

"Aye. Aye. Song Mao will shut up now."

"Go and protect Su Ming there."

Qin Yu stood straight on her order. But when she thought he will go to Su Ming, she was wrong. Instead, he went near her side. A few inches from her where she currently standing and sticking to her like a gecko. Totally ignoring her orders.

"Enough!" Jang SuYu flared up. How these two could have the audacity to flirt in front of him!

This time Su Ci Yi became alert. Jang Suyu's men stood up in a menacing manner.

Jang Suyu thought that there are only three of them and there were many of his men. He calculated that his man was enough to subdue the daring manservant of the woman, while he will take care of the two girls. Anyway, this young woman was frail."

Jang Suyu's men started to make their move as they surround the two of them. Their eyes and smiles were full of evil content.

Qin Yu's stance became alert. He looked at the small woman beside her and just as he thought, not a single shred of panic can be seen. Just how much of a hungry leopard this person is?

"Milady, before going into battle you should know" Before he could finish his sentence he shifted his place from left to his right. A man was aiming for his head from behind but caught nothing since his transposition.

"I said know your enemy first before coming in." The man who pounced at him stumbled on the ground."

Su Ci Yi's attention wasn't on Qin Yu but on the two people ganging on her. One threw a punch on her but she was able to dodge it while kicking the other one. Throwing both of them six meters from her standpoint.

Next, another punch came to her but she caught it before it reached her face.

"Miladythere are a lot of them lurking on the shadow." Qin Yu warned her in his calm and collected tone.

Su Ci Yi was listening while breaking the wrist of another man who touched hers. "There were still a lot of them?" Somehow she already knew that.

"Others are still coming." Qin Yu's final declared.

Su Ci Yi scoffed, "Then I'll just be waiting here."

Another four people came and pound at the same time. Qin Yu on her side dodge them all. Su Ci Yi made a leaped on the air, arched her foot and in swift pace, barricade with a simultaneous kick!

Su Ci Yi landed on the ground without a single scratch while a bunch of men was sprawled below her.

This was the first time Qin Yu saw her overwhelming strength. Qin Yu at first thought that she was only physically athletic. But these circ.u.mstances told him that this was the product of a long term fighting in which one could get the hang of the opponent's next move.

Su Ci Yi was not still satisfied, her hands are tingling with these overwhelming sensations.

"Hey, Jang Suyu! Wanna come here? Let's play for a while."

Jang Suyu's eyes grow wide. He can't believe that his men were all down on just a millisecond. To think that it was the work of a single woman. Jang Suyu called forth another batch of his gang that was lurking and on standby. There were a total of eight of them and each one harbors the same malevolent vibe. Every one of them possessed some kind of long wood lumber on their hands.

As soon as they pounce at her, she only made a few leaps, kicked their abdomen, punched someone on the face, flick their forehead, and in just minutes they all knockout on the ground.

It was when Su Ci Yi's eyes turned to look at the rowdy man. Her tiger tooth was showing as she cast a precarious grin on Jang SuYu. Her movements were already program in moderate attacked mode. Her inside was boiling and dashed. This feeling was definitely exciting~


Amidst the ongoing battle, Qin Yu's unpleasant ringtone of a high pitch siren vibrated.

Su Ci Yi's feet stopped and looked at the disturbing man.

"Time's up!" Qin Yu took his phone and stop the ringtone.

"It's getting dark Milady. We should return home now."

Su Ci Yi's hype mood went sour and she tilted her head towards his direction.

Qin Yu, as if guessed what was in her mind flicked her sweating forehead. "No need to worry, well be here tomorrow and settle your battle. You can't expect Su Ming to stay here for the whole night right?"

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