Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 104

Volume 1 Chapter 104 Family Conference

Su Ci Yi's cannot be eaten curses and heartbreaking cuss on him was too cute to handle for Qin Yu. He was tempering himself not to pinch that thin little cheeks that were bulging out of disappointment. Guess if you've been stuck to people often, you will have a little inclination of their thoughts.

The night sky has begun to blanket the surface. The cold temperature on the air begun to sip through the tiny pores of the skin. Lights beyond houses are being lit up and the sound of children's laughter from the neighborhood subsided. It should be time to go home.

If it's only Su Ci Yi, then she'll finish this business first and then returned. But since this body was from this mortal person and a papered lady at that, she had no choice but to abide. She cannot go all out with her current strength and play with her heart's content given the fact that Su Ming was with her.

Just the time when they arrived. Su Ming's mother was already over the door. Su Gi, all this time was on the lookout for a car that would enter the gate. Every little buzz of the vehicle's engine she could hear she'll hurriedly walk near the gate and inclined her neck.

Su Mo was at the dining hall his ngertips were locked with each other on top of the table. He was staring into the sidewall. Intense and without blinking. The ambiance inside was so dark that no servant would like to walk near him.

He had received a report that his daughters went to that warehouse in the bidding of that notorious group. He had made a long time transaction at those troubling hooligans that were still conclusive up to this moment. Su Mo had taken all precautions in order not to provoke these group. He had made an exchange in order not to harm his people. And it came to the point that it had all exhausted his company's assets just to compensate this group's demand.

He had already sent the company's security in order to back them but later was informed of the situation over there. So far he didn't know what had happened or how things turned out that way. How those hoodlums where all beaten to pump and sprawled on the ground. Someone forenamed that it had been all the doing of his first daughter. Su Mo doesn't believe them. How could a simple and nave daughter could can do that? They must have hidden the truth with regard to the situation over there for a special meaning.

There's no need to dig that out.

The sound of the car engine was heard. Su Ming and Su Ci Yi came down.

Su Ming, as if felt the heavy atmosphere inside droop her shoulder. It was as if they were children that had misconduct at school and now they are facing the emanating infuriation of their parents.

Su Gi gestured and let them sit on the dining table where Su Mo was currently positioned.

Su Ming and Su Ci Yi seated next to each other's and the whole family remained in that reserved ambiance for a while.

Then after a long pause, there was a loud bang of a hand over the table. Su Ming shriek upon not seeing it coming. Su Ci Yi was also surprise. The action was so harsh and loud that it even startled the passing servants. Good thing Qin Tao was still inside his room and didn't come down to welcome her.

"What does the two of you doing? Raiding the enemy lair! Both of you are girls. What would happen if something go wrong?"

Su Mo's face was bright red while bulging nerve appeared on his head.

Su Gi remained on the side. Fairly listening.

SU Ci Yi and Su Ming only looked down. Not daring to catch his eyes.

Qin Yu was correct, if they didn't go home on time and would have delayed their arrival, then there's a lot of stuff to come more than this.

Su Mo's eyes were glaring at Su Ci Yi, though she felt she didn't lookup. "You! You're the eldest here. How can you bear to see your sister go there amidst that dangerous place? If things go wrong, what would have happened to the two of you. ?!"

"Dad" Su Ming butted in. "We thought to call the police but seeing that you haven't done that in the past decade, we decline. So we opt to know the full details of what they wanted. If you have tipped us a little earlier, we would have avoided this situation right?"

"Nonsense. You should have called me earlier. They had been transacting with me, you stay out of this. What do you think of me now, a crippled person who can't do anything just because I had an irregular attack?"

"No...we didn't mean it that way, Dad."

Su Ci Yi can't let herself stay quiet and voiced her inner thoughts. "Yes, we should have called you instead but things shouldn't escalate into this if you didn't drag the situation. They have been far used to scamming our company because you didn't counter them."

Su Mo even flared up seeing his first daughter was now even rebuking his decision. "Do not meddle with them, just focused on directing the company. This is your responsibility as the Su daughters. That group started on me, I'll take care of them."

Su Ci Yi scoff. What had need to take care had been taken care already. She only needed to administer the final blow tomorrow.

"Dad don't be too angry or you might get attacked by you decease again." Su Ming saw the unhealthy color starting to bud on his father's skin, therefore she felt a little uneasy about it.

Su Gi saw that the situation was not good and therefore she stepped up. "There's no need to blame them anymore. It is already great that they have returned safe and well. We should have thanked Song Mao. He was with you girls. Lately, I have seen him stuck up and always been around between you guys. He's more than capable of being a bodyguard."

It was only then that Su Mo felt he was going overboard and turn sideways.

Su Gi saw his withdrawal on the conversation and advised, "Let the children rest for now. Talk tomorrow when you sobered up. Ci Yi was still on the verge of recuperating. Don't trigger her too much."

Su Ming saw her chance to get away and without thanking her mother for butting in, she ran in top speed going upstairs.

Su Ci Yi also stood up and went back to her room. Right now, Qin Tao was still in his meditation and Qin Yu was nowhere to be found around the house.

Su Gi and Su Mo were left inside to talked about some internal affairs of the company and these two daughters of them.





Jang Suyu's luck was so smooth this day. Who would have thought that the monstrous woman left them just because of some curfew? Who's idiot would leave their pray and let it escape?

His brothers who have been fully beaten up was crawling their whole body on the solid ground. Some of them have broken ribs, swollen eyes, battered teeth, and a bloated face.

"Get up your asses! If you felt humiliated today be sure to return the debt by a hundredfold. Bear in your mind the pain that you have suffered and instill it within your chest. A man was ought to take revenge for his shortcomings. Do not dawdle. Be sure to get back tomorrow!" He shouted. As a gang leader, he needed to bring back these fool's spirit of revenge and ignite their lost souls. That was only a woman. They were only caught by surprise and wasn't able to counter her.

The next time, they won't be lenient at her.

The night was so dark. The employees who should be their hostages fled around the time when he was occupied with the woman. He had already summoned the remaining members of the group and they should be coming now

Right when he was idling, a luxurious black tinted BMW caught his attention. Seeing the high socialite vibe this car oozes, Jang Suyu was curious.

A tall man in his fitted turtle neck and black long coat went down. Jang Suyu saw the manservant of the woman of whom they had a fight earlier. This man doesn't possess that manservant vibe now. His face was built with strong arrogance and charismatic tyrannical aura that was the total opposite of his appearance this afternoon.

"Well, well, should we continue where we left off?"

The man's chagrined smile was all plastered on his face. He was leaning under the moonless shadow of the starless night sky. The north wind blew and the air it brought send shivers throughout their spine. The man's unfathomable eyes as if seeing a tiny little creature in front of him didn't have any ounce of light. Like a decadent devil that had just come from the underworld purely to besiege human souls and entrapped them within the depth of their nightmares, pure of malice and wickedness.

Just like t

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