Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 105

Volume 1 Chapter 105 Getting Ahead

Jang Suyu looked at Qin Yu with a little discomfort. That man wasn't the same as before. One that was too dangerous to make an enemy of. Because of the unease feeling he had been perceiving inside, he subconsciously stepped back. He can't be the leader of this gang if he couldn't measure his enemy's strength. A person can be defined being strong or not, by the kind of the energy he was exuding. Jang Suyu cannot fully see Qin Yu's aura but he can still felt the strong intimidation and the danger zone of the man.

"W-we only had indemnity with the woman. You should have stayed away on this feud. Unless you don't want to be on our enemy's side?" Suyu's sweatdrop like a bucket full at the back of his head.

Qin Yu shifted his position. Crossing his arms over while scrutinizing Jang Suyu and deeply rooting his eyes unto him and his gang members.

"Hmm? Should I teach you who your own enemy was?" His stone was like a sirens melodic voice.

Jang Suyu narrowed his eyes as he ordered his men to stay alert and be vigilant of their surroundings. The eccentric wind air breeze as it flew some of his hair locks.

Qin Yu stood up straight. Walk forward a few inches. His pacing was neither slow nor fast. As if he was just casually strolling into the mall for window shopping. His face was smiling but his eyes were not. There was a sharp glint within the pupils if his eyes.

"Who was it again that first touch my Milady?"

Jang Suyu looked at his brothers. Not fully understand why he had asked that question.

But on the other side of his thinking, he scoffed to him. This man was totally obsessive towards that woman. A true wolf in his sheep clothing. Hiding behind her back but baring his fangs to however touch her.

He can understand why he was like that. He himself would like to pluck the rare flower that was budding in the middle of a deserted island. Though he believed he wouldn't be like him, hiding his true potential and abilities.

Qin Yu was waiting for their answer but there were none.

"No one Then I'll pick anyone randomly" Qin Yu raised his hand and waved it.


The sound of the rifle exploded on the thin air. Blood squirted into Jang Suyu's face. The man beside him was hit by a sniper straight unto his brain. The look of horror coiled within his chest but he only clenched his fist and shrugged it off.

The other member's face turned ghastly pale.

"First Brother we are getting surrounded." A man declared beside him. Seeing his brother's downfall and lifeless as it is, he couldn't help but gulp and looked vigilantly towards his surroundings. Jang Suyu wandered his eyes at the dark vicinity but he couldn't point out anyone, aside from his men. Where that does sniper hiding?

"Brother 5th was killed. Be careful everyone!" He shouted his first order on the night to his people. A person holding a pipe tube pressed his arms together and leaped to Qin Yu. The man who died was his closest friend. His hatred of him spiraled and burst-off. However, he wasn't able to get near Qin Yu when his hands were shot right in the middle. He twisted and rolled on the ground feeling the intense pain.

"I'll ask again. Who has touch Milady earlier?"

Jang Suyu pressed his lips together. The heck! Who the hell could remember that tiny flaws. There were a lot of his members who came to the woman but ended being hurt. Heaven knows how intense his subordinates were heavily dealt with by her. Those who have severe case where still recuperating on the sideline. Those who have only mild injuries could barely stand up.

"I- I punch her." Jang Suyu turned to look to his subordinate who stepped up and confessed. This idiot! Narrowing his eyes, he glared at him. The man was only assuming on the basis that the punishment won't be lethal if one only stood and surrender.

"Which hand?" Qin Yu inquired.

The man raised his right hand and soon it blow-up over the rifle's bullet "Ahhhhhh" Jang Suyu's men glided and rolled in agony on the ground while cupping his bleeding hand.

Qin Yu released a melodic giggle. "So who's next?"

Everyone stepped back. No one dared to confess themselves. If they confessed they'll get shot, if they didn't they'll still get shot. So which choice do they have?

Qin Yu felt board on this one-sided bloody game and stood in front of Jang Suyu.

"The Jang Brotherhood group was established for only three years. But compared to other organizations in the same line of business, then yours was still a baby."

Behind Jang Suyu was a small knife. A knife that he had been polishing these years and the one he frequently used when dealing with a certain person. This object had slit a lot of throats and punished some of the traitors within this organization of his.

"In any sense you're are still a newbie on this type of business."

The knife which had Jang Suyu was clutching behind his back was now in Qin Yu's possession. Mischievously playing, twirling between his slender fingers. He looked at his hand that should hold a knife but was empty now.

"You who are you? You are not just a random person, aren't you? Who is your boss? That lady, does she know you're this kind of person?"

"Why do you need to know? A simple person like you won't understand. Beside, Milady doesn't need to know these. Now, stick out your tongue obediently. It'll be over soon before you know it."

Jang Suyu's fist clenched. "What? What will you do?"

"Nah, you had just defiled Milady with some improper words of yours."

Jang Suyu's tried to search his brain but still, the meaning behind this man's words wasn't solved. He looked lost. He had never disrespect nor befoul the woman. He can't remember things like that.

Qin Yu's head tilted. His pupils shrank. Eyes were tinted like the shade of darkness.

Soon, Jang Suyu was pushed on the side by someone. His head was banged on the concrete wall as his vision turned blurry. In his hazy illusion, he saw a demon approaching towards him. Jang Suyu struggled to break free but he was definitely pinned to the wall. Strong hands open his mouth, gouge his slimy tongue and like a skillful surgeon made a clean cut of the mouth's important organ.

The bloody flesh of the tongue was thrown on the ground. Jang Suyu wanted to scream in so much pain. But what he can only do at this point was to howl and rolled on the ground. The intense pain was eating him. So much that he really felt he would die. He could taste the metallic liquid that was overflowing from the cave of his mouth

Even his subordinates couldn't help him this time. They felt like there was an invisible rope that binds them to their places. They cannot step out and only tremble on the site. One wrong move and this man might turn to them.

But this devil left them. Before Qin Yu can reach his parked car, he turned towards the stupefied men behind him. "I'll give you a chance this night." He declared. Those group of hoodlums saw their chances as they kneeled on the ground bowing their heads in recognizing the man's strength and power.

"Be sure to give a good show to Milady tomorrow. If you got beaten on the first round, be certain that you will not see another day after that."





"Yo! I heard you took care of my underlings?" An animated voice resounded on the speaker of his phone. Just after he got inside his car, Qin Yu's phone rung nonstop. He deliberately ignored it since he knew who the caller was. But even though he block this number, he won't stop annoying him.

"Why call when you already knew it?"

"Woah, easy men! Haha Being grumpy might be bad at your old age."

Qin Yu's face was full of black lines. He turned off the call and blocked the number. Sooner there was another ring and that voice he had just heard appeared again.

"Hey, bad manners. Bad manners. I'll get to this point now. That group you've taken care of was on my wanted lists already. Though I'm glad you took the job so that was less work for me. Anyway, give regard to my princess over there. I'm soooo afraid of her future knowing he had baited an underworld king on her grasps. Wonder what she look like? Looking forward to meeting her in the future."

Qin Yu's danger zone was hit off. "Who was your princess again? You don't like to turn your tongue into a mushy ingredient on a soup right?" He warned him. He'll not hesitate to do what he did to the man earlier.

The other person didn't took it seriously. "Woooh, I'm so scared that I'm gonna pissed my pants here~"

Qin Yu turned the engine on and rode on the dark night sky. Tomorrow's going to be another hectic day. He wondered what kind of dish should he learned again and served tomorrow? Man, he should do a midnight grocery before returning then. The speaker on the other end was still there. Fully listening to what will the man reply. "No shipment will be delivered today. Don't wine if you didn't have enough. You started it first."

"What?!" The other party was flabbergasted! If there were no shipments today, he'll be charged with millions for the breach of contract! He'll have a large loss on his dealings. He frantically tried to dial the other person but it was already off.

Qin Yu turned off his phone and nonchalantly threw it into the open side of the window. He saw a large dumbstruck passed by it, squishing it under its powerful tires and soon it was disintegrated into the hard ground.

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