Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 106

Volume 1 Chapter 106 The Night Was Long

"Is the master of the house hasn't returned yet?" Lin Fei Fei for the fourth time inquired to the attendants of the house. Qin Yu didn't even inform her of their whereabouts and now she was getting worried. Even the child was not inside the home and the man's personal phone was out of the line. This was the first time that she felt she was left in the shadow.

"The master and the young master weren't able to return home for almost a week madam." A timid girl weakly replied to her.

"Has there no news about them?"

"No Madam" The master of the house just disappeared along with his child. Even the whole mansion had been worried about them. But when they thought of the recent attacked inside, they felt that it's a good idea to take a vacation for a while.

It seems that the little master's life was being targeted therefore, the master took necessary precautions to let him out of this mess. Lin Fei Fei doesn't have a gist of this information. She doesn't have any idea that the mansion was attacked and being turn upside down looking for the young master.

Lin Fei Fei decided to give up this night. Tomorrow she will come back again. Doesn't matter how long it will take for them to return.

Going back to her own car, she dialed another number again.

Su Ci Yi's phone rung over the end of the line.

Lin Fei Fei felt the need to chat now, and therefore remembered one of her patient who was temporarily discharged. As her attending physician, she needed to know how she was doing there.

"Hello?" Su Ci Yi opened up the conversation.

"Ms. Su. Have you been doing well?" Lin Fei Fei inquired with her genuine concern.

"Doing great over my end here." Su Ci Yi was also surprised. This was the first time that the Doctor called her. Although she left her new phone contact with them, still she wasn't expecting a personal call.

"I see. If you feel any discomfort on your body specifically on your brain, don't hesitate to call me. We know that you're just recuperating. Don't get yourself all work-up. Be sure to take everything on the positive limelight."

Su Ci Yi nodded. This Doctor really cared for her patient.


After taking the call Su Ci Yi walked towards her room, she saw Qin Tao sitting in lotus position on her bed. His eyes were closed and his focused to the surrounding were firm. She decided to sit on the metal chair beside the mahogany table and stared at the seriously laden child. Her hands were cupped on her chin as she looked at in amus.e.m.e.nt.

He was meditating for almost an hour but there wasn't still no effect on his astral body. His master said that this was how it should be done in order to gain apprehension of the different people's aura. His master even came into the trouble of opening his meridian for him but as of this moment, he wasn't feeling anything inside him.

Su Ci Yi was delighted as she looked at the child whose baby brows were strongly knitted and his red lips pouting against each other. She leaned towards him seeing that things are not going according to his will.

She sat beside him and patted the child's head to get his attention.

Qin Tao opened his eyes. His face registered a pure shock. Su Ci Yi smiled at him. "Having trouble?"

Indeed he was, but Qin Tao felt ashamed. He said he will definitely show his ability to the master by the end of the day. But here he was, wasn't able to do anything at all.

"Qin Tao will definitely learn it by himself!" He cheered himself up. There's no use moping around. Even if it's not today nor tomorrow, he will definitely learn it by hook and by crooked.

Su Ci Yi's face radiated in lightness. The situation just outside earlier distressed herself but this child was able to uplift her downcast mood in an instant. This child was really her stress reliever.

"Sure. But just to tip you off, this place has limited spiritual energies. It might get weeks before you get the hang of it."

Qin Tao's eyes sparkle, so it wasn't that he's stupid! It's just that there was a small number of energy particles in the air. Qin Tao felt his master's pure and light temperament at this moment. He can't help but be mesmerized. It was like his master turned to be an angel in front of his eyes. Qin Tao closed his distance towards Su Ci Yi and rubbed his face at her back.

Su Ci Yi felt ticklish on the inside and turned to look to the child who seems to find his nest on her back. "What's the matter?" The child was acting childish beyond his age. Oh, wait well, there's nothing wrong about it. This was what a child should act anyway.

Qin Tao in his muffled tone spoke, "Master's so comfortable to touch with. Qin Tao doesn't want to break away."

Su Ci Yi's eyes narrowed. She gently put the child in front of her and stared without blinking. Like something had caught her interest as she ferociously laid her eyes on the prey.

"Ah Tao, can you tell me what you felt with the master?"

Qin Tao dived himself and even snuggled on Su Ci Yi's bosom. "Master's so comfortable to be with. So gentle."

Su Ci Yi's lips perked up. Who said that the child doesn't get the hang of that meditating! Turned out that he can already use it. All great power always had a starting point. Qin Tao's base ability should start with determining a person's aura. He can definitely do it now without him knowing!

"Are you sure you're not feeling master's aura?"

Qin Tao raised his head. Then as if in realization hit him, again focused and concentrated himself. His master was emitting a comfortable vibe but he was a little disappointed when he can't see it.

"It all started with just a mere feeling. All you have to do is feel it. Seeing it, is when you're already a pro on this stage and then I'll just develop in the long run." Su Ci Yi explained when she saw the child was disappointed. For a mortal with no spiritual roots, it's already beyond the mundane level and absolutely incredible. The child only needed to practice and meditate in order to achieve this kind of level.

In the meantime, who should they practice with?

When they needed another body to practiced, they heard a mild knock on the door. Qin Yu's appearance showed at the right moment.

Su Ci Yi pointed to him and looked at the child hinting something. Qin Tao saw his master's request and therefore focused himself on his father's aura. However, not long after, there was a loud wail of the child inside her room.

Qin Yu who doesn't know what was happening was speechless.

Qin Tao's cry reverberated on the inside and in his little muffled tone he cried to his heart's content. His little heart was complaining and spoke in a broken sentence.

"D-daddyi-s s-caryyyyyy. Daddy is a demon."

Su Ci Yi thought that this child might have felt this man's overflowing energy. Even she herself couldn't help but shudder on it. Especially this night that it was still leaking out of him.

Qin Yu seat right before the child and soothe him by patting his head. Then in gentle care he lifted him within his arms. He does not know what was going on and he could really see the child was afraid of him.

"Milady, would you mind me staying here for a while." Qin Yu laid the child on the bed as he seated right next to him.

Su Ci Yi saw how worried this man was. There's nothing wrong with his request anyway and so, she approved without hesitation.

Unknown to her little naivety. The sheep in the wolf's clothing was triumphant. His eyes glint in doubtful ecstasy. His rosy lips quivered into a sly smile.

It was the time when the bright moon was hung in the middle of the night. The whole house was lithe in incomparable quietness. The servants and both maids were all peacefully tucked within the depths of dreams.

Qin Yu stood up. Qin Tao was now peacefully sleeping beside the woman. His eyes were dark as he looked at her in a soundless manner. This woman had no sense of protection to herself. How could he let any man stay in her own room and was first to fall asleep?

Good. Very good. Now he gave him a reason to even stick to her more.

He took a light peck on the child's forehead. Then turned to look at the woman beside. He leaned near her face and brush his lips against hers. Savoring the sweetest nectar that he had never tasted. Devouring the seductive honey temptation of the thin lips.

This was her punishment for being too trusting. Her reward for too much caring.

After all, this was the second time that their lips met and the other party was too oblivious. He'll keep it a secret. He'll never let her know. Until all her reservations were gone, and she'll wholeheartedly open up to him.

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