Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 107

Volume 1 Chapter 107 Her Response

The next morning, Su Ci Yi woke up with a swollen lip. As she looked at the full size-mirror beside her bed, she can't help but gasp. Were her lips that sweet? She had made sure that she had brushed her tooth the night before but still some unknown bug still made its way to bit her mouth.

She admitted that she had slept well last night and wasn't able to perceive when Qin Yu left the room.

Su Ming and Su Ci Yi came out at the same time from the very entrance of the door. Su Ming caught a glance at her swollen lips and her brows arched. When she first saw it, she felt suspicious since she saw Song Mao came out of her sister's room late last night.

On the dining table, Su Ci Yi and Su Ming found their parents sitting. It was the first time they saw them together on one table. Usually, they'd eat late in the morning and by that time they were already at the office.

Su Gi motioned for them to sit. The couple intentionally set their breakfast at this hour in order to blend with the two girl's schedules.

Su Mo was busy reading a newspaper and didn't bother to look at them while Su Gi continued to eat silently.

Su Mo after reading what he had in his hands, glanced swiftly at the two women who were silently eating their meal. Then he arched his eyebrows. Not satisfied with what he saw.

"Su Ming, you're already an a.d.u.l.t woman, learn how to wash your face in the morning. Your drool is still visible. Should I hire a servant for you to do that meager task?

Su Ming silently mulled over. So early in the morning and he's pinpointing flaws. Hmp!

Then Su Mo turned to the eldest child.

"Have you not brush your teeth the night? Your lips are swollen, get an antiseptic at the storeroom after this. Tell the servant to meticulously clean your room especially your bed. There might be insects and bugs hidden on the bedsheets."

Su Ci Yi who had brushed her teeth last night was speechless.

Qin Yu was currently serving a morning tea to the two madams but when he heard this, his morning grin surfaced but fully hidden on his c.o.c.ksure appearance.

Su Ming was right on time to caught this and looked at both of them suspiciously. One was in his pleased bearing while the latter was too uninterested to care on the matter.

All of this happened when Su Ci Yi was so immersed eating and was oblivious of these two's own trail of thoughts.

"How's Baronnete doing?" Su Mo asked Su Ming. Baronette was their leading elite investor, therefore he wanted to give her better quality serving and appreciation from the company. They can't lose a precious person like herself because of this company's lack of manners.

Su Ming thought about it. These past few days, Baronnete would always stay in the office. Only go home when there's pressing matters to attend. She had asked his subordinate if this woman frequents the office regularly but the employee informed her that she was not.

It was only these past few weeks that she's been going to the office straight from Monday to Saturdays.

Baronette was a person with high self-esteem. She never backs down on her principle and would literally fight out what she believe on the board. Even the way she walked oozes with self-confidence and Madonna's art of style.

She was also very eloquent to the people around her.

"Still adapting to her dad." Su Ming honestly admitted that Baronnete seems to be a very outgoing individual. She was also an extrovert person but Barronett was on a whole new level. She also knew that she had strong backing behind her back. She was never too shy to show her personal prejudice and strong principle.

"Go with her on the next weekend. She often took morning golf at Manchuset X . It's a good start to deepen your relationship and you will surely learn from her." Su Ming hearing this hailed in disappointment and indignation. This was why she doesn't like office jobs. There's no time of goofing around anymore. How she wished those times when she was still on the edge of the pirate ship digging pearls and fake jewels and doing treasure hunting was fun along with her travel enthusiast buddies.

Su Ci Yi saw Su Ming's reluctance and therefore presented herself. She was very eager to know this Baronnete woman. Observing the sideline won't do the thing anymore for when in the first place, she was just a fake pretender. As of the moment, she doesn't want to take action as her mind was still focusing on other things. Though she had still had her account, the identity was stolen.

Su Mo was reluctantly looking at her first daughter. But then Song Mao's face appeared when the man put the dessert plate just right in front of him. He must be imagining it that this man intentionally shoved the plate to him.

"Fine then." Su Mo nodded. Su Ming was very happy as she winked at her sister in gratefulness.

Su Mo was still not finished with his sentenced and continued in a request mode, "I'll allow you to go, but bring Song Mao with you."


It was the day of the promised. Su Ci Yi stood up in front of hoodlums. A number of people wearing their Jang brotherhood mark on the forehead and bringing baseball bats with them. Though there were many of them, she can't see their leader Jang Suyu.

Well, she'll just force later where their leader was hiding.

Su Ci Yi cracked her knuckles. Dash forward and made a swift chop on the back of their neck. In just one mere second all of them tumble on the ground. Too soft. Too soft. She would be disappointed in this fight if these people were down in just one instance.

But to her surprised those people despite their difficulty stood up, determined to start a fight again and bring her down.

Su Ci Yi's smile flashed. They're not weak in spirit. She gave them a thumbs up on that. At least she'll have something to practice and exercise her rusted moves.

Qin Yu was satisfied to see her enjoying the action. Its good thing that these people's existence had a purpose after all.

Su Ci Yi leaped, made an overthrow, for the fourth time, those people that she had beaten to pulp still didn't give up. She knew they were already at their limit and couldn't go on. They were like all zombies but still alive. Beaten up but the spirit was still active. What was the thing that they are fighting? What was it? Was it to protect their boss? But that man already abandoned them and left for good. She could tell Jang Suyu's breath was not in the area.

They knew that she was not their opponent. But still, dare to go. Wobbly and half-conscious daring to pounce at her? Su Ci Yi felt already bored. It was enough for this faade. Those people's line of sight whenever fighting her where all in one direction. Too suspicious if one looked at it. She'll be dumb not to realize that small gesticulation.

It was then that Su Ci Yi decided to press their acupuncture point and stop their frenzied useless brawling. One person even shrieks at her and pledge not to make him collapse. He will fight until he could still go on.

She didn't listen to him and made them all reserve to sleep.

After settling all of this, she turned her head. Nerve bulging over to the man who was leaning on the car. Fully enjoying the one-sided biased affray. She walked to him. Her fist was tightly clenched. Who does he think he is?

"You did something to them?" her face was stoic and serious.

Qin Yu shrugged his shoulder. His eyes were fully fighting at her stare. "Didn't Milady like it?" His smile was purely sadistic and dark.

Su Ci Yi pursed her lips. She doesn't like it when people were trying to meddle with her affairs without his consent. Most especially when the other person wasn't much of a help.

"What did you do to Jang Suyu?" Su Ci Yi's quick-wittedness made Qin Yu even more amused. Her straightforwardness to the point was something a normal person wouldn't able to possess.

Qin Yu hummed and in a spoke in a singsong. "He had severe inflammation on his throat. Didn't last until this morning from the tetanus infection he suffered." There was no trace of guilt oh his tone. He spoke casually as if talking about his favorite dish. His words were literally not inclined with human morals.


"Why did you do it?"

Qin Yu took a step near her. His slender fingers brushed off on her long raven-hair, fiddling the silky thread and bringing it near his nose. Smelling the unique fragrance that he had been obsessing these past months.

In response, he spoke coherently, " I was becausehe spoke the words that shouldn't be said."

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