Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 108

Volume 1 Chapter 108 Resistance

Although Su Ci Yi said that she'll cut the man's tongue the moment he called that intimate words but those words were only a hyperbole of emphasis. She was not a petty person just to do that with a single human. He was fully a mortal that was weak and 100 times far away from her strength. It's like killing a flea when he does that to the man.

But this man, Qin Yu was different. As if he treated the life of tiny men like a single ant in his big palm. Su Ci Yi's prejudice was kind of messed up with him. She doesn't want to think about what kind of man he was or the kind of thoughts lurking on his head. She had been keeping him and his child in the villa without taking anything in return. She fully knew the danger lies ahead the moment on their little mortal life.

But she doesn't like the fact of his meddlesome and hidden nature.

She didn't know if Jang Suyu deserved to die like that. He had been purging and threatening her old man for who knows when and since at that time their company was suffering at the loss. he had done deeds beyond human ethics.

"Milady doesn't like what I did?" Qin Yu intentionally let his face showed an aggrieved expression. As if he was being wrong and accused of his crimes. Su Ci Yi could even see the invisible cat ears drooping on his head, looking to be comforted.

Su Ci Yi thought that this man might be doing this because of his unpaid depth to her for keeping him and his child. Somewhat her indignation subsided by a mere half percent. She was lenient to give him another chance. But the next time he meddled with her affairs, she'll definitely kick his butt and shove him outside the villa no matter what.

Let's leave Qin Tao out of this gruesome predicament.

"Mr. Qin, let's be straight up to the point." Qin Yu, hearing that this woman doesn't really call him by his name. Thought to himself: The road of the desperate heart of a young man was truly full of thistle and thorns.

Su Ci Yi's expression was rather grim and serious, glared at him. "I do not want anyone to be some meddlesome brat and plan something ahead behind my back." She told him, for her Su Ci Yi's age might be 4 times older than this man, if she took to count her previous life and this one. This brat Qin Yu was still a pea in the pond. Someone who had still a fresh milk on his lips.

His looks might be carve and akin to a mesmerizing demon and his temperament where far more abnormal for normal people, but he was still only a human who had lived for only twenty-plus something in his world.

Qin Yu's face quivered. Being called a brat doesn't sound too good to his ears. If he looked at this woman, he could really tell who the brat was. A person who was full of naivety and pure mind was none other than the one standing in front of her.

Should he teach her how to be an a.d.u.l.t?

It might be said, that he was having his abstinence this past month. His thirst from time to time could only be satiated by some mere glimpse of the sweet nectar and a small sip of the budding blooming flower.

He was only a poor man with his needs.

Along with that thoughts, he pulled Su Ci Yi on the wall.

"Milady, would it be alright to get a kiss from you." Just a single one. He won't ask for more.

Su Ci Yi was dumbfounded. She was familiar with these lines before. Some of his stupid Daoist brothers who like to pester her always tease her with this golden line. Because they know that she will definitely fight them and before anyone could tell there was already a huge brawl undergoing. The cypress tree would always be hacked into two, the usually plain road would be cracked and the roof of thatched houses get destroyed. After a whole day of fighting, she won victoriously.

This instance didn't happen once but twice as if they already took it into a mere joke. It was purely to kill time and somehow it turned out natural for her to be invited on this provocation.

" Do you want a kiss? Hmph, fight me! You win, I'll give what you want!" Su Ci Yi glared like a ferocious wild animal. As if speaking the most familiar spill she had been doing in her past life, she without any difficulty rebuke him.

It's a simple logic of, if you are stronger than me then you can have me. That was the tone of her voice was implying that Qin Yu analyze.

Qin Yu was leaning on a hard wall, trapping Su Ci Yi within his arms. Their breaths are not afar along with the rhythmic beating of the chest. One was loud and blaring. The other was calm like the serene waves of the ocean.

Qin Yu's deep eyes landed on those thin rosy lips and gulp.

Even before he could pluck the peach blossom, he received a heavy blow below.

Su Ci Yi cracks her knuckles, lunged a kick and without mercy shifted her position pinning the man on the wall, arms on his back.

Now, their position is completely reverse.

However, an abrupt military footstep advances towards her. Seven men in a black suit with sunglasses stopped in front, only a meters away aiming a 5.56 mm M-16 head on straight on Su Ci Yi's head.

Su Ci Yi: "..."

Just as he thought, he can't still taste that nectar that he had been eyeing for quite some time now. He still had a long way to go.

Qin Yu waved his hands to gesture to his men to leave.

Those men left in just a single instance. Just like the time when they arrived. Too much quiet and without any rustling sound.

Su Ci Yi broke away from the man. She was still fuming. Of course, if Qin Yu would like to, maybe three days and nights into battle with him won't suffice. This man's strength was not something she could look down. He was far more talented than her Daoist brothers of hers back from her sect.

Qin Yu didn't pursue the matter any longer. There's no merit if he forced her on his whims. Anyway, there's no fun if there are no challenges on the road. That would make the path more boring and useless.

Su Ci Yi went inside the car. In which Qin Yu followed.

The two were silent for a while until Qin Yu felt some ticklish pain on his neck. His smile opened wide seeing the obvious white teeth mark of a child and to the lump of the small bun at the passenger's seat.

Qin Tao's eyes were glimmering in hatred towards him.

Who would have thought that this child sneaked in and followed them?

The child's stare was like a knife penetrating to him but that knife was only a play toy for pure enjoyment. Somewhat, he knew the reason for this tantrum again.

As if he's first bite wasn't enough, he even bit him for the second time but this time it took him longer to breakaway. Qin Yu lifted his hand that was being bitten along with the child's weight to him. "What a ticklish slime it is? I wonder how it found its way here."

Qin Tao saw what his father did to his master. His little mind was shouting that his father was bullying his master! He even bought his bodyguard and pointed their aim at his master! Qin Tao will not let off the hook anyone who dare to lay their fingers on his beloved master!

Su Ci Yi had long known the existence of the piece of extra baggage behind, a little earlier. This child jumped inside the car the moment he opened his eyes. He wasn't even able to change his Doraemon pj's and night clothes and his hair was still like a bird's nest.

"Ah Tao, shouldn't you be meditating today?"

Qin Tao broke from his father and inserted himself unto the front seat of two people seater.

"Master is always away" he even pouted his thin lips. His cheeks bulging like a cinnamon roll. "Master might find another Qin Tao for his disciple because Qin Tao is useless. Can't even see people's aura even after master's guidance"

Qin Yu arched his eyebrows. Here they go again with this supernatural talk.

Su Ci Yi kept her small laugh to herself. Was this his concern? Although Qin Tao was her first-ever disciple in this world but she swears not to get another one. Well, she kinda doubted if there's still a second Qin Tao out there who was obsessing on this stuffs.

Su Ci Yi ruffled the child's nest-like hair as his curls intertwine with her slick fingers.

"Don't push yourself, let the time be your guide..." Su Ci Yi smiled, "...should I test your skill now?"

If it's only perceiving things, Qin Tao could definitely make it. He beamed in confidence as he declared. "Master, I feel uncomfortable with the big brother over there!" He said pointing to a certain distance.

Amidst the large expanses of the c.u.mulous clouds and the towering skyscr.a.p.er, a few feet away from their current position. A man in a black cloak appeared with a sling sword on his back. His silky black clothes were fluttering on the wind. His arms were crossed as he looked down. His eyes were skillfully magnified to a certain destination. The look on his eyes was unfathomable and deep. His resolve was now firmed, he must do the deed.

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