Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 109

Volume 1 Chapter 109 Varied Reasons

A few hours before the incident.

Inside the luxurious residence, Qin Yulin was fancy sitting on his soft couch sipping a 100-year-old red wine from the hundreds of collection at his alcove. His gaze was fixated on the far end of his mansion while a man stood straight in front of him. His expression was desperate and grim. His face was lithe with an indescribable animosity. He was desperately begging the person in front of him. But the latter didn't seem to feel obligated and taken his bidding seriously.

Fu Jin Hao was the man we are talking about. He was the man this Qin Yulin hired and met by coincidence under the starry night. The one who needed this man's wealth in order to help his tribesmen gain their absolute healing. On this occasion, he was fighting his pride to asked this man for another set of antidote for the plaque. He came back just this time in his place and saw the situation over there not looking good. Some of them had just recovered from the sickness, but there were those on the verge of healing but there was no medicine stock and the doctor issued a ban on medicines at this moment. He can't bear to watch them like this.

"Can't you do something about it? I'm still looking for Qin Yu. I'm sure in no time I am bound to find him. But for now, my tribesmen needed that medicine. They are in a desperate plea for me to give them what you have injected."

The tribe that Fu Jin Hao came was not some ordinary tribe one could meet. Their kind was far more extraordinary than these people. He can't let their race be annihilated in just a span of days. If this happened then he'll follow them on the underworld.

Qin Yulin wasn't at all affected by his plea, "What was our contract again?"

Fu Ji Hao clenched his fist, in the end, he can't ask a little request. He sighs as he huffed indignantly. He rushed to the open window with a clover green curtain. His shadow was gone for a moment.

Qin Yulin only stared at the back of the disappearing man. Then continued to sip his expensive wine.

He would be more extravagant if he knew there's progress but he won't do unnecessary adjustments that needed his resources for an unsuccessful mission.

Thinking over, where was that nephew of his gone off to that even his men couldn't trace him? That kid, even if he was the legitimate son of his first brother and the doting boy by his second brother somehow he can't bring himself to like him despite his bloodline. Qin Yulin didn't aim for the CEO position or whatsoever. His place as one of the Elders was already enough for him. So why did he need to eliminate that Qin Yu?

Simple, because he can feel the oppression and irritation he had felt from Qin Zayao.

He can't run in a free-space when some obstacle was on his way right?

It doesn't matter who will need to get killed first, the child or the man. He first thought to kill the child since he would know this will be the destruction of the man. But since the child was well hidden and protected, he'll just go whoever who that man could kill first.

He had eliminated that Qin Zayao long way before, and now he was aiming to his nephew. That Qin Zayao was too nave to fully trust him but this nephew of his was too hardheaded and too smart to see through his faade.

The road of the new system for the Qin Imperialism was too far for him to grasp.

Qin Yulin was still sitting, his legs were crossed with each other. Then he heard the roaring of the engine from his garage. Soon a flurried light footstep entered. A woman that was still wearing a white lab coat appeared in front of him. She didn't even bother to make herself comfortable inside and just directly stood up.

From the looks of it, this child must have come directly from her work. "How come you remember that you still had a father here? What was so important that you're willing to show your face?"

Lin Fei Fei's nerved popped out. This old man! If not for serious matter she needed to know she will not approach him. She wasn't this close to this father of hers. Even her surname was taken from her mother's side who had died few year ago. She was raised from his mother's residence in the countryside, but when she was 8 years old, a man came with his shiny sports car and threatened that will sue her mother if she'll not give her child to him.

Her mother feared the man solely because she was a Qin. The single word was enough to cause her mother lay on bed and caught some diseases.

Although she had been cured, Lin Fei Fei can see her only once a year. She was so lonely at that time and good thing she had found a playmate in the person of the man whom she was chasing for over a decade. His first appearance mesmerized her. A child wearing a white shirt and obsidian pants. His bearing was like any young master she could see in television dramas. His temperament and his talent even awe her in inspiring.

Lin Fei Fei could tell that from that very moment on her chest skip a bit. She doesn't know what that means at that time. It was only when she became a teenager that she discovered the depth of her feminine side.

However, she had a lot of contenders along the way. Some were pretty much of high status throwing their dignity in front of the man. While Qin Yu was changing his women like changing his clothes. Lin Fei Fei was only watching on the sideline. Afraid to even let her emotion be seen. After all, she was lucky enough to be by his side that even his current women don't have the liberty. She was contented with the things how they are.

However, things got escalated when a child was claimed to be his. After they performed a quick DNA of the child, the link between the father and child was 99%. Lin Fei Fei thought that the next to show up was the child's mother. However, years passed by but the child's mother didn't appear. The clan didn't even bother to find the woman. Qin Yu couldn't also point out how and when did this happened and soon everyone accepted the child.

As Lin Fei Fei became busy with her work, these things had been thrown to the farthest part of her brain. It was only when she came back that this unreasonable feeling resurfaced again.

"Did you do something again?" Lin Fei Fei was fully aware of this man's insidious nature. Back then, she had discovered his father's hidden motive towards this father and son duo. She had also been tipping Qin Yu of this man's hideous plot of eliminating them.

Qin Yulin played the crystal glass within his hands and denied this matter, "What did I do this time? Uh-oh honey, this father of yours really is sad. To think that you've been thinking so horrible of me"

Lin Fei Fei snorted, "Don't pretend. I just happen to see a strange man outside. If it's not good evidence to take, then you really take me for a fool."

Qin Yulin doesn't have the slightest intention to accept her conclusion and denied to the bones.

Lin Fei Fei stop pestering him. She knows the answer now. This was why she can't find them. Turns out that they were again on the brink of danger. She wanted to extend her hands to them. She wanted to be the one to take care of them. She wanted to be their pillar of support. But it seems that those were only just a mere illusion.

Her heartache knowing these.

Lin Fei Fei turned to the old man again and her eyes were piercing and rabid, "If you dare lay a single finger of them, remember I will be the one who'll deliver you to your last breath."

Qin Yulin's face turned solemn, "Child I am not your enemy. It's too early to shift sides. You will definitely need my help in the future." He said that as if he already took a glimpse of the future.

Lin Fei Fei turned her back and didn't dare to look back.

The heart of a poor young maiden was truly frightening. Even daring to go against her own kin just satiate her selfish desires.

He looked at her in pity as he gulped down the remaining wine on his glass. His lips smirked and rubbed his chin thinking of this kid. No matter what her nature was, this kid has his bloodline running through her veins. He just needed to push a little further in order to wake her sleeping beast. A fox's child will definitely be a fox and not a sheep right?

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