Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 11

Volume 1 Chapter 11 Acting Timid

It just so happen that there are only three people who took the elevator. It was only her, Huan Ro and Qin Tao. Su Yi would like to snob him. Do not talk to him and would rather become quite...and so she did!

Su Ci Yi distance herself away from him and ignore him.

Who cares! Aren't she a crazy woman?!

"Who let you go outside with your condition?" Huan Ro ask with concern. "Let me get you back there-- "

Qin Tao gets in between them.

"I am with the master. We have already get the permission of her doctor"

Huan Ro wrinkled his forehead. A kid? The doctor allow her to go out with a kid?

"We are together with her sister. She has something to tend and would just follow us up."

Oh. Huan Ro looked at the kid who was like very protective of Su Ci Yi. He didn't saw him nor can be familiar with him. He'd like to ask her about this kid's details however, he is reluctant since Su Ci Yi is not answering him.

"I will accompany you for a while before Su Ming came. I can't let her out without any one supervising. "

Qin Tao glared at him, "No! I can take care of master!"

Su Ci Yi was about to refuse. But then the elevator opened and Huan Ro grab her hand and led her out. Qin Tao was fuming with anger and would like to bite the man. However, he was now her master's disciple and won't become an unreasonable brat.

Su Ci Yi hasn't spoken the moment she met him. She will really show him that she despises him and hate him! Just let him talk to the air. However, no matter how she tried to calm down. There was something that she couldn't explain. Her heart was beating fast just a single touch of him. Damn it! This is something left by the original owner?! Why does she needs to take this feelings! This is not something she could take. Her mind was saying no but her heart was beating stupidly.

Su Ci Yi was led inside the mall's department store. When she was there, Huan Ro didn't let her hand go. He was still leading her towards a certain section. Qin Tao was obediently following while greeting his teeth towards the man.

When they arrive, Huan Ro pulled from her and whisper, "I am going to wait over there. Tell me if you want anything"

This scene of them was nothing different to this original owner's body. Su Ci Yi remembers that this Huan Ro would always become like this. Huan Ro is a good man and her best friend, if only he didn''t met the woman.

It all started when he met her, all their connections and interactions become little. Huan Ro didn't even have time to visit their family anymore.

Su Ci Yi's mind was gonna explode thinking about this. She decided to find a place and sort out this stupid feelings of her. As soon as she find the restroom, someone grab her hand again and it was him for the second time.

"Su Ci Yi, where are you going?" Huan Ro, showing his sincere and innocent face. She was fighting herself not to smack this pretty face of him.

Getting buddy buddy and friendlier to her, talking to her as if nothing happened. He's quite a think face.

"Why do you care?" Su Ci Yi's blank expression showed up.

"Listen, Yi I know It's my fault. Everything it is! But can you forgive me. I really like her no matter what. She has become my other half and won't live without her. It pains me to see you like this"

Pain your butt!

Those empty words will not work on her!

Boom! Clang! Clashhhh

The fashioned clothes that was hanged beside them falls down without anyone doing it!

Qin Tao looked at her master's secretly dislayed power. No one knew but Qin Tao knows that her master's qi was the one causing those things to mess up

While the child was admiring Su Ci Yi's power, she on the other hand was sweating bullets. Just how many times this man needed to torture her. It's like his very existence is a poison on her!. She is not the original owner of this body, yet why does she feel that her chest is going to burst anytime soon! It's like having a hear attack and it's really hard to breath!

Her spiritual qi was also out of control inside.

The commotion was big enough to make other people look their way, but they also knew that they where not the perpetrator since they are few meters away from the fallen things. A sales lady patiently organized the clothes and hanged them again to their original position.

"Please...Can you stay away from me. "

Su Ci Yi beg and for the first time she look into his eyes. She was so confused right now at this moment.


"XIAO RO!" a high and melodic pitch reverberated the air. Both of them turn to look at the person who intimately called Huan Ro.

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