Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 110

Volume 1 Chapter 110 A Good Citizen

Qin Yu already sped up the car and raced under the national highway. His shadow had told him about that person a while ago but he didn't expect that even his child could sense his presence.

Su Ci Yi looked at the rearview mirror. Her gaze directed to the position of the man on top of a high-rise building. It was the same man that she saw last time. That one that she had made a little encounter before.

Qin Yu turn the speed of the car to maximum. He raced through the fully built cemented highway. The man behind also sped his pacing. He was only leaping on the rooftop of the establishment. Running on the bustling street in the middle of the crowd. Jumping over the rooftop of the cars. A totally illegal move on this modern-day society.

"What is he?" Qin Yu couldn't help but ponder and curious be about this man. His morals were not in-line with ordinary citizens. It's as if his obliviousness was caused by the lack of knowledge and worldly ideas. Added to it was his hunch that Su Ci Yi definitely knew something about it.

Qin Tao chimed in his confidence. "Qin Tao knows that is a bad guy!"

Su Ci Yi declared nonchalantly, "A space alien." She too also doesn't know what he was?

Qin Yu arched his eyebrow. These people's head synchronized with each other. So messed up to talk with.

Although deep inside Qin Yu fully knew that this man was up to no good. If the incident of the bomb planting and the total wrecking on his house was not a typical felonious job, then there must be something wrong with his brain.

Su Ci Yi hold on to her seat belt. Qin Yu was driving the car at an insane speed. She turned to look at the child but he was totally fine and Qin Tao seems to be enjoying this show.

"Hold on tight." She reminded him. The child followed but still mischievously looking at the front excitedly.

Fu Jin Hao was still following them at top speed. His pacing never loses to the speed of their vehicle. He was even on par with the running car. He would make a convenient human transport if he would like to do so.

Su Ci Yi holds firm on the railings. She'll not going die on a simple car accident right? That incident would be pretty embarrassing for a cultivator like her. Also, she knew what this man was doing. Qin Yu knows how to handle the situation. If they make their car a little slower, that man chasing them will catch up to them. Su Ci Yi can deal with him but not when there were two humans beside her. The surrounding was also not a good place to take him in.

In the meantime, she was only observing Fu Jin Hao and his agility. His leaped were too fast and high. His muscles are fairly contracting and coordinating with his flawless move. Inside his fully well-coated cloak lurk a well-defined pack abs, should it be an eight or six?

The road they are threading was divided into four-lane. Two of it were an empty space while there are two vehicles on the other two. Qin Yu's maneuvering was straight forward. He managed to run at a fast speed and at the same time inserted himself between the two sports cars safely and without a hassle.

"Be careful." Su Ci Yi warned when up ahead was an enormous garbage truck.

Qin Yu only smiled at her and boasted, "Don't worry, I hold an outstanding award in sports car racing. I do also have my gold medal on it. "

So that was why he was pretty confident!

"This is not a sports event!" She rebuke.

They were now passing under the overpass which was quite dark. The caving was long and it extended for almost five kilometers until they run back to the open.

"Then a random chase from a stranger?" Qin Yu holds the brake. "Hold on tight." As soon as he said that, he abruptly stopped. Su Ci Yi was stunned, caught off-guard and her head almost hit the front glass. However, that didn't happen because a big warm hand was preventing her from the hit.

Qin Yu nonchalantly supported her head with his right hand while the other one was steering the wheel. His sudden stopped made her dizzy.

"Where turning on that street." He informed. They soon reach the open road, under the scorching rays of the sun. Upon saying that, he boosted onward.

Fu Jin Hao was now getting irritated. This chase was going nowhere. Time was ticking very precious to him. His tribe was waiting for his triumphant return.

Sooner he saw the car stopped then started again. Turned on a much-crowded street. He felt curious about what are they planning this time.

Qin Yu's company threaded the street where boutiques and clothes shops lined up just on the side of the road. The large wood signage that was hanging on their shop's front was something worth to notice. And it was only a few meters tall from the ground.

"Do you have a face powder?" Qin Yu out of nowhere asked.

Su Ci Yi didn't know what he intended to do with it but she never asked, because in the first place it's not something that could be found in her pocket. Qin Yu didn't expect him not to have that thing. He was under the impression that women always carry some kind of makeup with them wherever they go. Su Ci Yi defies this logic. She was too different from her peers.

"I don't have face powder but I do have flour." Su Ci Yi offered what she only had since at some point these things are the same anyway.

Qin Yu almost chocked down his saliva. She doesn't have a face powder but had a white flour! What was she planning with it?! Qin Yu thought that he would never get tired of this woman's antics.

Su Ci Yi pulled out a silky green pouch of 1st grade flour from her dimension pocket. This were some of the pieces that she had gotten from Xiang MoMo's spatial bag the last time they had met. They said finders are keepers. The satchel belongs to her now. How can she let this rare item fall out from her grasp?

She doesn't really know what this MoMo was up to, but her spatial bag was filled with eccentric items. Also, she boiled the eggs which she found last time, leaving only those kitchen tools. Who knows, these things might get handy sometimes, just like this supposed to be useless high-quality flour lurking on the far end of her storage bag.

Qin Yu explained this situation. Before they turn to the side of the shop, she should sprinkle the flour's powder to the man behind them. As his face was covered with white flour crumbs and his eyesight was hindered, then he won't be able to dodge and smashed himself upon turning on the shop's signage while pursuing them.

Qin Yu frequent in this area, therefore, he knew the crossroads, the existing shops nearby and the meager details of their infrastructures. It was solely because of these that they had able to run-away on this predicament.

Fu Jin Hao's abrupt collision created a loud smacking noise when the head signage got destroyed and soon it fell on the ground. The shop owner went out only to see the horrible scenario of her ruined front. She looked at the suspicious man wearing a bizarre cloth and dialed the country's security hotline. On the far end of the road, Su Ci Yi and Qin Yu looked at the man being escorted to the police patrol.

At first, Fu Jin Hao didn't know what had happened as he was about to escape and would have to chase his prey but sooner he can't go out since a lot of people are already obstructing his way. There was also this incessantly flowing of red blood from his head due to the smashing which makes him dizzier by time. Sooner there came a loud siren and a police patrol that was just hovering on the sideline.

Su Ci Yi and Qin Yu looked at this scene from the moment the man was being handcuffed and brought over to the police car. It was only then that Su Ci Yi loosened her grip on the railings. In her little heart, she admired this man's adhesive ability. This proved that this "Qin bloodline" the news was talking about were not just some crap lies and a bunch of over-exaggeration.

"So does that mean that we're safe?" Su Ci Yi blurted her inner thoughts.

Upon the rung of her tone, Qin Yu lazily lean on the car's tinted black window. Then his gaze turned mild and gentle. Su Ci Yi fully witnessed the apparent dilating of his abysmal azure eyes and she can't help but divert her gaze.

"We have one problem." It was a statement. Full of resolute and boldness.

Soon enough, a young man knocked on their car window. Introducing his position as a law enforcer, he said in a tone of command, "We need to get you to the station. Your car was caught over speeding on the national highway road at around 10:15 am EST time."

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