Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 111

Volume 1 Chapter 111 Truly Uncivilized

Inside the cramped patrol car, Fu Jin Hao was seated on the passenger's seat. There was two officers in front of him while on his left side seated a tall man with an overtone of apathy.

Qin Yu was requested to follow, leaving Su Ci Yi and the child on the other set of patrol cars waiting outside.

Fu Jin Hao was only suppressing himself not to hack the man beside him. The one he wanted to kill was just right beside and sitting together on the small cramped space. Though he can't pull his sword from his back since his two hands were tied, he looked at his two arms and to the man beside him which was in full liberty without a handcuff. A certain doubt crossed his mind. Then he looked at him apprehending.

The officer in front looked behind as his neck tilted sideways. "Don't mind him. He is a regular here."

Qin Yu stared at the one in front. He was not a criminal that needed to be tied up and he was already familiar with the people of the said department. He had been inside this station for almost three times. Three times! How can he let this happen? The first was when he looked for his child. The second was when he was asked for a formal statement about the latest bomb incident. This current one was for his over speeding. But then again, these things didn't need to take in seriously. Of course, he had someone inside to take care of things especially when these cases happened. Securing that this event wouldn't leak in the media and his identity kept hidden was the sole purpose of his little tentacles being pre-installed on every institution.


After half an hour had passed, two people were sitting side by side. The chaotic ambiance of the police department was somewhat familiar to him. Qin Yu didn't even flinch when some unknown person just randomly picked an officer's collar and started a fight. The surrounding spectator tried to stop the brawl but was also caught up on the commotion, nor a woman who was hysterically crying and blabbering in a foreign language in front of a messed up desk while the one in charge on her case was gaping at her in an awkward look.

There was only one person-in-charge on them and it was a man in his late years. He was the one who always handles Qin Yu's affair inside and secured the confidentiality of his name. The man looks at him embarrassed and soon gave his approval without the doubt and didn't go for further questions.

"Under the civil law of the constitution, your action of escaping was deemed in bad faith. Your penalty is high but since I can't see any criminal history in your case, you only need to be detained for three days and bear the expense of 10,000 for the repair of what you had destroyed."

Fu Jin Hao arched his eyebrow, "I don't have money and worst I don't have time to stay on this shelter. I have a mission that I need to accomplish."

"Mission or whatnot. This is the rule. You better abide." Wang, the old geezer in front of them harshly bang the folded paper on his table hearing his arrogant disapproval.

"I cannot." Fu Jin Hao insisted.

Officer Wang hated those people who are selfish brat. He glared at the man in a weird outfit and exclaimed, "Even if you will not, you can't help it. Anyway, change your get up, it's really annoying seeing a cosplayer here. Someone bring me a change of clothes!" He shouted and soon there was one person who went out to get the thing he wanted.

"I must do my mission. It's very important." Fu Jin Hao was not afraid of him. Not anyone at this place.

"Then do your mission inside the cell."

Fu Jin Hao shook his head. "I cannot."

Officer Wang waved his hand and ignore him, "Where are the clothes? Why is it taking long?"

Fu Jin Hao seemed hopeless. Three days of staying here will be a waste of his time. This world was so chaotic with a lot of rules to follow. There's no way that he'll fit in this area. In the end, he decided.

"You will not allow me to finish my task? Therefore I just do it this time."

Wang didn't care. As long as he's detained then it's good. His boss seemed to be in a bad mood that he's eyes were like a piercing dagger to him. He could not let this man in front of him get into trouble or else he'll be the one in trouble.

"En. En. What was your mission again?" This was not asked out of curiosity. He was just going with the flow along with the man.

Fu Jin Hao pointed to Qin Yu and spoke with an overbearing conviction, "To get rid of this man."

"What?" Wang seems not on his correct hearing and asked again.

"To get rid of this man and his child."

Wang almost dropped his jaw. He looked suspiciously to the cloaked person in front of him. Is he so serious? He's not mentally incapacitated, right? To openly declared his ill intent to the other party and at the face of a law enforcer?

Time to administer the final judgment. Let the blood spill on the open space. As long as he's done, there's no way of turning back. He must do the deed as soon as possible.

Fu Jin Hao acted like he was about to reach something on his back but then he caught the air.

His temples knotted and his eyes narrowed when he had found out that his sword was not on his back anymore. In a brash force, he slapped the table hard that each person's face turned to him. But he didn't care. How could that thing disappear on his back? It was his archaic inheritance from his 34th ancestor and was bestowed the honor to him to be the safe-keeper.

That sword wasn't ordinary sword. It was something that come from a holy person, imbued with a decadent worth of moonlit energy and spirit. In his tribe, this was the only sword that could hack evil forces that lurked and tried to subdue their tribe.

Without itwithout it

"So, you're not only planning to kill an innocent bystander but you are also possessing illegal weapons? If what you say were true and the weapon will be found, you will be held liable for a cause."

Fu Jin Hao was now agitated. He turned around and walk in big strides going out totally ignoring the officer in front. Wang shouted from behind. Seeing that this arrogant fella didn't stop, he hit him on the back of his head with his unwashed cloth slipper. Fu Jin Hao's head knocked as he menacingly turned around.

The atmosphere inside turned gloomy, followed by a suffocating heavy air. The cold air began to subside as the unfamiliar hot air rises. The jealousy window outside broke from the strong pressure of the wind and those that are not used to this kind of ambiance collapse.

Little by little, he began to release his poison aura. Seeing the grim expression of the people inside, he should have done this from the very beginning. Only the person he knew that was not affected by his air was looking straight into him.

Fu Jin Hao's mood even turned sour. He even amplifies the degrading situation.

However, that grim scenario was for only a mere second. On the far end of the road, a loud reverberating whistled echoed. Then followed by the loud howling of the wind. The air that coated inside was very different from the ordinary one. Its wind was infused by a different kind of spell. The type in which he wasn't very familiar with and the first to dispel his poison in the surrounding.

This feeling was similar to the one that he encountered before.

Fu Jin Hao didn't dawdle and immediately went out. However, there was no one at the area outside and he only could hear the loud rustling of the wind beneath him. As soon as he took another step, he felt a tingling sensation on his neck as if he was being bitten by an ant.

He touched that certain place that felt itchy and found out a small needle stuck behind. A little while and his world turned black all of a sudden.


Qin Yu got outside the chaotic department together with Wang. He was one of his men that he planted in varied sectors of society and the one responsible for clearing his name.

Qin Yu looked at the man that fell unconscious to the ground, his deep gaze was fully focused.

"Has his medical exam got out?" he inquired. The last time when this man raids his mansion, he took a sample of his blood and examine at his own laboratory department. He was really eager to know if this man was really a human or a space alien that Su Ci Yi claimed about.

Wang nodded his head and coherently replied, "The man has the same blood structure on his DNA with the humans. His vitals and statistics are normal. He's a fully healthy young man. Full of vigor and strength however."

Qin Yu retrieve his gaze from the unconscious man and looked at Wang.

"The blood has some unidentifiable contaminants that were new to the research team. As of the moment, they are on the process of determining such substance. Though one thing they discovered was for sure..."

"What is it?" He was beginning to become impatient.

"His blood is toxic." Wang declared in a firm tone. One of the medical staff who had brought a dog unknowingly lick the remaining blood that had leaked on the ground and was later found dead the moment it took a taste of it. The whole med staff was horrified and soon become frenzied by the latest discovery.

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