Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 112

Volume 1 Chapter 112 The Name

The effect of the anesthetic needle that pricked the man was only for three hours. After the allotted time, the anesthetic effect of the drug will wear off and Fu Jin Hao will regain his consciousness. Qin Yu had already made an arrangement for the transport of this man to his laboratory department to further analyze his body structure.

The media should stay out of this. This man might have a link to the disappearance of his uncle and he will take any risk and possibilities in order to find him.

"I'll leave him to you." After requesting Wang to see his full transport, he strode outside and walked towards the parking lot where his car was stationed for a while.

Shadow En, like a swift breeze of the wind, flew and stood in front of him in a half-kneeling position. His head bowed down to the ground. His vivid tan-skinned was the utmost evidence that he was stationed on the field. To track down and serve as this man's eyes behind his back.

"The young master was at the back sleeping while the madam went out to find the nearest vending machine three meters straight ahead beneath the sidewalk." His report was consistent and there were no details that had been missed out.

"Anything to report?"

"Someone had been tailing the madam but I already took care of it."

Qin Yu already slid in front of the car. Hearing this, he pinched the temple of his brows. "Report. Who is it?" His voice was cold and bone-chilling. His gaze was sharp and wild.

"The Madam's fiance."

Qin Yu's killing intent landed unto the man. The person in front felt that he had stepped on the landmine and therefore corrected his previous statement in a tone fully audible and articulated, "It was the Madam's EX-fiance"

"Dismissed." Soon the man disappeared in front of him just like the silent bustling wind on the hot summer days.


On the other side of the road, a person spotted the silhouette of a man. The back on which she had been searching for quite some time exhibited. Lin Fei Fei went down the fancy-looking car and walked up to the familiar vehicle she had been used seeing. She knocked on the window door and was ecstatic to see the face of the man after not seeing for the past months.

"Where had you been these past weeks?" Lin Fei Fei couldn't help but voice out her feelings.

Qin Yu nonchalantly look sideway averting her gentle eyes, "Don't worry we are still safe there."

"There?" Lin Fei Fei's eyebrow arched. "Where?"

"Our landlord didn't want to disclose such information."

Lin Fei Fei stop her inquiry seeing the man didn't want to talk about it. "Are you still coming back?"

Qin Yu thought this was a ridiculous question. "Of course." He paused upon remembering something. "after this whole incident, I'm going to introduce you to someone."

Lin Fei Fei didn't found anything so suspicious related to his statement. She even looked forward to the person he was going to introduced.

But still deep inside, she only hides the sad expression behind her smile. Certainly, Qin Yu wasn't attached to her. She was only a close friend to him. He didn't even want to tell where they are staying right now. He should at least give her the benefit of the doubt. Because she was way too much worried about him.

Lin Fei Fei didn't take long before his co-worker's horn buzz off. She was on the way to the hospital for her morning shift. Reluctantly, they parted. Well, at least she managed to get his new phone contact.


Su Ci Yi felt being thirsty with all the commotion going around. So before anything else, she searched first to the nearest vending machine and bought five cans of sodas. She drank the first two before returning.

As soon as she returned, Qin Yu was already waiting. She slid inside while bringing the cans on her embrace in which the man skillfully took away from her bosom and opened one can just right in front of her face. Su Ci Yi only bit her lip in irritation and hatefully glared at this man's atrocious gesture. Later, she demanded,

"That can cost 100$."

Qin Yu twisted his car key and started the engine.

Su CI Yi again repeated herself but this time, she was glaring at him "The can of soda you just drink cost 200$ now."

Qin Yu was stunned but didn't make it into a big deal. Before anything could happen he took a few small bills out of his pocket coat and handed it to her.

Of course, there's no way that Su Ci Yi makes it a freebie for him. She bought it for herself. Since she took all her money investing in their company, she's already broke that she only had a few cents on her wallet. This man was the epitome of richness, a single penny won't hurt him like this. Therefore, no freebie treatment for him! Su Ci Yi is a poor woman! Hmp!

Before Su Ci Yi's return, Qin Yu received a message from his subordinate that the man was safely escorted to their security base. The man was now captive inside and would serve as the guinea pig for his experiment laboratory. However, things got a little complicated when he stated the specification of his sword and be delivered to him. The man at the end of the line reported that there was no sword attached to his back. He pondered that this must be the reason why the man was so frantic earlier and went out without a word.

So in the end, where does, the sword went?

Qin Yu warned his staff to be careful of him since this man was dangerous. He doesn't know where he came from but he oozes of bad omen. One should definitely stay vigilant and alert when in front of an unknown predator.





That same night. When people on the villa was settled and everyone's breaths are even. Under the moonlit ray that shone under the dark land. When the eerie tone of the sparrow was tingling the air. The expansive forest at the far edge of the land where a malignant howling of the distant predator was vividly heard.

A woman under the veil of the night was sitting cross-legged. She was the only one awake at midnight. The eerie surroundings never scare her. Like any nocturnal mammal, the level of her energy was at the pinnacle for she was too excited this time.

Su Ci Yi was holding a certain thing and was touching it with her utmost care. Then after a long time of scrutinizing and engraving the designs into her core, she put down her new collection. The handle was pretty thick with intertwining black cloth wrapped into it. It's a double-edged sword that was 5-6 inches wide and was glowing in brownish-red color. The type that wasn't been maintained for years but still regained its natural l.u.s.ter.

The double-edged sword was glistering akin to a diamond gemstone. A kind of bluish wisp arises from the ground and surrounded the sword. Under the illumination, it absorbed these thick wisps and soon she felt that the thing resonates on her hand.

Her eyesight didn't betray her. The first thing that she noticed upon encountering that cloaked person was his enormous long sword. Looking at it, deep inside she felt that her chest throbbed in astonishment and excitement.

It was as if she felt that she got attached by just a mere sight of this beautiful creation. Her immortal sword was beyond comparable but in this case, where she was obsessed finding one, guess anything was alright as long as it falls beyond the category of a spiritual sword was already a bliss to her eyes.

Su Ci Yi had been eyeing that sword for quite some time now. Though she admitted that she took it from the man without permission but then it was solely because she doubted that he will give it to her out of goodwill. For in the first place, they were nemesis. She was just borrowing it for today. She'll definitely return to when she found a sword that will really suit her.

She was just borrowing it for a while only borrowing it Shit! Does she need to return it? Since that man seemed to use this to on the bad side, and she vows to only use it to good things, will her conscience be cleared out of guilt for stealing it from him?

But before anything else, what should she name it?

Su Cu Yi fused the adjectives that would describe it or the situation in which she had to obtain it. Its name should coincide beautifully with its appearance.

She looked on the rusty blade. At first, when this sword appeared, she felt that she had fallen in love at first sight. They said when one does, there would be an indescribable feeling of wanting to meet it again. Something like that struck her emotion.

But before anything else, she should name the weapon first. Naming a sword one needed to fully ponder and think things thoroughly. Because the name of it will represent its bond and relationship to its master.

So the name should be given to it goes something like this...

Alluring Ugly Duckling, Bizzare Rustic Sword, Seductive Temptress, Witch's Temptation, The Fierce Sidekick, Blade of the Tabboo Midnight...

Su Ci Yi scratch the back of her head. Somehow these names don't feel right.

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