Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 113

Volume 1 Chapter 113 The Mystic Place

It was an ordinary day of the Su Company. Su Ci Yi had slept late in the morning, therefore, Su Ming came alone in the office. In which instead of Su Ci Yi, Baronette was with her.

She was already used to her presence inside the president's office. The woman was fiddling her 46 apple tab, scrolling down the internet out of her boredom. From time to time, she would yawn and stretched her hands to loosen her numbing body. Actually, she had the liberty to leave but the woman was still glued inside no matter what. Su Ming was also very mindful of her actions. Of all cases why does this woman like to stay at their company?

Sooner Baronette opened her mouth, "I can't see your sister here lately? Did she went somewhere?"

Su Ming stopped sifting the papers on the table and replied, "She needed to settle things over there for a while." Though that awhile Su Ming had no idea.

Baronette continued to leisurely scroll the tab and whispered 'Boring'. Su Ming heard that word that came out of her mouth. Although she didn't take it into account.

It was obvious that Baronette was disappointed, "Is she here tomorrow?"

"Definitely. " Su Ming reluctantly replied.

"Hey." Baronette stop what she was doing and went to her. Su Ming didn't know what was playing on this woman's brain as she closed her distance to her, "Has your sister's sickness subsided?"

"I guess it was. Since her physician-approved her vacation for a while."

Baronette paused as if thinking deeply though her face doesn't show any kind of expression that was well hidden with her thick makeup.

"That sister of yoursare you really that close?"

Su Ming was now signing the doc.u.ments that she had sorted out a while ago. In the middle of doing so, she replied, "If that's what you think then it is."

"I see" Baronette was fiddling her fingernail, continue to speak to her "Aren't you afraid that she'll rise up more than you someday? She seems maybe deranged now but when her mind stabilizes she'll rose up higher into position. It was given since she was an achiever on her school days right?" Baronette only voiced out what she had heard from the previous rumors enshrouding this clan. And to think that this first daughter was a waste truly a letdown.

Su Ming's mind traveled from the past in a short glimpse. Of course, Su CI Yi was the best of the best between the two of them. She's an outstanding woman whenever she goes. She thought back of the time when she was still a frog in the pond while Su Ci Yi was the ace of the Clan. Those memories are not very unpleasant to think about.

"She's very good indeed."

Baronette added, "That type of woman is very far to reach. I've got a similar case. There's a person that I grew up together. He was very outstanding. Were like a jade broke into pieces. But then he even sores up high. So high that I wasn't able to reach. I tried and tried but the step is too high to take. In the end, our world was separated. I could even reach him now."

She foretells like telling a story. The depth of her sentence was heavy and there's no trace of lies on it. Su Ming felt like he was telling the saddest part of her story to her. The one that he didn't let anyone know about it.

Su Ming was also dumbfounded, Baronette was a high person. But who would have thought that there's someone higher than her that she aimed to be just beside him?

"Sorry to hear about that"

"It doesn't matter. I just want you to remember that you should leave a little of yourself. You're a good child. I don't want you to experience what had I undergone. Procrastinating your precious time chasing shadows of someone is truly a waste of time. Try to be the better of yourself." Upon finishing her speech Su Ming pondered. As if she was also been dragged into Baronette's life.

Will her sister become like that, once she's fully cured? Will she really leave her dust behind and her trail was too high to reach even for her?

S he had already vowed that she'll stand by her side, but how about if she rose to glory? Will she be able to be by her side until then?

Su Ming was horrified her own trail of thought. Why does she think that way? She fully knew her sister well.

Or does she?

Baronette saw her in deep thoughts, so she stood up and stood near her. Her eyes were moist as if she was sympathizing with her. She lifted her chin and face front to her face. "I'm just reminding you about yourself, honey. No need to ponder seriously."

Su Ming as if being hypnotized, nodded her head. Then a drowsy numbness shot her body.

"I'll get a coffee downstairs. You wanna come?" In the end, she decided to fight the sleepiness engulfing herself.

Baronette refused. She had still a conference to attend. Therefore she left and Su Ming went to the office's coffee machine.


Qin Yu was out of sight. Su Ci Yi was left alone inside the house while Qin Tao was being pampered at the other room. Su Gi had brought a lot of baby boy clothes and toys for the child.

These past few days, that obnoxious compulsive man was nowhere to be found. He might be struck over something that he couldn't make any atrocious act on her.

Su Ci Yi didn't mind. Since he was not here, she decided to drizzle water in the villa garden. The blooming flower was too good to the eye. A day should start with a good morning vibe~ What a beautiful day it is if it wasn't for the trespasser lurking inside. Su Ci Yi felt the weak presence over the bushes. For a while, she decided to pretend not to see it since it doesn't boost danger anyway.

However, the unknown entity couldn't take to hide anymore from the thick bushes and therefore approached her back. Su Ci Yi's sore point was at that place. Friend or foe as long as behind her, she will definitely go rampage.

As soon as the soft palm touch her back, Su Ci Yi immediately pulled out her 'Midnight Fang' from her spatial bag. She kicked the person who approached her while eminently raising the sword in her hands to hack the man who stumbled on the ground.

"Wait! This is me!" Huan Ro was frantically kneeling on the ground while begging not to kill him. Su Ci Yi didn't listen but still raised her hand that held the sword and slashed in front of him! Huan Ro dug his head on the ground deeply bowing. He thought he was a goner.

The sword passed through the head of the man, cutting the air.

Su Ci Yi threw an amus.e.m.e.nt mock to the trembling person in front of her. Of course, she identified this man's presence the moment he trespassed inside. However, she felt bored that she decided to throw al little energizer.

If fun to tease this little fool acting really scared earlier.

"Stand up." Su Ci Yi demanded in a request tone. Huan Ro, like a good pupil, obediently stood up in front of her.

Seeing the man sneaked inside made her irritated. In a placid tone, she glared at him. "If you like your life, turn 180 degrees and walked straight."

Huan Ro knew her intention. But insisted. He had tried to call her and visited her multiple times. But every time he took a visit, that Song Mao guy was obstructing him. The man bears a grudge to him that he wasn't aware of the motif. The man was a lunatic. There was one time that he let him in, but later he had found out that he release a group a Dobermann inside the house.

Those dogs came running after him and bit his ankle. He ended at the hospital for the whole day after that incident.

"I said turn 180 degrees and walked straight into the gate. Do you want to get killed inside this house?" The Su Ci Yi raised her sword again in which Huan Ro stepped back and flinched.

"Wait! Listen. I need you to take a look at something" He rummaged his bag and searched for something. Su Ci Yi was intrigued. She vigilantly turned her head around the area and without a word picked the man on his collar. She leaped unto the second floor, towards her room. The place outside was not a convenient place to talk with. That Su Mo man might come out and throw an unnecessary fit again. She only wanted to stay out of trouble for now.

His purpose seems important, so Su Ci Yi decided to listen for a while but if he proved that his action now was for naught, then he better ready his insurance plan.

Huan Ro pulled a yellowish paper rolled in a dirty string. The object was so filthy that one won't want to touch it.

"This a tribal map. You could not believe it that there are real people who live in a secluded area and which are enshrouded with too much mysteries."

Su Ci Yi kept listening.

"This map was the only map that had left. There was no one like this whole world."

Oh? This man seems to be confident.

SU Ci Yi suspiciously stared at him. "Where did you get your info and bought this map?"

Huan Ro was busy fiddling the map and said, "On the sidewalk. There's an old lady selling antique stuff from her collection."

Su Ci Yi's eyebrow raised. Red, blue, gray and black nerve popped up on her head. Is he messing with her? The next second, she raised her sword aiming at the place where Huan Ro was sitting.

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